Free 3DS download Pokédex 3D is one of the more compelling reasons to use SpotPass: new monsters are sent to your console every day, and all you have to do is switch on and collect them. The more monsters you collect, the more you can do with them, with some features locked away until you collect a certain number of character stickers. Now there's a new update for the game that means you don't have to scan stickers compulsively to access certain features.

A new update for the game — available through the menu's "update" option — unlocks a host of options that would normally be hidden, adding a pause button to previously discovered Pokémon and several new options to the AR Viewer which would normally require as many as 150 stickers to unlock.

It doesn't add any new Pokémon so there's still that reason to keep playing, and you can choose not to make the locked content available if you so choose.