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New Mutant Mudds Trailer Released

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Gets ESRB rated as well

Few titles excited us back at E3 in June more than Renegade Kid's upcoming 3DS eShop platformer Mutant Mudds, so to say that we've been keeping an anxious eye on the project over the past few months would be an understatement.

Thankfully, Jools Watsham, lead director of Mutant Mudds, has been kind enough to send over the brand new trailer for your viewing pleasure. In this new trailer, you'll be able to check out some of the later areas of the game, not to mention a few new enemies you've probably not seen before.

The game was also given an "E" rating by the ESRB today, so hopefully the wait won't be too much longer. We're taking the game for a spin as we speak, so we'll have a full preview of the game early next week. Until then, take a gander at the trailer below and enjoy its platforming goodness.

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FonistofCruxis said:

Q1 2012? I thought it was coming next month, Mighty switch force is still coming next month right? Then again, I'll probably be too occupied with MK7 and Tales of the abyss to download anything off the eshop next month and I might still have some of SM3DL left too.



NImH said:

My kinda game. I can't wait... but I guess I'll hafta. Turns out I can. That's what I'm doing now. I'm waiting for this game. It looks really good.



shingi_70 said:

So why are we getting the delay. Seems only push and pull is coming out this year.



Kirk said:

Ooh I hate to say it but I think this game is going to flop hard. It looks like it was designed 15 years ago by a bunch of amateurs but only just released now. I don't mean the graphics specifically but more the whole dated look, design and feel of it.

Sorry, and I probably shouldn't have even said anything, but I couldn't stop myself.



RenegadeJools said:

Thank you for all of the positive comments, guys. And even those who don't find this appealing, I appreicate you sharing your thoughts.

The game should come out in Jan or Feb - we're obviously hoping it is January, but we need to make sure it is bug-free and passes Nintendo's lotcheck.

This project has been a complete joy for me to work on, and I am extremely proud of the results. Who knows, even Kirk who commented above this post might enjoy it!



C-Olimar said:

@mariofanatic those are the exact 2 games I will be playing next month. Maybe Tetris as well.

@Kirk I would say this game looks vintage. Dated is a bit harsh. Besides, Renegade Kid has a good track record.

@RenegadeJools What happened to Face Racers? Does it still exist?



Corbs said:

Looks can be deceiving on this one. I've played all 40 levels and I don't think the word "easy" came to mind much. In fact, the secret levels in the game can be downright insane. You won't cakewalk through this baby, trust me.



C-Olimar said:

@18 Excellent! Thanks 4 the reply!

As for this game, it sounds like it will last a while. I hope the price is right for it. Pyramids provided a good challenge and was great value for money, so I hope this is the same.

EDIT: Just thought of something: is Majeso the European publisher as well?



k8sMum said:

it does have a retro, 'earthbound' (now there is a GAME) look to it. i love platformers and will be seriously considering this one when it's available.



Arehexes said:

Reminds me of Wario on the Virtual Boy. I want this, also he reminds me of Jeff from Earthbound.



UNC5052 said:

Was this the game that was originally a 3d world game developed for the dsi?



Rm88 said:

This is super shallow to say because the game looks amazing, but I don't like the main character and it's making me doubt if I'll buy it.



I-U said:

My most anticipated title for Nintendo's shop for a while now, way back when it was a 3D platformer, and I cannot wait until it comes out. I really liked how this title has evolved, and seeing Jools go through some of the process on his blog. In one such video post, he discussed enemy placement, and it gave me a new perspective on the games I play. I look forward to seeing what Mutant Mudds throws at us.



Jamouse said:

Those have to be some of the best graphics i have ever seen... What, i'm serious



GreenAbobo said:

I will pick this title up for sure. The early footage I saw looked a little bland, but from this new trailer things seem to have been spiced up quite a bit.



daznsaz said:

i thought the main character was called mutant the looks of the video its the name of the enemies.looking forward to this one.



pikku said:

@#16. You should probably keep two eyes on this game if you want to be able to see the 3D effects!



SteveW said:

Looks like a great game! i won't get my hopes up for an actual release though since the best stuff seems to just disappear... Descent, Retro City Rampage, etc... etc...

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