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F1 2011 Lines Up on 3DS on 25th November

Posted by James Newton

Start your engines

Codemasters has just revealed the launch date for its first 3DS game: F1 2011 will reach Europe on 25th November.

As with Codies' previous Nintendo F1 title, F1 2009 on Wii, experienced racing studio Sumo Digital has handled development so we should be in for a pretty solid representation of the sport: the first time it's gone 3D, no less.

Here's some in-game footage to get your motor running.

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See the first gameplay footage of the 3DS version of F1 2011 at

London UK, Wednesday 2nd November [10am UK] Today Codemasters® announced that F1 2011 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS™ on 25th November 2011 across the EMEA region¹. The arrival of F1 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS will be the first time that gamers will be able to experience any FORMULA ONE™ game in full 3D. The first gameplay footage² of the new handheld version of the award-winning FORMULA ONE franchise is available to view now at ;

Developed by Sumo Digital, under Codemasters’ exclusive worldwide agreement with Formula One World Championship Limited, F1 2011 features all the official teams, drivers and circuits – including the new 2011 FORMULA 1 AIRTEL GRAND PRIX OF INDIA at Delhi’s Buddh International Circuit – from the thrilling 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™.

Gamers can compete for motorsport’s ultimate prize across a full season, enter an individual GRAND PRIX™ or jump into Time Trial mode. An additional and extensive Challenge mode is perfect for portable racing, with gamers taking on a wide range of objectives including checkpoint, gate and overtaking challenges.

Players can also compete on the go across a range of multiplayer modes. Up to four-players can race in a GRAND PRIX or go head-to-head in Time Trials while you can also team up with a friend in the two-on-two co-operative career mode. The race experience can be tailored across solo and multiplayer modes by adjusting race distance, tuning the car, choosing from a range of driving aids and selecting tyre, fuel and weather options.

Whether players are looking for a quick FORMULA ONE fix or want to build their own career from rookie to FIA FORMULA ONE DRIVERS’ WORLD CHAMPION, F1 2011 for Nintendo 3DS immerses players in the world’s fastest sport like never before.

F1 2011 will be available on Nintendo 3DS on 25th November. F1 2011 is also available now for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PlayStation®3 (PS3TM) computer entertainment system and PC Games for Windows®, with a PlayStation® Vita version also in production. To get all the news on F1 2011 head over to or follow the game on twitter at

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MontMartre said:

Chances are I won't be getting this, with all the nintendo titles coming out over the Christmas season, including Mario kart 7 there isn't much point. Hope it sells well however, nintendo needs all the help it can get!



6ch6ris6 said:

no chance against mario kart 7

though i would like to have a realistic racing game, but this doesnt look good enough



Nintonic said:

Wait didn't the title say lineup?
(looks at title)
Oh lines up! One game not many XD.



brandonbwii said:

I like the fact that online play is becoming more and more common on 3DS, a Nintendo platform. It's about time.




F1 2009 has argueably the best wii wheel steering response. The visuals weren't brilliant, but it did a good job for people who like their F1. I'd rather get it on the wii than any other console, but it looks like its not coming



Sneaker13 said:

Looks very good, stupid idea to release it in the same time frame as Mario Kart 7. I would have pushed it back to 2012.



Metal_Slugger said:

Looks pretty cool. I might have to get this one regardless of reviews ( unless its just crazy lame). One thing about Nintendo they don't make many racers. I lover racers.

@9 Yep and it would give them time to refine the game a little if needed.



Grackler said:

I'm skeptical after Sumo's not-so-sparkling work on the Wii version, but I'm hoping for something great! Stupid release window though, Kart, Land 3D, Kirby Mass Attack and Skyward Sword within a week!



GARF13LD said:

I haven't owned an F1 game since the one on the N64 which was a great fun game to play. I hope this turns out well for F1 purists and race fans.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Yeah, sorry Codemasters and Sumo. Mario Kart 7 is as good as bought and only if F1 2011 turns out to be as good as MK 7 i can justify buying it now. But there's always later and i'm still looking forward to it though.



capitalism said:

And we wonder why third parties are reluctant to develop for Nitnendo consoles. Just look at the comments. F1 is a totally different game than Mario Kart, so I'll be buying both.

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