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New Harvest Moon: First Earth 3DS Videos Ripen Up

Posted by James Newton

Don't soil yourself

North America has already had one Harvest Moon game on 3DS — Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns — but that was really a slightly different version of the DS original rather than a just-for-3DS deal. The console's first original entry in the series is Harvest Moon: First Earth, or Bokujou Monogatari: Hajimari no Daichi in Japanese, and we have a set of videos to show off.

The game's theme seems to be customisation: not only can you decide your farmer's appearance, you can change the layout of your farm by picking items up and putting them down where you choose. The video below shows an extreme example, as the farmer picks up the entire farm and puts it down in a new place.

We'll keep you posted on a possible western release.

Male customisation

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Female customisation

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Farm customisation

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User Comments (25)



lex0plex said:

Never been interested in the series before, but I still want to know more. Don't knock it before you try it, right?



daznsaz said:

loved HM games even without the indepth thats just good bonus all HM games get worldwide release usually cant wait for the 3ds version



Flowerlark said:

I'm a huge HM fan, and now I'm hugely excited! But since Tale of Two Town just came out, I'm willing to bet a western release for this will not be forthcoming for at least a year.



47drift said:

I really enjoyed Harvest Moon for a while, but once Rune Factory came out, particularly 3, I was hooked on that forever. I definitely still want this because those colors are just a candied delight and I know I'll like it, but Rune Factory 4 has my attention for now.



Burning_Spear said:

I'm a huge Harvest Moon fan, but the customization thing doesn't do a lot for me. I'm more curious to know about the game's story and the new farming and animal-husbandry elements.



Dodger said:

I tend to prefer Animal Crossing to Harvest Moon but I still don't hate Harvest Moon. I think it is the type of game I would play on a handheld more then say, Animal Parade.



NintenHero said:

Harvest Moon ftw! I can't wait for this... total hypeness. Harvest Moon rocks yo.



SLiM said:

I really enjoyed the first Harvest Moon for SNES, and liked the one for N64 even more, but then came 'A Wonderful Life' and my interest for the series has went downhill since then.



Matillion said:

I clicked the chicken.
Oh, and I think I'll pass on this one. Might get that other Fantasy Life thing, or something.



DarkKirby said:

@1. lex0plex
Harvest Moon is one of those curiosities like Animal Crossing where the concept of the game totally boggles the mind as why such a thing would be entertaining. But once you start playing it you find it hard to stop. Granted, it's still not for everyone, but most people never give it a chance because the idea sounds terrible on paper, it's quite fun when played.



lex0plex said:

If I were to jump right into the series now, what game should I start with or does it matter?



Burning_Spear said:

@12: My personal favorite is Magical Melody for the GameCube/Wii, which probably has the best mix of all of the different elements of the series. Tree of Tranquility for the Wii also provides a great introductory experience. Among HM vets, Harvest Moon 64 is generally considered the best game. A Wonderful Life for the Cube is probably the second most praised title, but that one is a bit unique and off the beaten path for an HM game.
For handhelds, Friends of Mineral Town, for the GBA, is probably the most acclaimed, but you can't go wrong with any of the DS titles, though a lot of people found Island of Happiness annoying because it's entirely controlled by the stylus.



James said:

@Lex0plex Listening to @Burning_Spear, he talks sense!

Personally I haven't found a Wii HM game that's rivalled A Wonderful Life, but as my predecessor expertly points out AWL isn't a typical Harvest Moon game at all. The most traditional is probably Magical Melody, but I never got into it as the PAL conversion was so horrible. You won't have that problem though, so enjoy it!



Flowerlark said:

@lex0plex- Actually, I would recommend the old Friends of Mineral Town (or More Friends if you want to be a girl) for the GBA. Still probably the best HM game as far a both gameplay and controls go. It's in my opinion, a great intro game to the series.



ueI said:

@lex0plex: I haven't played Sunshine Islands or Animal Parade, but I've heard that they're improved versions of Island of Happiness and Tree of Tranquility, respectively. I suggest you avoid Harvest Moon DS and DS Cute. If you have the choice between the gamecube and wii versions of Magical Melody, get the gamecube version. I've never experienced any playstation Harvest Moons, but Friends of Mineral Town for GBA is supposedly a remake of Back to Nature for PS1. Harvest Moon Boy/Girl for PSP is an unchanged port of said PS1 game.

P.S. I don't like Wonderful Life. Then again, I'm more of a portable HM player myself.



SunnySnivy said:

@lex0plex - I'm with Flowerlark, go with the GBA title!

I'm a huge HM fan. It's exciting to see a new one in the works, but we probably won't see it until 2013. HM releases are always very slow for the West.



Dizzard said:

I'm still waiting for tale of two towns to come to Europe...

It's been so long since I played a Harvest Moon game I need a fix.



Aerona said:

Ugh... well I was thinking of picking up the one that's already out but now I'm not so sure. :/



capitalism said:

Currently playing Tale of Two Towns 3D and loving it. One of the best Harvest Moon's on a handheld for sure and this is coming from a long time HM fan. Definitely liking the customization on this one, lets just hope it doesn't take too long to get over here.



alLabouTandroiD said:

At the very least it looks better than trailers of the recent HM DS game. I found the animations in those very stiff.



Marakuto said:

Reminds me a little bit of the Gamecube one but I am sure I may get this since I am growing out of games since I started doing too many exams, I will play this in 2012 when I pre-order then go on to doing the same with AC3DS.



GARF13LD said:

This is high up on my most wanted list as I really want to get into a HM game and stick it out like i did AC on the DS. Full customization sounds fun as well, something I think AC could do with.



lex0plex said:

Wow lots to choose from. I don't have the old DS or GBA, but I want to try Friends of Mineral Town since it's a handheld (like this 3D one). I`ll buy this one if it gets good reviews. Thanks!

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