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Castle Conqueror Heroes Marches for DSi on 10th November

Posted by James Newton

To arms!

CIRCLE Entertainment's DSiWare onslaught continues apace: no sooner have we had Castle Conqueror — Revolution than we're ready to greet Castle Conqueror — Heroes.

CIRCLE just let us know the game will reach the North American DSi Shop on 10th November, and fired over a little bit of information about the game and a trailer too.

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Be a hero; become a castle conqueror on "The Green Planet"!

When, fearing the outbreak of war, the government of the Green Planet surrendered to “The Empire”, The Empire sent a commander called Vilost to the planet. The new rulers then imposed heavy taxes and assumed military control, leaving the people to suffer extreme hardship under the strict regime.
A revolt finally broke out, and a rebel leader emerged in the south of the planet. With the leader, the revolt grew in strength and number against The Empire. The leader is a woman called Veronica, and she is attempting to release the citizens imprisoned by the regime who are eager to join her rebel army.
You were once a great soldier. In joining the revolt, your objective, as well as that of your new forces, is to drive The Empire from your planet!

Game Features:
The great essence of Castle Conqueror combined with an all new SLG style, delivered in over 20 hours of play time.

Enjoy 9 chapters in this story (2 modes of difficulty) as you collect items, upgrade abilities, and slew of other features awaiting your discovery!!!

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Sephariel said:

Oh comon. NA gets another Castle Conqueror game and EU doesnt even have the second game yet.



XCWarrior said:

I'm a fan of Fire Emblem, so looks decent enough. But why is this filed under the Tiger Woods series?



Spoony_Tech said:

Totally different game from the first two. This one looks like it has a whole lot of potential! Definitely interested.



paburrows said:

I love Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics type games. Is this anything like those? What games out there are like FFT & AW?



Late said:

@paburrows: You should try Fire Emblem. It's from Intelligent System like Advance Wars and maybe even better game series.
Then there's also Shining Force series. You can get 1 and 2 from Wii VC and then there's also SF1 remake for GBA.



slidecage said:

come on 500 pts..... too bad it wasnt coming tomorrow... seem another game in the same line of these games is coming NOV 24 (shocked thanksgiving releases)

come on heros at 200 pts... that looks interesting... i know where my 700 pts are going here and there (well hopefully 700 and not 1000)



Skotski said:

If you can get your hands on it, get Tactics Ogre... which predated (originally Super Famicom, and constantly re-released) and inspired Final Fantasy Tactics. ... or Ogre Battle (on Wii Virtual Console), which Tactics Ogre was a pseudo-sequel to.



Bassman_Q said:

Seems like a turn-based game rather than an RTS like what the first two are classified as. I think I'll just buy the first one, as this looks kind meh.

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