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Rumour: Monster Hunter 3 G Lurching Toward Europe

Posted by Zach Kaplan

So have your swords sharpened by Autumn 2012

Update: We have received word from Official Nintendo Magazine that the posted Autumn 2012 date is not official confirmation of the game's European release.

Capcom's official statement about the game is "we have nothing to announce at this time."

Original story below.

Capcom's popular beast-slaying series is heading to the 3DS with two upcoming entries, Monster Hunter 3 G and Monster Hunter 4, though many have speculated whether either would see release outside of Japan. Now Official Nintendo Magazine has confirmed our hopes with an announced Autumn 2012 European localisation of the former.

The title will utilise the second Circle Pad expansion, also known as the Slider Pad. You can look at some gameplay footage featuring some of the new monsters and weapons premiering in this iteration.

Do you plan on joining the hunt?


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Late said:

Nice addition to 3DS library but the game is not for me. I have MHTri and that's enough for me. It wasn't my kind of game although it was fun to play for the first time.



Chris720 said:

YAY! MH3G is coming to Europe! Oh wait... next year...

@3 Not really. They have to change the language from Japanese to English. Along with proof-reading, getting it approved by Nintendo and then submitting it to PEGI.

It's a pretty long process.



BenAV said:

Wasn't entirely sure whether this one would make it here or not but that's great news that it is.
Can't wait to get it.



NFreak007 said:

The only source for this seems a preview in this month's issue of the UK Official Nintendo Magazine. If that's the case I wouldn't take it as confirmation of a European release. Trauma Team, Excitebots and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 all had previews in ONM but didn't come out in Europe.



zezhyrule said:

Hehe, wouldn't that be funny if it wasn't released in NA... Haha...

@Shworange: No, not for MH at least. Both Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and Monster Hunter Tri took a year or more to localize before it was released over here.



TeeJay said:

Aw, what? A European release would have been a nice step toward a NA release please make this happen! ;____;



Megumi said:

lol Zez that would be cruel. game gets released in Europe
Europe only, sorry.



JayArr said:

It will get released in NA if it gets an EU release.

The only reason the "Big 3" RPG's weren't released in the US is because Nintendo is the publisher for them........and NoA is stupid. Capcom publishes their own games and aren't idiotic enough to not release an already translated game.



Expa0 said:

This will probably be a good place to enter the series since it doesn't rely on bs gimmics like online. Looking forward to this.



CerberusAzdin said:

Either they release it here or you can say to Capcom and the 3DS goodbye really. It be a very stupid move if they didn't. Hands up who bought a PSP to play Unite after playing Tri on the Wii? You get the point.



Megumi said:

@21: ...I'm not saying goodbye to my 3DS. >.>
There are other great games coming out for it you know.



alLabouTandroiD said:

After seeing the recent trailer i don't understand why i couldn't get into the Wii version. This looks great !
So if it comes to Europe there's a high possibility i'd buy it even alongside MH4.



Kage_88 said:

Geez, I've barely even grazed the surface of Monster Hunter Tri! So many games to play...



Shock_Tart said:

@shoopdawoop70 & shingi_70 Capcom has already stated that The game is not going to haven an online option. If it does come to america and europe they arent going to make servers and add an online option. the most online your going to get is downloadable content. thats pretty much it. capcom pretty much screwed the pooch on the decision of taking away such a heavily popular games online capabilities. hopefully they dont make that mistake with the 4th MH. I pray that they dont. the 3ds has more than enough capabilities to handle an mmo online server. seeing as other games, like mario kart 7, proves the point of that. no, it was just a horrible mistake by capcom not to put in online services to the game.



zezhyrule said:

Everyone does know that no previous portable MH has EVER had online, so it really shouldn't be expected? All of you that started with MHT need to stop whining.



Megumi said:

The least they will do is friend codes...and even if they did I'll rarely use it. If you wanna hunt online, play Tri.Otherwise just be glad that they're actually making a MH game on the 3DS. >.>



Shock_Tart said:

yeah zez im aware that every mh portable has never had online at all whatsoever. it would be a good idea for them to do it, i have to say that. but otherwise its still a great game. from watching vids of it still it wont deter me from getting it. to be honest i think it would make the game that much more popular if they added a online system to the portable version. sales would definatly go up and the game would pay for itself many more times over than it already has.



dreako818 said:

Totaly excited for this game hopefully some news come out that there will be a N.A. realese

monster hunter beast*

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