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Learn to Crush in 3D with New Training Trailer

Posted by James Newton

We've got a crush

SEGA's CRUSH3D — the story of an insomniac who compresses three-dimensional space to cure his illness — isn't like other games. That's probably one of the reasons why SEGA just sent over a new trailer showing how you play the game, due out in early 2012.

Let the silky-voiced narrator explain (in quite some detail) how to manoeuvre Danny through his nightmarish world, solving spacial puzzles along the way. It certainly makes a lot more sense in video format than our words can explain, so click away and learn.

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Megumi said:

@3: Yup, lol
Anyways this game is interesting...might pick it up whenever it shows up here.



misswliu81 said:

this looks like a platform game with puzzle elements in it- interesting. it's not worth the full RRP but still, i like what i've seen.

i was wondering why danny was wearing PJs and robe, though the bit that i read about him being an insomniac and doing all that jumping around, crushing blocks to cure his illness, is a bit, weird.

again, i like that SEGA are bringing something different to the 3DS, just like they'll be doing with rhythm thief.



k8sMum said:

i love weird games such as this, especially if they have a platforming element to them.



shinesprite said:

Each time I read the title, I see "CRUSHED" instead of "CRUSH3D"

Edit: Just noticed, according to the trailer, the game re-launches Friday the 13th
I don't believe in that stuff, but it is a pretty freaky game.



Popyman said:

This is usually the part where I complain about the new artstyle and graphics and how they ruined it...but...LITTLEBIGPLANET NARRATOR!



C7_ said:

Reminds me of that Indie Game Fez that they announced over a year ago. It's pretty neat idea though



Roopa132 said:

His name isn't LittleBigPlanet Narrator. It's Stephen Fry. How can you not know the most awesome British guy there is ?(sorry James, you're just second)
Also, I'm not sure but it doesn't really sound like Stephen Fry.



MERG said:

@Roopa132...I am a huge Stephen Fry fan and if you ask me...that ain't him. It sounds like him but I don't think it is.



alLabouTandroiD said:

This is just a reskin / remake of the PSP title, right ?
If so i'll wait 'til it's very cheap since compared to the original the theme feels so incredibly hollow to me.



NImH said:

This looks really good... like what I'd hoped Super Paper Mario was gonna be back in '07.
I do love a good puzzle-platformer. A bit surprising, it coming form Sega though. High hopes here!

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