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Explore Above the Clouds in New Skyward Sword Videos

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Soaring high

The odds are that you've already bought a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and will be well into the adventure. For any remaining doubters or those yet to jump into Nintendo's latest epic, two new videos have been released with details and gorgeous footage of Link and Zelda's home, Skyloft, as well as Thunderhead, also above the clouds.

Both videos are below for your viewing pleasure and are relatively spoiler free, though the second video in particular has footage from later in the game. If you still haven't read our comprehensive The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review, it will tell you why this title is absolutely unmissable.

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Skotski said:

It'd be interesting if you could actually make it play on the Wii U tablet and just prop it up on a table while using the Wiimote+.
Smaller screens = prettier picture, HD or SD.



SLiM said:

Can't wait for the ability to switch games from the TV to the tablet. So many nights where the TV is unavailable. Will be nice if they include a headphone jack on the controller



Rapadash6 said:

I hate sitting here at work, unable to play this game as it sits on my shelf at home... I miss being a kid soooo much.



Skotski said:


More than likely he doesn't.
A lot of people sold their Wii during the game drought of 2011.
The fact that the Wii U is coming "soon" pushes most to just hold back their wallets until it comes out instead of buying a new Wii.



Spagem said:

ill pass since its not like classic legend of zelda where u see everything in a birds eye veiw. its all ocorina of times fault! now zelda games are 3rd person mode! BLEH! ( 3 hoots and woots for Sonic unleashed)

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