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3 Heroes - Crystal Soul is CIRCLE's First Game of 2012

Posted by James Newton

The company that loves heroes

Chinese studio CIRCLE Entertainment loves the word "heroes" as much as it loves the word "castle" — hence Castle Conqueror — Heroes then — with a new DSiWare game keeping the tradition alive.

3 Heroes – Crystal Soul is due out in North America on 5th January 2012, and looks like a mix of puzzle and strategy judging from the trailer below.

At this rate we expect to be playing Heroes' Castle: Castle of Heroes before January's out.

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Kriedler said:

@shingi: I know, right? I love their games, but not being able to launch DSiWare from my SD card is killing me. I don't want to delete any more save files to get more DSiWare games



Spoony_Tech said:

Uggh. You both make great points. I currently have all the circle games on my main screen and I'm deleting crap like crazy! Move along circle but I understand there is like 60 million reasons not to!



AVahne said:

Judging from their site, they have a LOT of games to be released on DSiWare.

And it looks like their first 3DSWare game will be "Castle Conqueror - Dark Age" with another unknown 3DSWare game coming after that.
If only Nintendo would allow saving DSiWare to SD, I'd be getting more of their games.



Birdman said:

@Kriedler - If you go into DSiWare's Data Management, you can re-copy DSiWare titles to the SD card and keep a copy in the System Memory. If you delete the System Memory copy, THE COPY IN YOUR SD CARD MEMORY WILL HAVE THE SAME SAVE FILES IT DID WHEN YOU COPIED YOUR GAME TO THE SD CARD. So, at a later time, you can copy your SD card copy back to the System Memory and still have your previous save files.



TingLz said:

Like Birdman13 so rudely yelled, you don't lose save data if you move your games to the SD card



alLabouTandroiD said:

Looks like an interesting mix of RPG and puzzle game. While i didn't really understand how it works from the trailer i can sense a 7 / 10 here if it's good.

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