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Enjoy Gaming Cuts the Ribbon on Block Factory for eShop

Posted by James Newton

Open for business soon

After the success of Pyramids, Enjoy Gaming has just revealed its next eShop title, Block Factory.

As you'd expect it's a puzzle game, but with a vital twist: essentially you can create your own games by choosing pieces and defining the rules. You can then export these as a QR code and share them online to show off your creations.

Here's the trailer and press release, and check back soon for our full hands-on preview.

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November 4th 2011. Enjoy Gaming ltd, a worldwide digital and European retail publisher, presents « Block Factory ». The game is the second Nintendo 3DS™ game following the successful title Pyramids, designated exclusively for the Nintendo eShop™.

Block Factory gives the player control of a falling block puzzle game factory and gives them free rein to use their creativity to build their own classical puzzle game or their own craziest one! Recreate by yourself the most famous puzzle games, add new features and bloc forms or create complete new puzzles!

  • 14 themes in 3D (some need Play Coins to be unlocked)
  • 12 blocks types (some need Play Coins to be unlocked)
  • 32 puzzle shapes
  • 8 colours
  • game rules …

Share your creations :

  • Use QR Code or StreetPass™ to share your creations and unlock new items
  • Import new puzzles QR Code images
  • Export your puzzles and highest score as a QR Code and give it away
  • Show off your best puzzles with your highest score on our Official Facebook page ( and challenge the world with your own
    puzzle games

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jdkipfer said:

It appears to just be a tetris-like game where you can change the appearance.



BenAV said:

I enjoy these types of game and it looks like a bit of fun so I'll probably buy it - Especially if it's as cheap as Pyramids was.



sgotsch said:

If there are enough possibilities and the sharing works well, I'm really looking forward to it.

Oh and, please find a way to compare scores ingame in the specific settings. :x



Oregano said:

I think if this is priced right I'll pick it up. I expected a block pushing puzzler when I first saw the title.



stipey said:

After watching that video, does anyone else have Dancing Queen stuck in their head?

How about now?



daznsaz said:

looks complete mode wise enjoying will get this when it comes out



Geonjaha said:

I bought Pyramids today. It's a good start for 3DSWare, but the gameplay is amazingly simple and repetitive, and the controls are very hard to use. Not a great start :/

This game just looks like Tetris...
Oh wait it is...just Tetris with the option to choose what blocks you drop, which is a bit questionable. As long as Enjoy Gaming keep bringing games like this to the eShop I will probably buy them as there isnt anything else apart from slow releasing GB games and...Golf. However they need to create an original title with less repitition in the gameplay to actually get a secured title that will be well remembered.



brandonbwii said:

I really want to support this game, I REALLY do. However, aside from the awesome concept of sharing custom puzzles the game looks very bland imo (3D will help perhaps?). Also if other people find the game bland, I wouldn't want to share games no one would want to play.



zeeroid said:

"...second Nintendo 3DS™ game following the successful title Pyramids..."

So Pyramids was actually successful? Well, that's nice to know. Hopefully it'll motivate some more devs to get busy.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It's definitely a good idea. I just wish you could take your creations online. The ability to rate the creations of others and being able to choose which games to download through these rankings could have made this one an incredibly amazing creative game. Even more so if there were weekly competitions and the dev's picking their favourite creations every month or so. I mean i could see me pay at least 15 € if it were included.
The way it is though i don't think i'll buy it.



UltimateMetroid said:

Just what we need. another freakin tetris game. Some might say "ohh! but it has different variaties! big whoop no one likes tetris as much as a new puzzle or rpg game or app.

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