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3DS Update Lets You Join Your Friends' Online Games

Posted by James Newton

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The 3DS friends list is severely lacking, but the upcoming firmware update should add a much-requested feature.

A post at NeoGAF (via Eurogamer) reveals the update lets you join an online friend's game in progress, and also lets you organise your friends list by online status.

The update is included on the Japanese version of Super Mario 3D Land, but no word on whether it's on the Western cartridges. We should have our game soon, so we'll let you know.


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kingothekoopas said:

nintendo needs to soon deliver the GBA games for us ambassadors. i'm getting rather tired of waiting.

frankly, i'd like to see them allow GBA games on the eshop. if it can be done well, it's another way for them to make money. i don't see why they shouldn't if it can be done right.



BenAV said:

What? So the update is on the game cartridge?
Sucks for anyone who isn't getting the game then...



BenAV said:

@kingofthekoopas: If it was that simple for them to do it then I'm sure we'd have our ambassador games by now...

I'm sure they'll eventually start selling GBA games on the eShop, just give them some time... And if you can't wait, buy an actual GBA (Or DS Lite) and some GBA games.



James said:

@BenAV It'll be a download update too, it's just on the game too, sort of like Wii updates come on game discs



shingi_70 said:

Finally. Having to look to see online was a pain because it wasn't organized. Now i want to know if existing games will use the OS level invite. (they should)



BenAV said:

@James: Ah, well as long as it's going to be downloadable around the same time as the game comes out too.
Thanks for clearing that up.
I'm getting the game at launch anyway so doesn't really matter for me.



Raptor78 said:

Even if we dont get it before it is sure to be inclded in the end of November update...
I would rather it be sooner than later however because all the discusions about Revelations has got me playing Mercs a lot again and it would be great to see who is onoine playing rather than having to trawl through the friends list.



grumblebuzzz said:

Once Swapnote is in place, the friends list feature will be totally functional (finally) and the last of my 3DS complaints will be resolved.



daznsaz said:

does that mean like if you see someone on mario kart and there was room for more can join midgame if you see people on doa or resi mercs theyve already set up a match.or am i missing the point here.



Samholy said:

i have no 3ds friends
ill browse the update for sure, but...
they cut the online features from their games, what will we do with this feature anyway.
i would have had a blast with star fox, but i had to sold it for the lack of online multiplayer.
i would have used it on street fighter, but it was lame to play online with it.
i would have used it for sure with monster hunter tri but... they removed the online feature ! no, they simply didnt want to put it in !



Adam said:

Is this just a quick way to launch the same software, or does it actually join a friend's online match in progress?



James said:

@Adam The original dude wasn't able to try it out yet so not really sure, tbh. You'd hope it would be the latter, but you know how that usually pans out



chiefeagle02 said:

I do have friends, but I don't think I'll get the update, especially if it'll block homebrew. I don't do Hulu and the video camera is too low-res to warrant an update, all things considered.



DarkEdi said:

What if i don´t want the game? not all 3ds users buy the same game.

(new mario bros sold like 13 millions or so, but the ds sold more than 120 millions, then you can understand my logic)



Capt_N said:

@DarkEdi: #20 - ^ James said it would be a d/l update too. This means it's just like Wii updates; it will be available to 3DS users who both own, & don't own the cart.



Sh00kst3r said:

Read Jame's #8 post.

Mwahahaha... And my friends always wondered how anyone could like Nintendo... This is why. Ninty always improves upon their mistakes.



rayquaza_master said:

Hopefully nintendo will allow video calls to friends online.I don't really care if you need SM3DL to update, because everyone I know with a 3ds is getting the game



Capt_N said:

^Actually that's a fairly sneakily intelligent tactic. It guarantees the games carry updates that feature things not necessarily relevant to the games themselves. This makes things messy for pirates, &/or homebrewers, as now pirates/homebrewers must continually make counter-code for these things.

Then again, if the cards can be flash updated, pirates could simply flashhack the cards to remove the anti-pirate/homebrew coding.



Nintendo3DSLife said: wondering wat game will it be?well don't matter im glad there will be an update like that because I have 100 friends on my 3ds so it will be fun to challenge them with all of the the boredom these days lol XD.



shoopdawoop70 said:

roll in the gba games, big n! will this be compatible with all online games? street fighter? Mariokart, maybe?



Onett said:

Common guys... I highly doubt the updates on specific games are sales tactics. I am willing to bet that every new title comes with similar if not newer updates for your device.



pntjr said:

Just what I needed!
Watch out, PSN and XBLA,
Nintendo 3DS eShop is coming!

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