Mario Kart 7 launches in Europe this Friday, hoping to emulate the storming sales success of Mario Kart Wii, with a peripheral to match.

Hori's Mario Kart 7 steering wheel will be available across the country in December. Essentially it works along the same lines as the Wii Wheel: clip your 3DS console into place, activate the game's first person view and steer by tilting your console. As you'll know from reading our Mario Kart 7 review, the first person view works reasonably well, but can a plastic wheel add much to the experience?

No prices on the wheel yet but we expect it to come in around the £7.99/€9.99 mark.

Mario Kart 7 players can also purchase an official Mario Kart 7 Wheel accessory for use on their Nintendo 3DS system. The official Mario Kart Wheel is sold separately to the game and will be available in all good UK game stockists from December 2011.