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Resident Evil Revelations Blows Up With Multiplayer Raid Mode

Posted by James Newton

Trailer inside

Remember when we told you that you wouldn't have to face the nightmare alone in Resident Evil Revelations? We meant it — Capcom has just sent over a trailer of the multiplayer co-operative Raid mode for you to digest.

It seems the multiplayer component takes in specific missions rather than the regular story levels and in truth it doesn't look too different to the standard game, with the exception of Chris Redfield turning up and shooting numbers out of an enormous beast. It's almost like Borderlands but with Resident Evil.

You'll be able to shoot things to bits with a friend by your side when Resident Evil Revelations is released early next year.

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James said:

@Yosher Story mode is single player, the separate Raid mode is multiplayer from what I understand.



Blaze said:

Good to know that Capcom put in thd effort to provide what looks like a great multiplayer experience. I think that trailer has secured a Launch Day purchase for me!



Yosher said:

@James Well that's quite disappointing for me to be honest. I was quite looking forward to clearing this story with a good friend of mine. Kinda makes me question an actual purchase now to be honest... I'll wait and see how this turns out.



shingi_70 said:


I think its good as Playing Resident Evil 5 with A.I. sucked hard.

Was hoping for a whole different campaign for co-op.



I-U said:

I wonder if there will be a CPU options for this mode. If there aren't, it would be a useless feature for me as I'll have no one to co-op with.



AVahne said:

Looks awesome! But, I really hope they fix that framerate, it honestly looks way too slow.

And, has anyone else noticed that the textures on Jill look extremely good, while on Chris they look a little muddy? I hope they make him look a little better too.



Gustoff said:

I read on the official nintendo uk site that the Raid mode will be global online, local online and solo. So yeah, according to them, we can go at it alone, not sure if there will be a CPU helping, but at least you can take them on yourself.

Day 1 purchase for me!!! Can't wait!



Yosher said:

What does that have to do with anything? Of course I understand the concept of survival horror. I was simply looking forward to going through the story mode with a friend instead of having to play a seperate mode, that's all. Since I don't own anything that Resident Evil 5 came out on I never got to try co-op Resident Evil story-wise (only co-op RE I've played is Mercenaries 3D), and was hoping I'd get that chance with Revelations. That's all I meant, I don't see what that has to do with me understanding survival horror. XD



Wisconsin1 said:

Raid Mode looks to be a nice addition, but this game must have a Mec's Mode and a long, tuff Story Mode to be a winner.



Dr-Rockzo said:

pre- ordered it. raid mode sounds fun. Online will be awesome and im Hoping that Leon will be playable along with the rest of stars. also change weapons different guns not like mec. have a shotgun a handgun and magnum or rocket luncher ect.



Kage_88 said:

I still can't get over how good this game looks...anyone who says the 3DS is underpowered just need to watch a Revelations video!

Oh, and I'm glad there will be no co-op for the single-player's what ruined Resident Evil 5 for me.



Robeson64 said:

Looking good, can't wait to play it. I want to see some other enemies from the game.



daznsaz said:

@23 i think youll really enjoy it.reckon it got a bit of influence from the earlier should maybe get RE mercenaries to get a taste for it

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