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This Skyward Sword Art is Too Good Not to Share

Posted by James Newton

And no spoilers!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of the most beautiful looking Wii games we've seen, and Nintendo's teams have created countless pieces of art for the game over the year: remember the E3 2009 reveal artwork?

Here's another stunning piece showing Link, villain Lord Ghirahim and Zelda, but it's full of smaller details too: there's some Zelda iconography for the eagle-eyed among you to pull out.

We're attending the game's official launch event in London tomorrow, after which we'll commence the mammoth task of reviewing 2011's biggest Nintendo game.

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Kid_A said:

This is the Game Informer cover art from two months ago
HOWEVER: It is insanely beautiful and completely worth posting.



James said:

We don't get Game Informer in the UK, so it's new to me, and it just went up on the Nintendo UK press site today



motang said:

That is awesome! Game Informer had a cover art which was also exceptionally awesome!



RoyalBlur said:

That's such a beautiful illustration! It's beyond a shame that there is no Legend of Zelda anime nor Dragon Quest anime for that matter.

I wish Square Enix and Nintendo would get the makers of the new and awesomely good NEW ThunderCats reboot to make TV shows for Dragon Quest, The Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus.



theblackdragon said:

@TokyoRed: Why does everything have to be about TV shows? Why can't we enjoy games as games?

That said, I love how they've gone from static images of Link sitting around or swinging his sword on white backgrounds to these epic concepts full of mystic patterns and different characters all meshed together. It certainly looks pretty; i hope it plays just as nice! :3



19Robb92 said:

I wonder why they changed Zelda in to the model with white clothes and a harp. The original looks better IMO.



Grackler said:

That look's stunning **sets as a wallpaper**. And no spoilers...wait a second, isn't that Link? Link's in the game!? The twist, it's ruined!
'Tis lovely though. More please Nintendo! MOAR!!!



Kid_A said:

THANK you. This is why I find the talk of an Uncharted movie so reprehensible. What can we possibly gain from that experience? Why would it be better? I'm even more baffled when I hear fans crying for a Zelda movie. Insanity.



SunnySnivy said:

Zelda looks different in this picture than the GI cover... doesn't she? Or am I imagining things.



James said:

@shinesprite Game launches on 18th, but the official, media-only launch event is tonight. I'm going to learn how to fence, apparently. Pity my poor teacher...

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