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Keiji Inafune's King of Pirates Trademarked in the West

Posted by James Newton

Things are looking up

Remember when we brought you the first look at Keiji Inafune's Kaiyo: King of Pirates, the super-cute penguin pirate game coming to 3DS in Japan? Publisher Marvelous AQL just filed a trademark for the game's name in the West, strongly hinting at a release outside Japan.

Siliconera spotted the trademark and reports that unlike most of Marvelous's trademark filings it also applies to toys and merchandise, suggesting we could see toy spin-offs from the cutesy swashbuckling adventure.

Here's the original trailer ready to melt your heart with its big eyes all over again.

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SpaceKappa said:

I was REALLY hoping this would come our way and I'm overjoyed that someone had the sense to do it.The trailer has no gameplay, but I don't care. Inafune's name being attached to the game along with a trailer that fantastic has me signed up, sight unseen.



Linkuini said:

Birds can grow mustaches? I wonder what hormones I would have to find to give my parakeets Mario and Luigi 'staches...



emirblade said:

I'm interested in this game since they launched the video. Still, I want to see the gameplay to know if I'll like the game or not.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Of course i'm still interested in seeing more from this game.
Reading about the toys i just hope that they're not doing a Skylanders interface. (And i'm not complaining about its price here, i'm just not interested in using figurines that don't even look good to me.)

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