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Rumour: 3DS Expansion to Be Called 'Circle Pad Pro'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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The upcoming Circle Pad attachment for the 3DS appears to be gearing up for launch, with speculation swirling with regards to what it'll be called. According to a trademark filed by Nintendo in Japan, the add-on could be called the ‘Circle Pad Pro’ in the West. This is already scheduled for release on 10th December in Japan, branded as the Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad.

If this trademark does become the official name, it at least shows continuity with the Classic Controller Pro brand from the Wii. This peripheral already has a decent number of games slated for compatibility, so it may find its way into quite a few 3DS owners' hands. Formal release details outside of Japan haven’t been forthcoming, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

What do you think of this name, and do you think you’ll be picking one up?


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X-145 said:

I think it fits the bill. The first circle pad being all amature and all...



Corbs said:

I wonder if they are going to be making this in every color 3DS they're releasing or just black.



Wilford111 said:

I don't think I'll be buying any games that need that second slider pad...
so no, I won't be getting it.



MitchVogel said:

I don't know if I would define this as professional like the Classic Controller Pro.



Nintonic said:

This attachment looks horrible. How can you use both circle pads and y, x, b and a together?



Kriedler said:

I'm gonna wait a little while to pick one up at all. I already know the next iteration of the 3DS will have the second stick on it. It's just a matter of how long until it comes out



Reggie4Life said:

I agree with Corbs. I have an aqua blue 3DS, and I might not buy the thing at all unless it comes in all colors.



XyVoX said:

How comes that anyone with half a brain cell knew that the 3DS should of had a 2nd analogue stick to start with and Nintendo didn't 'Strange' ? and this thing looks just plain Hideous.



FriedSquid said:

I really don't care what it's called, I'll probably still call it "second Circle Pad".



Kagamine said:

cant wait! am i the only one actually looking foward to this? i think it looks a little weird but i love the idea. It will make shooters more fun allow for new more advanced designs on the 3ds. i dont think it will be any problem reaching the buttons either, doesnt look THAT big.



Aqueous said:

I'm with Corbs, formally Corbie, if it's not in the blue shade there is no point, still might not get one though if it was blue



LztheQuack said:

@FlutterShyGuy: Rumor says "Because the 3DS would be larger as the current model had no room for a second one"

Also, why would they trademark it in Japan if it's only gonna get called the Circle Pad Pro in the west?



2-D said:

Calling it 'Pro' implies that it's in any way pro, and not a complete botch job.



mshope10 said:

i can't wait to get it.i plan on getting all the games that use it.and i love knowing i can have console controls at home and leave it there when i go out for me its a win win!



AVahne said:

The redesign will most likely have the second circle pad built in, but it won't have the ZL and ZR triggers. For those, I'll stick with my good little red 3DS so it can be used as a Wii U controller



sinalefa said:

Fortunately, there are no announced games that require this and that I see as essential purchases, so there is no need for me to get it. If Luigi's Mansion 2 uses it, I will have to give in.

As other people mention, if the redesign includes a second circle pad, I will get that instead.



Emborges said:

I'll be patient and see what happens until the next E3, a new 3DS version might be announced until then, hopefully with the second circle pad and improved battery life.



NImH said:

I'm having trouble imagining how a 2nd circle pad will help... Double-directional for FPS's?



warioswoods said:

They should have focused on the "grip" part to make it clear that this is an alternative control style for home use, IMO. That being said, the "Pro" bit does help to associate it with the Classic Controller Pro, which is logical as this is just a classic controller for the 3DS.



timp29 said:

I actually get quite a sore thumb from using the normal circle pad. I wonder if the extra width would take the strain off my thumb? Don't need or want this add on though



CerealKiller062 said:

@Shockerz That is a very good question, with an easy answer. The same way you use them on any other, "dual-stick" controller. "Do you Know how to use a Classic Controller Pro, PS3 Controller, or Xbox360 Controller?" is a better question to further tell if you will be able to use this attachtment and all its round, chunky goodness.



Jonisme said:

The 3DS already has something that replaces a second circle pad, it's called a touchscreen, it's also much better. I really don't see useful applications of the Circle Pad Pro. But time will tell what developers come up with.



WolfRamHeart said:

Yeah, I'm sure that adding the word Pro to the name is going to make all the people who hate this thing instantly love it now.



Sh00kst3r said:

Thank you, sir, for stating my opinion.
I agree, though. You really have to question why Ninty would do this when they clearly have something better.

I can just imagine the end of Nintendo with this thing...


Nintendo sides with Activision to bring you Modern Warfare 5!
Critics say "It plays exactly like the consoles, thanks to the dual analog." -IGN "Why didn't it come sooner? Mobile Call of Duty!" -GameInformer

If, and I say IF, Hades freezes over and this happens, I will quit video games forever.



BlazeX said:

Lousy name since its already a horrible product but thats how advertising works, you give something the opposite name of what it really is. I won't buy this piece of junk cause who the hell needs a clunky add on that makes the touch screen not centred in the middle anymore, not fit in my pocket and makes you look like an idiot for buying one.



I-U said:

If this add-on provides an extension to how DS games can be played, like for instance being able to play Metroid Prime Hunters with dual analog controls, then I'll get the add-on. If it doesn't, I probably will not go for the product.



chiptoon said:

I'm optimistic. It looks like it might be quite comfortable to hold. Its pretty cheap. Its detachable for when I want to slip my 3DS into my pocket. It allows for better camera control in certain games.

I recon the name is intended to fall in line with the classic controller pro. This will help with marketing to the hundreds of thousands of more casual gamers, who don't read gaming blogs, and as of yet have no idea this thing exists.



grumblegrumble said:

It looks so stupid hanging off the end of the 3DS like that. THey just need to incorporate it into a future model and make the screen a lil bigger



Vampire-Jekyll said:

Ten bucks says a future 3DS model will place the second pad where the face buttons are now and lower the face buttons to be at the same level as the d-pad... just like the WiiU.




I actually play my 3DS (like my DS) in leather cases. So I would have to take out the leather case if I wanted to have this attached. It obviously should've been in the original's design. Ridiculous, but credit to Nintendo for trying to address 'issues' quickly. Unlikelt it'll be a compulsory control method for all 3DS games. Dual analogue stick control is so archaic though Ninty - c'mon!



Dyl_73 said:

It looks naff. It'll look even more naff when it's not a black 3DS. It won't fit in most current cases. It's not essential for playing games. It's a "no" from me.



StarDust4Ever said:

Playing the 3DS with the circle pad extension is akin to walking around with a hideous 20-pound tumor that desperately needs to be surgically amputated. It's like taking a paintbrush to the famous portrait of Mona Lisa and adding a mustache, but without the humorous effect. L-A-M-E

Th 3DS was perfect before. If the developers were not so damn lazy that they could just incorporate touch controls for the camera/view controls. Really, how hard is it to map the touchscreen to button commands? Optionally, for true analog control, they could operate the viewpoint mechanic similar to the intuitive way a touchpad operates the mouse on a laptop. Hopefuly, this device will be optional on most games; otherwise, I simply won't buy them.



Tate24 said:

Am gonna still buy it!

if improve gameplay and control then i cant see the problem:)

i like it if they bought out different colour versions so it go with my Aqua blue 3DS.



LordTendoboy said:


The Vita has a touchscreen, rear touchpad, and 2 analog sticks. Sony has all their bases covered, Nintendo should too. The more control options, the better.

Just look at the Wii U controller, that thing has everything. Good thing Nintendo planned ahead with the Wii U controller.



Ren said:

Yeah, what is Professional about playing a portable video game? You couldn't pay me to carry that thing around in my pocket.
I don't care if it can grill a cheese sandwich, it looks ridiculous and it's big. I better get a good trade-in price when the next 3DS model comes out in 6 months. But wait! I almost forgot... I got Ice Climber and NES Golf for being an early adopter! It's all ok, then.



Ren said:

Does this mean that Nyko is going to release a "Circle Pad Am" ?



AlbertoC said:

First the wii U, now the circle pad Pro? Seriously, who is at Nintendo working at the creative names department?



Varoennauraa said:

...says albc5023...
I think the U is pretty creative. It has a lot of meaning stuffed into one character.



bahooney said:

If it's only in black, I'm going to poop in frustration. Seems like it's gonna be that way though, because we have yet to see any other colors...



monkeysrool75 said:

What's the point of having two analog sticks? It's useful for FPS games but the only one I know of for the 3DS is Resident Evil



LztheQuack said:

It's amazing to hear all the opinions from people who never tried this thing. But I suppose that's the internet for ya.

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