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Super Mario 3D Land Leaps to a Strong Start in Japan

Posted by James Newton

Bigger than galaxies

By now you've read in our Super Mario 3D Land review that Mario's latest outing is very good indeed, but has it succeeded in lifting the console's sales in Japan? Yes, and how.

In its first week the game shifted a staggering 343,492 copies, according to figures from Media Create (via Andriasang). That's nearly triple the amount of all 3DS software sold throughout the entirety of October, and even above the week one totals of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, which sold 256,341 and 337,569 units respectively.

As for the console itself, Nintendo sold 145,271 3DS consoles across Japan in a week, more than double the previous week's 65,041.

So far, so good then. We'll see if the game can have a similar rejuvenating effect on 3DS sales in Europe and North America pretty soon.


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JettiBlue said:

That is an outstanding result! The Wii's install base was enormously higher at the time of the release of SMG 1 and SMG 2 than the 3DS install base is now.

Well done!



sc100 said:

Awesome. Looking great. Very busy time coming up with Super Mario 3D Land, Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 7 coming out. And hopefully the ten GBA ambassador games.



NintyMan said:

I'm not surprised, but I'm delighted. Mario is pumping coins out of the block, and will only keep doing it when the game comes out over here in the states.



Eldin said:

I get the feeling that the trend where price-cut Nintendo machines ends up selling bad anyway is ruined by the 3DS. I really hope that Nintendo and other third party developers will release a steady flow of great games from now on.



Marios-love-child said:

This goes the prove that if they want the Wii U Launch to be successfull it simply has to Launch with a 1st Party Mario Game like this one.

Mario sells consoles, its simple maths



Spoony_Tech said:

You think that was impressive. Just wait till monster hunter hits. Then we will see even more systems moved!



FonistofCruxis said:

Wow, thats great news, its especially impressive for it to beat both SMG and SMG2 when the wii had a bigger install base at the time of those releases. Hopefully it will see a similar form of success when it hits the west.



BenAV said:

Well I guess it's 'Super' Mario for a reason.
Really good news for the 3DS if this game can sell more than Galaxy 1 and 2, when considering how many 3DS's are out there compared to Wiis.
Can't wait till this comes out in Australia... Eventually... On the 24th, along with Skyward Sword.
Best day ever. <3



Henmii said:

"Super Mario 3D Land Leaps to a Strong Start in Japan"

As expected! Good job Nintendo!



motang said:

Yay, see Nintendo you should have launched the 3DS with a Mario game, never under estimate the power of the pudgy plumber!

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