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Nintendo Can Recover From Loss, says EA Vice President

Posted by James Newton

Others not so sure

The recent London Games Conference brought some of the industry's greatest minds together to discuss all things gaming, with Nintendo's recent loss one topic discussed at a panel.

David DeMartini, senior vice president of global E-commerce at Electronic Arts — he must have some pretty big business cards — believes Nintendo's loss isn't the end of the road for the veteran company:

Lots of us here have been in a similar situation. Lots of people have had that experience and pulled themselves out before. It would be premature to rule anyone out: even Apple was down for a while. There are an awful lot of smart people at Nintendo with a tonne of experience on hardware. That story may yet to be told.

DeMartini's optimism wasn't shared by his fellow panellists though: David Bishop of PopCap made the biggest ripples by saying Nintendo should have quit the hardware business 18 months ago.


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Linkstrikesback said:

Man, clearly popcaps hardcore support for nintendo and the massive experience they have in creating hardware makes them a key person to ask when being able to predict who should and shouldn't be in the hardware race.



Yogsoggoth said:

I've gotten very tired of hearing all the doom and gloom about how iJunk devices are going to destroy hand held gaming, blah, blah, blah. Today I was at the dentist for my daughter and the dentist has a PS3 and XBOX 360 set up in the waiting room. Two kids were playing with their parent's iJunk devices until they discovered the console rigs. The iDevices were forgotten. iGaming is nothing more than a fad which people will tire of. Browster games aren't much better than time wasters to kill some extra time at work. Once again, why exactly should we listen to David Bishop about anything?



ville10 said:

No wonder gamers insult each others as much as they do, when the developers are just as bad... Where's the role models?

Seriously, does this David Bishop even realize how successful the Wii and DS have been? The 3DS is simply a small setback, the price cut and high profile games have already improved the situation considerably.



NintyMan said:

Bishop, Bishop, Bishop, surely you know that the Wii U will have good games going for it right? Clearly he fails to realize Nintendo's innovative and creative skill in thinking up new consoles, and I don't recall PopCap making consoles. For that, I think I'll delete my Bookworm game that I haven't played in a while anyway.



Late said:

@NintyFan: Don't do that! Bookworm is an awesome game!

EDIT: And BTW I discovered that there's a DSiWare version of Bookworm but I can't find it from eShop. Can someone tell me why it isn't there?



darklinkinfinite said:

Considering EA has been in the business a long time and has experience both with traditional games and casual games, I'll take their prediction over PopCap's any day.



dizzy_boy said:

it`s not like nintendo are owing anybody anything, including the banks.
as much as we all have our moans and groans about how nintendo goes around doing things, one thing they`ve allways managed to do is keep themselves in the loop for the long term.
if anything ever goes wrong for sony or microsoft they have other ventures to keep themselves in business, where as nintendo is amd always will be at the heart of gaming and i don`t see that changing at any time unless something drastic happens.
these idiots can go take a long walk of a short plank as far as i`m concerned.



Linkuini said:

DeMartini's right. As business hardships go, Nintendo's current one is not nearly serious enough to count them out of the hardware market. They've got plenty of time to pick themselves up if they have to.



Blaze said:

I really couldn't care less. It's so damn obvious that Nintendo won't collapse. I wish people would stop going on about it.



komicturtle said:

Yeah, Popcap Games has no experience in hardware. The guy is only saying that because their games sell well on smartphones... That's fundementally the core reason if I piece things together.

Yeah. Fits perfectly



sc100 said:

Nintendo is nowhere near where Sega was 10 years ago before they had to leave the hardware business. It took six consecutive years of very poor console sales before Sega had to leave. Nintendo is just coming off of two very successful consoles and has a ton of cash. It's going to take many consecutive years of poor console sales before Nintendo has to leave the hardware business. In other words, it's not going to happen any time soon.



pepsilover2008 said:

wow from someone as little as a publisher for casual games, he really has no right to say things like that to a huge hardware company, especially when the other companies lost money for the longest time



Lan said:

I hate popcap. And why is EA allofasudden Nintendo's best friend? Every time I turn around they've said another nice thing about Ninty



TheGreenSpiny said:

I'm tired of this Nintendo getting out of the hardware business crap. Sega failed with every console they made except for the Genesis. The Dreamcast, the Saturn, the 32x, the Sega CD, and the Master System. Even the Game Gear was failure. That was the reason Sega got out of the hardware business.



MontMartre said:

I'm loving all this bishop hate going on! It's lovely to see so many hardcore nintendo fans! We have every right to disregard Anything negative said towards nintendo as rubbish, infact, from now on, everytime I hear anything that's terrible I'm going to say: "that's total David bishop."



MasterGraveheart said:

Nintendo's had one bad year... after, what, four stellar ones in a row? Yeah, they made some bad decisions this year, but it ain't the end. I still predict that, among the three gaming companies out there now, Nintendo will be the last one standing.



Scissors said:

I get that some people don't like Nintendo and that's fine, but I don't understand why so many are obsessed with the company's demise. It seems more like jealousy than anything.



misswliu81 said:

david bishop is a nobody. nintendo will come through this and stick around for longer. and pop crap, haha!!




Is it just me is his face really creepy it's like he's staring right into my soul! Besides that now let me say my nice polite thoughts on what I think about the respectble Nintendo friendly David Bishop.


Oh yea I see what your saying Nintendo sould have been quit since they lost a billon bucks this gen, nevermind the 4 and 6 BILLON Microsoft and Sony are STILL losing this gen!! Oh boy I just can't wait until the WiiU comes out and sales a TRILLON day 1 and he's gonna have this dump founded look on his face and will be on his knees BEGGING to put his popCRAP games on WiiU!

Mioyomoto is just gonna say "Yeah we could let you do that so you can make some money but you said in 2011 that we sould have quit the hardware race 18 months ago plus for some reason you never put anything on the Wii. Sooo LOL GTFO!!" Next time they want to have a meeting and he decides to open his big mouth somebody should say to Mr.Bishop "Will you please shut the FUNK up!! The big boys are talking!!"



Birdman said:

And now I'm considering removing Bejeweled 3 for the DS from my Christmas/birthday list ...

Anyway, Nintendo's gonna rebound. The Wii's got Skylanders, Just Dance 3 and Skyward Sword coming this holiday season, and those will sell like nobody's business, and with all the Nintendo Select titles they've re-launched and their games that still sell well years after their release, the Wii will be fine this holiday season. The 3DS has too much good stuff coming to not do well, and the DS library is in a similar situation to the Wii's. Nintendo should be more focused on pushing the Wii U next year than what's gonna occur this holiday season.



Hokori said:

LOL I love when people who dont know how nintendo runs says that nintendos going to "Die" they just seem soooooo dumb to me, I mean come on, if nintendo were to die they wouldve died a long time ago, yes iPhones are popular, but so are clothes



sikora360 said:

apple isn't going to take down nintendo or any other gaming company with their iPods/iPhones. The games available on the appstore are casual and you will never beat a full on tv-screen experience. Sure apple may damage handheld sales, but they will never take it down until they start making proper consoles.



Gamer83 said:

I love all the insults being thrown around by a bunch of fanboys over one guy's opinion. You're all fuming simply because he dared to say something not so positive about your favorite company. I don't agree with Bishop but it doesn't make him a moron or anything like that for feeling the way he does. The real clueless ones are those acting like 2011 has been anything but a pitiful year for Nintendo.



Mandoble said:

That message has trick. He is implying that Nintendo's solution relies on their hardware experts, of course for new hardware. Which also means he has hopes on the WiiU but not on 3DS. Sooner or later someone will realize that hardware is just a tool to play games.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@31: If you look at the sales numbers he is a moron. It's not as if the Wii and DS hardware sales were bad 18 months ago. This guy needs to choose his words a little more carefully.



Supremeist said:

@DjinnFighter What's wrong with PopCap? Yeah, most of there games are basic crap (though I enjoy Bejeweled Blitz) but have you even played Plants vs. Zombies?!?! That game deserves a sequel!



SanderEvers said:

PopCap games:

Games that are designed originally to be played in a webbrowser with Flash. Sure, some of them are fun (Bejeweled), but all of them are remakes based on older games.

I can't see me play a Mario game on an iPhone. I NEED BUTTONS TO PLAY IT!



DjinnFighter said:

@ryanthehedgehog oh I didn't know they were the ones behind Plants vs Zombies. Well, my opinion doesn't change since I hate that game. I don't understand why everybody loves that game. I guess I'm not a PopCap target



Shworange said:

Someone must have pulled the popcap off David Bishop's head and poured his brain out.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If this pushes Ninty to the very best they can do i beg Mr. Bishop to keep telling that stuff. Hell, if that's the case i want everybody to join in !

@NintyFan (6.): Why should they care if you delete a game you've purchased ? They've already got your money.



Sondheimist said:

"I'm loving all this bishop hate going on! It's lovely to see so many hardcore nintendo fans! We have every right to disregard Anything negative said towards nintendo as rubbish,"

I'm assuming you're being sarcastic - the thing is, one can acknowledge that Nintendo has made some stupid decisions (especially in the last year) and still realize that some negative criticisms are going to be nonsense. That is to say, not all negative criticisms are equally valid - in this case, Bishop's are largely reactionary nonsense.

As others have pointed out, the DS and the Wii together have sold some 200,000,000 systems in only 6 years or so - that's more than any other video game company. That they have made some missteps this year doesn't somehow negate all the really smart business practices that have enabled them to sell that many systems. That is, one doesn't sell that many by being completely clueless about proper business tactics.

"I don't agree with Bishop but it doesn't make him a moron or anything like that for feeling the way he does."

Well, he probably isn't a moron, but he definitely is being reactionary and hyperbolic. The Wii and DS combined have sold some 200 million systems worldwide, and, in the last 5 or 6 years, Nintendo has been making a ton of money. One bad year isn't reason for them to "give up consoles", and isn't valid reason to believe that there's no way they'll ever pick themselves up again. Lots of major companies have had bad years (worse than this year has been for Nintendo), and have still survived for decades.

"The real clueless ones are those acting like 2011 has been anything but a pitiful year for Nintendo."

Nah - the real clueless ones are still those saying "even though the last five or six years have been extremely successful for you, and even though the Wii and DS are some of the best selling systems of all time, you just had a bad year so you should give up and pull out now." That's stupid by any standards, and in regards to any company.

Few, even here, would refute the idea that Nintendo has had a bad year. Realize though that calling out Bishop for his stupid comments isn't the same as denying that this had been a bad year for Nintendo. As stated above, though, the fact that some negative criticisms of the company are valid doesn't mean anything bad that can be said about it. What Bishop said reveals either an invested interest in the failure of Nintendo and/or a lack of understanding of the most basic understanding of economics and business practice.



lex0plex said:

heh heh... all that I got out of this article was a good laugh at the picture and caption. "Everything's going to be all right." Hilarity to the max! XD



Joygame51 said:

Nintendo is fine... Keep enjoying the fun stuff and not worry about the companys ups and downs ...thats the buisness world, gang!!!!
Heck everones a bit jumpy these days with world economy bouncing around like a BRICK BREAKING GAME BALL.... thats just Life these days...Nintendo is no less effected by economy woes.... Happy gaming!

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