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Nintendo Download: 27th October 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Blocks, burgers and board games

3DS owners are best catered-for this week, with releases on the portable Virtual Console and some brand new software too. WiiWare fans get a 1000 Point offering and DSi fans can play checkers or go trick or treating. Here's the full list.

3DS Download Software

Pyramids (Enjoy Gaming, $3.99) — A neat 3D homage to Solomon's Key, this game makes use of the 3DS's QR reader to grant the player extra levels for free. Read our Pyramids review for more.

3DS Virtual Console

BurgerTime Deluxe (Game Boy, G-Mode, $2.99) — A spot of burger-building on Game Boy, also out in Europe today. We'll put it to the old taste test soon.


Academy: Checkers (Gamelion, 500pts) — Play a spot of draughts with this portable board from Gamelion. It was released in Europe: we'll have a review very shortly.

Halloween: Trick or Treat (Virtual Playground, 800pts) — Go trick or treating, meeting friendly witches and scary skeletons along the way. We'll see if this is frightening fare soon.


ANIMA Ark of Sinners (ANIMA Game Studio, 1000pts) — We had high hopes for this Metroidvania style adventure, but sadly it fell short of expectations as you can read in our ANIMA Ark of Sinners review.

Nintendo Video

Thriller (DreamWorks Animation) — The cast of Shrek meets Michael Jackson's classic video. Some people would call this a nightmare.

What's for you this week?

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User Comments (41)



Link79 said:

Wow what a crappy update.
A dumbed down version of Burger time, A Wiiware game we already know sucks and a 5 minute Shrek video we can watch on Youtube for free.
Trick or Treat indeed.



Geonjaha said:

Wow. First time ever that 2 pieces of software have been released in a week designed for the 3DS - not counting the week the eShop was launched ofc. If nothing else at least we know it might happen in the future



TingLz said:

I dunno. This is the first time I have seen two 3DS releases



bonesy91 said:

Nothing to see here folks, pick up your bags at checkout and proceed to your nearest exit.



I-U said:

I may pick up the checkers game, and they finally pulled out another 3DSWare game. Someone at NOA finally woke up. That said, I'm still waiting for Metroid II to be released on the system's VC service.



longtimegamer said:

@Link79: Well there's some info on this at Fantasy Flight Games (Adam informed me). Apparantly they made the controls more responsive, improved the map, made changes to the difficulty level and learning curve, as well as giving a (new control scheme?) for the classic controller that, I guess uses all it's buttons.
Maybe this'll be better now. Apparently changes were made according to the feedback about the Europeon version.
Hopefully, someone here will cover this and let us know how things turned out.



shingi_70 said:

Nothing for me. I may try Pyramids but I have other stuff I want to try. Damn you and your no demo's nintendo. (You'd think after putting them late in the wii they'd be here on the eshop from the start.



Bass_X0 said:

And that wraps up another full month without a Wii VC update.

The next one is supposed to be at Christmas.



Kagamine said:

the thriller video isnt even the full version on nintendo video, just the preview. really sucks...



Adam said:


Are you going to cover the US version of Anima in some form (not necessarily a new review) since it is getting a pretty significant update from its PAL counterpart?




SteveW said:

Wow, another disappointing week... maybe next week we will get the Burgertime World Tour



blackknight77 said:

If Nintendo were wise they would release the arcade version of Burgertime for the Wii. Old school fans like me would buy it quick. The Genesis version of Side Pocket would be appreciated as well.



Bass_X0 said:

If Nintendo were wise they would release the arcade version of Burgertime for the Wii.

They don't release VC games for the Wii anymore...



cheetahman91 said:

Well, at least we got games on the 3DS for both services. And Burgertime for the Gameboy isn't that bad. It's a lot better than Side Pocket.



Omega said:

Bass_X0 wrote:

They don't release VC games for the Wii anymore...

I'm not so sure. According to NintendoLife they will release the NES version of Double Dragon II for the Virtual Console with some certainty.



vherub said:

Is there confirmation Anima (us) is an updated version of the previous release?



WolfRamHeart said:

I will probably pick up Pyramids today. I might get BurgerTime Deluxe depending on the review.



pntjr said:

I guess my theory was wrong.
I'm gonna sulk in the corner now and cry.



XCWarrior said:

Wait, on the ANIMA thing, if they revised and updated controls and problems, should NLife re-review it? It looks cool but that 4/10 looks bad. And I would hope they would release the update in Europe.



DrDaisy said:

They can update the Ark game, right? I'll give it a try when they fix the controller lag.



Omega said:

Though I have nothing of it, it would interest me too if the "new american version" of Ark of Sinners is much better than the european release. It just looks too good to ignore. A few more paragraphs in the review, referring to the U.S. version, would be highly appreciated.



Gamer83 said:

Another absolutely dreadful week, I honestly can't remember the last time Nintendo had a decent eshop update especially for the Wii, with inFamous: Festival of Blood by itself Sony had a better week. Pathetic job, if I didn't have a PS3 and 360 as well I'd be even more disgusted with Nintendo than I already am this year. I was a big supporter of them earlier this gen and hell even last year I liked a lot of what they were doing. Their actions, particularly the treatment of their North American consumers, in 2011 have undone all that work though. The Wii has had literally nothing worth a damn this year (and Zelda alone doesn't make up for that, sorry), this is the worst year I've seen any home console have since the Jaguar and that is not an exaggeration... the 3DS has been a joke for the most part. At this point I have no confidence in the company anymore and I'm definitely going to sit out the first couple years of Wii U and wait for the next Xbox and PS4 instead.

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