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Nintendo Download: 17th November 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Kirby's back

A trio of new downloads this week, with one long overdue game on WiiWare sitting alongside a much anticipated 3D Classic on 3DS. Let's see what's competing for your money this week.

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3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo, €6/£5.40) — Kirby's legendary NES adventure gets the 3D Classics makeover, adding a touch of depth to what's still considered one of his best outings. We'll see whether it's polished a classic or added a black mark in our upcoming review.


Jam City Rollergirls (Frozen Codebase, 500pts) — Some ten months after its North American release, Frozen Codebase's roller derby arcade game makes it to Europe for half the price of its transatlantic cousin. It's actually pretty good, as our Jam City Rollergirls review explains.


Bugs'n'Balls (EnjoyUp Games, 200pts) --The long overdue marriage of two perfectly complimentary things, this actually isn't a bad little puzzle game, as our Bugs'n'Balls review should explain.

Will you be sucking up to Kirby tomorrow?

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User Comments (39)



BenAV said:

Aw no, I spent the last bit of money in my eShop account on Freakyforms and I'm currently broke.
Hopefully I can get a little bit soon so I can pick this up. D:



Omega said:

Rollergirls for 500 points sounds like a fair deal. I'm not interested in sports games but the price seems right. - Also, no signs of life on planet VC-388 detected. But we are still scanning...



SimonB79 said:

£5.40 for a glorified NES game (kirby) is appalling imo ... where do they get these prices from? /facepalm



XyVoX said:

Ive been saying it for ages mate the prices are a JOKE for people in the UK, whereas the USA prices seem to be much more realistic, hence my reluctance to give them any of my money while these prices are excessive.



ninigou said:

shame, now im starting to wonder:
do european ppl have any backbone?
is it so hard to boycott a product that is apparently a ripoff even taking VAT into consideration



Bass_X0 said:

£5.40 for a glorified NES game (kirby) is appalling imo ... where do they get these prices from?

Remaking it in 3D bumps up the price. Thats all.



James said:

A quick scan of eBay shows most copies of Kirby's Adventure go for more than the £5.40 Nintendo is asking for a portable 3D version.



Oregano said:

We do pay too much in comparison to the US(the exchange rate is 90p:$1:€1) but no way is Kirby not worth £5.40.



SimonB79 said:

@james ... no offence but nobody is gonna pay £20 for a nes game unless your stark raving mad ... as for adding 3D ... it still doesnt justify these prices ... nintendo are ripping us euro folk off. (no wonder people download these roms off the net 4 nowt)



bahooney said:

It's pretty lame that Nintendo didn't REALLY remake it in 3D, ala Excitebike and that fighting game who's name escapes me. A touch of depth is pretty cool, but it would be great if they tried a little harder with this one. Kirby deserves it.



daznsaz said:

i was expecting that new block puzzler advertised on eshop.might just get kirby till next time



Oregano said:

@Lohengriehn: Starwing/fox is one I really want to see. It should be relatively easy to do and they could fix the framerate and draw distance a bit.

@Iz20XX: I know, the exchange rate I posted is the one the eShop operates with(in general) and is much more favourable to the US than the actual exchange rate. It should be only be 70p:$1 really. I still find the prices fair though.



Geonjaha said:

Yeah! Finally :3
I would probably get this right away - but I'm getting Mario the next day so I'll hold off to check on a review and if Mario is enough to keep me satisfied.



SimonB79 said:

why would nintendo release starfox (via eshop) when starfox3DS is currently doing the rounds. /confused



SimonB79 said:

Are 3D Classics actually 3D because they look like bog standard 2D roms to me.... maybe its my eyes LOL /facepalm



Sneaker13 said:

I will get Kirby for sure and I might even pick up Bugs'n'Balls because I love King of the Zoo for the Game Boy.



Ramses said:

I bet us poor souls in North America get some crappy shovelware sports GB game tomorrow instead of Kirby's Adventure...



SimonB79 said:

@29 I have all the 3D classics (& will probably get Kirby despite it being a rip-off) but its gotta be said the 3D is crap … it really is …. very very poor imo.



lockelocke said:

3d is interesting because its a little different for everyone. I actually found the 3D effects in Xevious and TwinBee to be kind of overwhelming.



SimonB79 said:

@32 Games like Zelda:OOT, Resident_Evil etc. etc. look great in 3D but these Classics dont have the same effect on me for some strange reason. /shrug … im 100% serious



komicturtle said:

I want D:

I already have KA on Wii, but have no problem getting it again. KA on the go is win for me.



Hokori said:

well I hope this means Kirby nightmare in dream land isnt an ambassador game



FriedSquid said:

I really hope that Kirby's Adventure comes out tomorrow over here. I am really excited for this, because there will finally be something on the eShop that I genuinely want, instead of just trying out. (Plus it will be the only 3D game I've downloaded since the eShop's launch)



Supremeist said:

Ugh, if this comes to NA tomorrow I have no money to get it and I will be forced to sit here and read how great it is until I can earn some money. Oh well, at last, GOOD GAMES ARE COMING TO THE ESHOP!



TromaDogg said:

@SimonB79 So why do you keep buying them then, if all you do is complain about them, how much they cost? It's because you actually like them really, isn't it?

Anyways...I won't be getting this for the time being as I still have the original cart for my NES and have played it to death and unlocked everything,,,,would much rather spend my time playing Kirby Mass Attack and the new Kirby Wii game rather than spend time hammering something I was already completely done with 15 years ago. It's an excellent game for those who haven't played it yet though. Has a couple of nice nods towards the Gameboy version too, towards the end



Ducutzu said:

I got Kirby's Adventure and I find it brilliant. It's amazing that it was a NES game - it looks better than many SNES games.

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