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Nintendo Finishing Mario Kart 7 Was an "Act of Emergency"

Posted by James Newton

Calling all cars

Mario Kart series producer Hideki Konno has revealed Nintendo saw finishing work on Mario Kart 7 as an "act of emergency", according to a new Japanese Iwata Asks article (via Eurogamer).

Konno reveals the game started development with just eight staff attached, but that once team members were peeled off to work on Nintendogs + Cats the team needed external help, with Retro Studios stepping in to help put things together.

Retro set to work on bringing the game's 16 classic courses up to speed, leaving the rest of game development to Nintendo's internal team.

We'll see how the game stacks up when our review goes live next week.


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Denkou said:

Wait. I just noticed the release dates. First Europe, then America, and then... Japan gets a nintendo game last? Has the world gone mad!?



skywake said:

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand they pushed to get it to launch on time AND Retro had a hand in development (woot!). On the other hand they pushed to get it launched on time.......

@Cipher Well, if "that's nothing" I guess Australia got the worst deal. We got Skyward Sword late on the 23rd and only because the street date was broken........ but we have it now and we get Mario Kart on the 3rd so, all is good!



Linkstrikesback said:

"Can't this thing go any faster?"

Yes, but if it was going any faster we'd be getting more foolish complaints about people snaking.



Joko450 said:

Aren't Zelda games always released in English countries first or something?



NintyMan said:

It sounds like a double-edged sword. They rushed to get the game through without adding single-player vs. mode, but they had Retro Studios help them develop the retro (pun intended) tracks.

Doesn't matter, because this game is still going to be great.



Ecto-1 said:


Keep in mind, based on the article, this happened well before the 3DS's launch (during the development of Nintendogs plus Cats). They wanted to have the game ready for the holiday season, so they brought in some additional help, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the game was rushed.



ImDiggerDan said:

All they needed to do was keep the MK DS code and stick in some new tracks, as far as I'm concerned.



ThumperUK said:

The US holiday season starts first, then Europe. Japan celebrates the New Year, hence why the dates have seemingly been the opposite of 'norm'.



CowLaunch said:

Well, not exactly, MK64 and MKSC code would be fine with me too, just not MKDD or MKWii



TKOWL said:

No need to worry, the game is definitely up to pap. I played a significant ammount of it at a 3DS kiosk and the controls work flawlessly, and the track design is brilliant



LittleIrves said:

Whoa wait... No single player vs. mode? What does this mean, exactly? No one-on-one races with a computer player? Or... something else? I'm confused.



AVahne said:

@ smashbrawler331
If I remember correctly, it was the same thing for Mario Kart Wii.



Traxx said:

Just for being named "Retro" they only had to develop the retro courses. Reality is simple.



cnm_nintendo said:

I second @LittleIrves Is there really no Single Player Vs. Mode? That can't be right. It was in Mario Kart DS and Wii! Why leave out such a simple mode? I mean I understand they had to finish the game quickly but come on. Such an important mode...



The_Fox said:

Let's hope this doesn't translate to the product feeling rushed as badly as it seems it was.



SLiM said:

If Retro Studios has their hands on anything it just can't be bad. They do a superb job.



Monsti said:

If this was "normal" gaming news I'd be worried but in my don't have any problems whatsoever with Retro working on stuff. ^^



SanderEvers said:

@24: It's not simple as Single Player VS mode, requires an advanced AI for the "computer" players.
And developing an AI isn't easy



Henmii said:

You get the feeling from the article that Nintendo rushed the title, wich is absolutely not the Nintendo way! But then they asked Retro studios for help and as we know those guys are really good!

So I still have hopes that it will be a very nice Mariokart. I just hope it won't have to much evil glitches!

I can imagine the jokes if Mariokart 7 dissapoints: They better would have called it Mariokart Vista!



cnm_nintendo said:

@30 True... But wouldn't Nintendo already have some sort of AI ready? The Grand Prix.... Would have made the process faster no? :/ I just like the VS. Mode cause I can choose which tracks I want to play... I don't want to have go through 3 or 2 other tracks to get to the one I want. Plus it's a good way to practice.



Traxx said:

Two words: Time Trial.

And the game looks really smooth. Hopefully it has some kind of hardcore learning curve beneath the wacky item war.



motang said:

Well they really needed this title for the holiday season for the 3DS so it was a good thing they got outside (Retro Studio's) help!

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