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Mario Kart 7 Screens Come Up Tails

Posted by James Newton

That pesky thing gets everywhere

The Tanooki suit is back, and how. As well as a starring role in Super Mario 3D Land, it's also set to feature as a power-up in Mario Kart 7, as these new screens show.

The tail attaches to the back of your kart and, as you'd expect, can take out other racers with a quick swipe, as you can see in this screenshot.

Some of the screenshots also appear to show a flying Toad, but before some of you get carried away expecting a new power-up, look closely at the picture and you'll see strings attached to his arms. Shame.

Nintendo also confirmed you'll be able to download ghost data via SpotPass and exchange it with other players via StreetPass, plus the option to register StreetPassed players to your online list to race against them over WiFi Connection.

Mario Kart 7 is out in early December.

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pixelman said:

Haha what is up with the tails this year? Also: Shy Guy! Adam'll be pleased. :3



Arthedain said:

It only makes sense that we get Mario power ups as items (i.e fire flower and racoon tail).



NintyMan said:

Haha, tail light, nice one James.

Good for Shy Guy! I think he'll be one of my mains now. And hooray for a Super Mario Kart track!



Ecto-1 said:

Wow, I didn't see that coming. Looks awesome!

Also, shame on you, Toad. Its bad enough that Super-Man couldn't really fly, but now you too. Consider this my resignation as the chairman of your fan club. Wait, I never liked you to begin with, so... yeah... never mind...



NintyMan said:

Wait just a minute. That screenshot with Koopa Troopa with the tanooki tail, could that be Luigi's Raceway from Mario Kart 64? Becaus the curve in the track and the stands make me remember it.



19Robb92 said:

Holy crap. This looks fantastic.

And FINALLY Shy-Guy!
They've got some awesome characters and items in this installment.



daznsaz said:

ive raced as toad since 64.i hope he hasnt been dropped from the line up in favour of shyguy.



Linkuini said:

I'm starting to feel like Nintendo's sticking Tanooki tails on everything just to annoy us on purpose. They must have told Marketing that they'd all get raises if "Tanooki Tails on Everything" becomes a meme.



skywake said:

The SNES Mario Circuit track at first glance looks most like Mario Circuit 1......



Morpheel said:

Is that Luigi's track from the 64 game I see on the screenshot with the koopa?



Megumi said:

....I don't see the
EDIT: Never mind....I see them now. xD



FonistofCruxis said:

They could've chosen a better character than Shy guy but the screenshots still look really good and I wonder how long the Tanooki tail will last?



JonWahlgren said:

"plus the option to register StreetPassed players to your online list to race against them over WiFi Connection."

Can you hear that? It's the sound of fulfilled potential!



Punny said:

The Tanooki Tail is EVERYWHERE! I thought it was going to make the wielder's kart jump real high like the Feather in Super Mario Kart. A tail swipe is nice, though. I'm liking that Shy Guy is back, but I think he's only going to be a Download-only character.



bub166 said:

Faulty tail late... Why did I laugh at that?

On topic, this looks great! It seems they're over-doing it a little bit... But on the other hand, can you ever have too many tanookis?



Thwiidscube said:

Glad to see that Nintendo's bringing back some old stuff! The frog suit might come back, too, as seen in a few Paper Mario 3DS screenshots!



HandheldGuru97 said:

WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THESES TAILS!!!! Sure haven't been seen in a Mario game for 20 odd years, but please don't over do Nintendo please. Only because it is the coolest power up since the cape in Super Mario World.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

I see that alot of Mario kart DS karts are coming back and they look improved too!!! (ps.) the toad with the strings is just a toad balloon.duh!!



WertyYertrew said:

"And you get a tail! And you get a tail! Everybody gets a tail!!!"

All this talk about tails makes me wonder what's going on with the Tales of the Abyss remake for the 3DS...



Supremeist said:

This has always been the biggest title I was excited for. Christmas can't come any sooner, I can't wait to race in 3D.



gamecubefan said:

definitely reminds me of double dash with these gimick-y carts and all.

i'm just glad NO BIKES.

please nintendo NEVER include motorcycles again. unfair advantage.



Capt_N said:

Cool nostalgia, but I hope they don't continue overuse of classic material.



Jono97 said:

Well, if you looks carefully at the start of the Mario kart7E3 trailer. One of the Items that is shown sliding in the box on the left top corner shows a brown leaf. I would suspect that this is the item.



Tate24 said:

Did they say if that big fat purple luma is in the game?

because i really wanted to play as him lol

The new power ups look amazing!



WaveGhoul said:

This totaly made my day!
The only other 2 characters that could possibly be better than a Shy Guy would be Mouser, Fry Guy or Wart.

Also what's up with the boring Box Art? Why in the hell is Nintendo opting for zero 'white' backgrounds for Super Mario 3D Land and now MK7? It's just lifeless....Oh well, at least it's not as bad as MKds's box art.



Henmii said:

Nintendo seems to love the raccoon tail again all of a sudden! Anyway: Looks like another fun power-up. I am very surprised that this Mariokart has new power-ups. I thought they would only choose old ones!

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