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Reggie: "Mobile Games Would Go Against Our Beliefs"

Posted by James Newton

Won't be doing that, then

While the wider games industry continues to argue that Nintendo should move into the smartphone game space, Nintendo's top brass are sticking by their guns and saying "no, thank you." The latest to speak up is Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who talked to about the company's stance.

Asked if Nintendo was interested in entering the iOS and Android space following recent chatter, Fils-Aime said:

Therefore, the concept of having our core franchises on other systems really flies in the face of what we believe in, and that's because by understanding the hardware, that's how we're able to bring these great experiences forward.

Fils-Aime highlights two big releases that are arguably only possible on Nintendo hardware — Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword — as perfect proof that the company's philosophy is still working. Considering the review scores for both titles, it's hard to argue.


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ImDiggerDan said:

Personally, I think that if Nintendo made Rhythm Heaven for mobile, or any other franchise that actually fits the hardware (ie, not Zelda or Mario which need physical controls), then that would only be a good thing.



6ch6ris6 said:

nintendo is the only company that tries to innovate gaming.
i dont want the gameplay from nintendo games being reduced to mobile phone gaming.

i hate mobile phone gaming



RoryLee said:

Thank god! I hate playing games on my phone. I'm glad that Nintendo always stand up for what they believe in.



dizzy_boy said:

it`s obvious really, nintendo isn`t going to license out games that help to sell their own hardware.
besides, if you want nintendo games on the go, buy a 3ds or one of it`s predecessors.
mobile phone games suck pretty badly for the most part anyway.



SuperSpank said:

Wow, am i the only one here who actually likes (or even have) IOS games?
There are some pretty good ones, with graphics on par wth PSP.
But, i really dont want Mario or Zelda to get games there, because then they have to reduce the price to something like €5,-.
And the V-Stick isn't precsice enough for Zelda.



AVahne said:

In my opinion, the only games worth playing on phones are simulation games, like Game Dev Story.



misswliu81 said:

go reggie go!! mobile gaming is not nintendo's thing. and i prefer playing games on consoles anyway.



LoopyLuigi said:

It's the Quality vs Quantity argument. Nintendo is about quality gaming. Don't change now, good for you Reg!



DrCruse said:

Well... It's his company, and it's his problem if this is a bad decision.



MasterGraveheart said:

Mobile gaming only works for a few kinds of games. Cut The Rope, Civilization Revolution (to a point), Angry Birds, and other games like that work wonderfully... but games like Mega Man 2, Street Fighter, Pac Man, and even my beloved Shantae: Risky's Revenge has varying and dubious degrees of results. Physical buttons are a must for me, even with a motion controller like the Wii Remote.



Dodger said:

I could see some franchises (like Rhythm Heaven or Mario Party) working on a mobile device but I think it would be a good decision.

Besides, Reggie isn't going to say that he thinks mobile gaming would be a good move anyways because NoJ already said no.



misswliu81 said:

i read an article where this journalist says nintendo should put their games on phones. nintendo should resist these attempts and continue doing their thing and ignore those people who are forcing them to put out kirby, mario etc on iphone for eg.



Hokori said:

I hope Nintendo stays saying no.... I mean I cant stand the direction people are going by telling them to do this and that, they didnt get anywhere by listening to anyone except the TRUE fans...... gimme Super Mario sunshine 2 or something great, not some even more wtered down mario Party game then normal.... i mean if Mario Party were to come out id probably be a lot like Advance...



NintyMan said:

Glad to hear that. Mario is for Nintendo consoles, and that's how it's been and should be. One of these days people will realize that cheap, quick-bite phone games cannot beat deep, enthralling handheld games.



Hokori said:

what if the 3DS had a phone app.... oh wait it sorta will later when you can send voice recorded messages



Coolio2480 said:

4 nintendo it would be hard becuz they wouldnt be many controls that u could put on a phone



BenAV said:

I have an Android phone.
The games sucks.
No way I'd ever consider calling it a portable gaming system.
It doesn't even use buttons...



StarDust4Ever said:

I believe that the 3DS already fits the definition of mobile gaming. So does the original Game Boy, for that matter. I looked up "Mobile" in Webster's New World Collegiate Dictionary, 4th edition (1999).

mobile (adj) 1 (a) moving, or capable of moving or being moved, from place to place (b) movable by means of a motor vehicle or vehicles.

The 3DS clearly applies to definition 1a, and in fact 1b is apllicable to literally every consumer game console ever made. So, yes, if I can play my 3DS on a bus, then it is by definition a mobile gaming system. Glad to know I spent $250 on this piece of technology which Nintendo apparently has no desire to support anymore.

For completion's sake, there are also 4 other definitions listed, which I'm only lightly summarizing, ironically none of which have anything to do with cell phones. 2 refers to a fluid. 3 capable of change. 4 a society in which one may change. 5 an automobile repurposed or decorated as a moving art piece. There's also an additional listing for "mobile home".



kdognumba1 said:

Mobile games would go against our beliefs.... kind of the same way as bringing high quality japanese RPG's to North America does.....



Urbanhispanic said:

Well said, Reggie. I don't care how good those games look on mobile phones. It won't ever compare to playing a game on a console......never, EVER.



GlasS said:

I'm not sure what the fuss is.
Mobile games are small and worth their price.
Retail games are large and worth their price.
Nintendo could easily make small games that are worth their price.
If Nintendo started in the direction of mobile gaming, their company would become about half of what it already is. They wouldn't need all of their programmers or developers, etc.
The fact that Nintendo chooses to build something that has more profits is their decision.
But eventually the bubble is going to burst. The Nintendo company IS going to suffer massive budget problems. The sooner they switch, the smaller the problems.
They would be best off with a mix. The smaller/rejected games could go into the list of mediocre mobile games.
This is simply the truth.



StarDust4Ever said:

Umm, 41 Glas, the only bubble that's about to burst is the Mobile App market. It is quick a gain now = crash later market. Investers are much more interested in short term gains that the long term success of a company. They buy low, sell high. When the mobile gaming market is about to burst, they will pull out their money and invest elsewhere.

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