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Skyward Sword Had Nintendo's Biggest Audio Visual Teams

Posted by James Newton

A huge undertaking

Nintendo has said before that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of its biggest-ever developments, and the latest Iwata Asks reveals just how vast the creative team was.

The sound team alone took in ten members, the biggest sound team a Nintendo game has ever had: with five composers and five staff handling effects and the system, it was a big undertaking due to the game's heavily orchestral compositions. Hajime Wakai, perhaps best known for his Wind Waker and Pikmin compositions, worked with Masato Mizuta to sketch out the game's soundscapes before the team grew to its full size in the run-up to completion.

Visual design was equally full, with a team of 22 staff creating the game's iconic visual look, which Iwata again states is the largest design team a Nintendo game has ever had.

With such scope on the design side it's no wonder Skyward Sword is being dubbed as one of Nintendo's biggest ever games. We'll see exactly how big it is — and whether bigger is actually better — in our upcoming review.


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BenAV said:

This doesn't come out until the 24th here in Australia... I don't think I can last that long.
Really hoping we have a midnight launch, then I'll play Super Mario 3D Land (which comes out on the same day) until the trains start running in the morning then get home as quickly as I can to play it.
Can't wait!



Link79 said:

JOYGASM! This game has me giddy as a school boy!
Btw Where can I get a poster or T-shirt of the above pic?
That's awesome!



Megumi said:

Wait a minute, we're actually getting orchestral music this time around?! Really?! :3



citizenerased said:

8 more days =)

Honestly, the music is the one thing I haven't paid any attention to at all. I'm sure I'll have plenty of eargasms when I play this game through the speakers though.



Bigdog said:

@Eureka, oh yeah. I'm doing my not-good-enough-best to be disciplined and not spoil game play and plot with myself, but accidentally saw a bit of a trailer of a dungeon and the music sounded orchestrated.



zezhyrule said:

Music makes or breaks a game for me, which might seem silly to some but is the deciding factor on many games for me :3



Kirk said:

Even with their biggest sound team yet they still didn't see fit to add in some decent voice acting for the characters (other than Link of course).

The music and sound effects are indeed awesome but I really would like the hear the other characters talking at this point in time.



Onett said:

Alright, I'm convinced. Now where is my wallet so I may place a pre-order?



WreckItRyan said:

Hajime Wakai?! Ultimately responsible for the soundtracks from Wind Waker and Pikmin? Oh my gosh, YES!



NintyMan said:

Nintendo sounds like it's making Skyward Sword to put Ocarina of Time to shame.



DangerousDreams said:

I like turtles!
... but not to the extent as Zelda games!
oh yeah and Mad props to Hajime Wakai for his contributions in the video game universe. Thus far, nothing sort of brilliants.



FernaMedel said:

its going to be really tough to keep away from spoilers once the game comes out, and even tougher the wait until my order arrives on the 23rd



Supremeist said:

I wish I had a Wii. I'm waiting to get the WiiU. Skyward Sword is going to look, sound, and play beautifully. Every fan is going to be delighted, I can tell.



Megumi said:

Yay Skyward music for me to listen to! xD
The fact that the music is orchestrated will make this game even better.

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