Nintendo Can Recover From Loss, says EA Vice President

Others not so sure

The recent London Games Conference brought some of the industry's greatest minds together to discuss all things gaming, with Nintendo's recent loss one topic discussed at a panel.

David DeMartini, senior vice president of global E-commerce at Electronic Arts — he must have some pretty big business cards — believes Nintendo's loss isn't the end of the road for the veteran company:

Lots of us here have been in a similar situation. Lots of people have had that experience and pulled themselves out before. It would be premature to rule anyone out: even Apple was down for a while. There are an awful lot of smart people at Nintendo with a tonne of experience on hardware. That story may yet to be told.

DeMartini's optimism wasn't shared by his fellow panellists though: David Bishop of PopCap made the biggest ripples by saying Nintendo should have quit the hardware business 18 months ago.