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Resi Revelation's Online Mode is Locked Until Completion

Posted by James Newton

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One of early 2012's biggest 3DS games, Resident Evil Revelations, comes loaded with an online co-operative feature called Raid Mode, but now it's surfaced that you have to complete the game's campaign before you can access it.

According to Andriasang, producer Masachika Kawata revealed you'll have to make your way through the 10-hour story mode before you unlock the ability to go online, where you'll have access to characters who aren't playable in the main story.

Presumably this decision was made to avoid spoiling the story for those who just want to jump into co-operative, but it's also a good incentive to return once the campaign's been beaten.


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NX01Trekkie1992 said:

not sure that's the best idea, but as I haven't played it, there COULD be a good reason, don't think the one they gave us was that great though



Aviator said:

I always hate when games have that have a single player experience have the option of multiplayer open when you start the game. At least play for a few hours before you forget about the singleplayer.



GameLord08 said:

It's a good incentive. Get people with the main-game for a first run-through, before they go all co-op on zombie butts. I quite like it.



Tare said:

I don't really like this. I feel like now I'm just going to rush through the singleplayer so I can unlock the raid mode. I kind of like it when I can do whatever I want like in Starcraft 2 for example. I played the campaign when I wanted, and played online when I felt the urge. I found the campaign more satisfying that way

I also think their reasoning is baloney :/



Mr_Reece said:

Personally, I'd rather be given the choice as opposed to being told when I can or can't access what has been a highly publicised — and therefore anticipated — feature



V8_Ninja said:

Personally, this really doesn't affect me since I always play the single player campaign of any game before hopping into any of the online modes. But locking away people that do want to dive into the multiplayer from the start is just going to make people angry.



SLiM said:

With the single player only lasting 10 hours, it sounds like it will be a nice long tutorial for the online play. However, it does stink if you blaze through it and then your friend that plans to play with you takes months to beat it.



Chris720 said:

Don't like that idea much... why do I have to get through the campaign before I can finally kick some zombies online?

It's a good incentive to keep playing the singleplayer... but this is just ridiculous.



zionich said:

I thinks its because they dont want to spoil/ruin the levels with multi-player first.



RVN said:

really... the WHOLE campaign? HURR DURR? why don't just unlocking a level for each chapter on the campaign, that would feel even more like replay value



theblackdragon said:

i'm with zerks; at least that way you'll know you'll be teaming up with people skilled enough to have beaten the main campaign at least.



NassaDane said:

To the people complaining: Did you just start playing videogames yesterday? I don't see how doing this was a "good choice" or a "bad choice" it is just how videogames have been done forever. It’s not some new "Idea" it is just how it works. They always have the bonus material unlock after you beat the game. I don't see how this is even a big deal at all. No offence NintendoLife (well actually to the people who originally got this information) but this isn't news worthy. We already knew Raid mode was in the game and like every side game in every RE it is unlocked at the end.



blackknight77 said:

To me Resident Evil is all about the main single player mode. I never touch the other modes until its finished anyway. So this is not a big deal for me.



JimLad said:

Really not a good idea. I understand the thinking behind it, but they're going to choke the online install base.

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