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Insert Coin Cuts Zelda T-Shirts to Half Price

Posted by James Newton

Save your Rupees

As we all know, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is out in Europe today, and to celebrate Insert Coin Clothing has dropped all its Zelda t-shirts to half price.

Starting from £10/$15 with free delivery, there's a range of shirts that downplay the Zelda references enough to make them acceptable to wear in non-gaming company. They're available in men's and women's sizes too, so might make a suitable gift for a Zelda fan in your life.

While the Zelda shirts are great and all, the winner has to be this Pikmin "Hocotate Freight" shirt.


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nick_gc said:

The dude that models the t-shirts at Insert Coin is amazingly beautiful...



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

just went to the site, for some reason all I see are the zelda shirts at a dollar off, instead of 30 dollars, 29... not half off last I checked



iBazly said:

Why does that website have the most attractive model that ever happened? lol



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

weird, part of the site has the shirts listed for 29, and another at 15... that doesn't make too much sense now does it?

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