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Metroid Database Needs Your Help with Series Bestiary

Posted by James Newton

Get artsy

Long-running fansite Metroid Database needs your help compiling an in-depth record of every creature that inhabits the series' enormous universe.

With so many games in the Metroid series the site needs help from artists and knowledgeable veterans to bring the catalogue to completion.

In its current incomplete stage it's still a fascinating record of Samus Aran's opponents over the years, from the Arachnus of Metroid II: Return of Samus to Metroid Fusion's Yakuza.

Go check out the Metroid Database bestiary for more information.


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Late said:

Took a look at the site and found a drawing contest with awesome prices but unfortunately only US residents are eligible for the prizes ;(
Well, I can still take part to get my work published.



InfinitysEnd said:

James, I really appreciate you posting an article about this. I contacted this site because I just wanted to get word out about it as much as possible. However, you made it seem as though we are actively searching for new artists for the Bestiary, which we are not at the moment. When we start on the Prime series, that may happen in the coming months, though.
We are running our latest drawing contest, though, and anyone is free to enter.



Late said:

@InfinitysEnd: I would've liked to take part in making art for Bestiary when the time comes for getting more artists but when I took a look at what others had made, I thought that maybe I'm not skilled enough. You have some very professional artists



InfinitysEnd said:

@Late: Thank you for your comments. I hand-picked all of our artists and they graciously volunteered their time to help. I hope you enjoy the Bestiary and continue to as time goes by while we add even more entries.



Raylax said:

^ Space Mafia are a more dangerous breed of Space Pirate. But not as cool.



Capt_N said:

I'm a site visitor to MDB(Metroid Database), & TMK(The Mushroom Kingdom). Both are good fan sites. One thing I like about NLife is how they scour the net for other fan sites.



I-U said:

Checked out the site feature a day or so ago, and it looks nice in spite of its currently incomplete stage. The art is what impresses me the most, granted I did not spend enough time in the bestiary to read the descriptions. I'm really looking forward to MPH's portion of the bestiary, being a huge fan of that entry.

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