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Blue Wii Heads Stateside for Black Friday

Posted by James Newton

It starts

That crazy day of manic buying, also known as Black Friday, is very nearly upon us, and Walmart has sounded the first battle cry.

Siliconera reports the retailer has the exclusive on the blue reconfigured Wii, and will be selling it on 25th November for just $99.96. However, the advert just lists the box's contents as a Wii console, Remote Plus and Nunchuk: no mention of Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games or any other pack-in software, in fact.

Still, if you really must have a blue Wii, 25th November is your best — perhaps only — shot.


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Mr-X9000 said:




Link79 said:

Cool a Smurf Wii!
I'm blue, da ba dee da ba die.
Oh great now I got that damn song stuck in my head.



Jono97 said:

I don't get it, nintendo is still promoting sales of the WII, and the WII U is going to come out.



Link79 said:

@ clubmini
Not for another year probably. The Wii still has a ways to go yet.



motang said:

Finally after 5 years of the Wii we are getting more color choices! All we now need is the red and green ones, and the circle will be complete.



bonesy91 said:

It's Blue! ...... but it's neutered of it's GC abilities... ugh! want but don't want.



komicturtle said:

well, I have a blue Wiimote... damn, if only this color came out much much sooner.

Remember all those colors Nintendo showed? Navy blue... ugh, if only people voted for that. The Wii was first shown in Black...



Pj1 said:

No bundled games, oh dear Nintendo want people to pick one up when they buy a system, a yellow system would look so cool.



Tasuki said:

Damn I would get it but if its only available at Wal Mart than I am screwed.



LordTendoboy said:

Is this a permanent model? Or just a limited-edition thing?

$99 is a steal, but I guess that's just the Black Friday price... Or is it an official price drop?



zezhyrule said:

just tell me about the zelda or MH-themed 3DS coming stateside for black friday. That's all I want.



Alphack3r said:

Duuuuuude...I wonder if the GC system files will be removed...cuz that might turn out to be really cool Mehehe



TingLz said:

@zezzy: I think Best Buy or Gamestop confirmed they're getting the Zelda themed 3DS for Black Friday

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