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Cinemax Puts Together Rytmik Website Mix Tape

Posted by James Newton

Back-to-back hits

Cinemax's Rytmik series is about to welcome its fourth release with Rytmik Retrobits in the near future, so the studio's put together a website showcasing the DSiWare music app's various flavours.

The Rytmik Collection site also contains links and videos of some of the highest rated songs created by users of DSiWare downloads Rytmik, Rytmik: Rock Edition and Hip Hop King: Rytmik Edition. There's even a song from the upcoming Retrobits, which we've embedded below.

Rytmik Retrobits is released in Europe tomorrow, with a North American release to follow.

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User Comments (19)



Justaguest said:

Nintendo is basically dead in my country. Small amount of people buys their stuff. So i am glad seeing czech company that actually sells an awesome stuff for Nintendo.



Blaze said:

I love Rytmik, it helped me make some great songs. This edition might be worth picking up and love the site!




Think I'll download this. Shame the Rytmik apps take sooooo many blocks up. Very poor show by Nintendo not to sort out a storage solution for DSiWare.



MitchVogel said:

This actually sounds pretty good. I was going to hold off for zen pinball, but I just might get this instead.



Mystic_Kirby said:

I don't think I've ever had this much anticipation for something that's not a game.
Shame that a release date still isn't available for North America, though I will wait patiently. Cinemax has announced that the game will release THIS year, so there's some hope.
And my god, the Retrobits sample songs are amazing.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Yes I can't wait! I bought that retro piano app thinking something like this would never come...Now I feel like I wasted 200
Oh well, as long as this turns out great and I can make killer 8-bit music it's cool. Day one buy.



Ecto-1 said:

I went to link one of my songs, and was surprised to see a few of my creations were already there! This is an awesome idea. Now if they can just make it possible for me to save my songs as MP3's/AAC's on the SD card, I'll be really happy.



cinemaxgames said:

@2: ty
@11: no way, use cable to any recorder (ipod,iphone,pc,mac)
@12: no we are Independent Game Developers from Prague



Robo-goose said:

SD card support can be incredibly useful, for example, saving songs directly onto an SD card would conserve much-needed 3DS/DSi space.
Having virtually unlimited storage to use, consumers would be encouraged to experiment with Rytmik's many features without fear of using up what little space we're given by Nintendo's handhelds.
That's just a suggestion, though. I'm still going to buy Retrobits with or without SD card support.



X-145 said:

I swear to God that I heard STD and LSD in the same section! (Atleast it sounds like those things...)
But on a more serious note, I absolutly love Rytmik! I have the original and Rock edition. This is almost a dream come true! I can't wait until this comes out!
The only thing thes apps. were ever missing was an online posting thing, similar to Flipnote Hatena. Oh well, it isn't a huge loss. I'm still super psyced!
EDIT: Also, is there the ability to record your own sound? Because I hear the woman saying "Thats funny, I can hear my voice. I'm happy..." possibly hinting at the new ability to record your voice or custom sounds or something...
That'd be awesome!



Freeon-Leon said:

Can I upload my videos to the official web page? GREAT :3 I like Rytmik Rock Edition, it has varied sounds that allows you make songs with very different styles. I still have to try the original but with the one I've played I can say this is one of the best apps from the eShop. When is Retrobits coming out in America? I cannot wait -.-



Capt_N said:

This sounds so cool!

Edit: @x-145: #16 - It sounds like she is actually saying lcd(as in lcd screen). I also hear the words "zero", & "one". I can't make out all of it. It's cool anyway. I must have listened to this about 5-10 times in the past few days. That's how cool it is to me.

The first line sounds like:
"It's funny. I can hear my voice. I'm happy. I like dancing. Indeed, I have no choice." Then after the harder to make out second verse, "next level".

@2:11 - "My chip is digging down. Just hold me please" Sounds like anyway.



Martin_Linda said:

@18: to say the truth, the voice in this remix is not made in Rytmik:) Although there are some voice samples in Retrobits. But major part of the song is - it is my remix of song BIT18 included in Rytmik Retrobits.

The whole text is:
Hello, it's funny. I can hear my voice. I'm happy and I like dancing. Indeed, I have no choice.
My chip is ticking down. Just hold me please. You have nice CDs. Give me drink zero-one and you will see love on my LCDs.

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