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Mario Kart 7 Art Shows DK, Peach and Big Blue Shells

Posted by James Newton

All the right ingredients

Last week's Mario Kart artwork — Mario Kartwork, if you will — has been quickly overtaken by this new set of pictures showing Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Mario all enjoying their brand new rides.

Peach's regal mobile looks fine and dandy with its tiny wheels, while DK and Mario have both decked out their rides with some huge tyres, which will help give them an advantage when travelling off-road. The fireball Mario's getting ready to chuck will probably be pretty useful too, though DK's spiny blue shell will likely trump it.

Mario Kart 7 is released in early December. Expect more information about its wireless multiplayer this Friday when Nintendo holds a 3DS press conference.

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Linkstrikesback said:

Once again the blue shell has no wings, maybe it does act like the n64 blue shells instead of the broken horror thats been in the more recent mario kart games.

I hope so...



FonistofCruxis said:

It'll be interesting to see if the blue shells do work any differently due to being wingless and the artwork is pretty cool.



Katana said:

Yes good to see no wings on the Blue shell,it was horrible and over used in MKWii



RoyalBlur said:

I'm happy to finally see handheld Nintendo first party games with great home console graphics.



Yrreiht said:

@11 it hits everyone in it's path, but only targets the first place, all the other can dodge it



Aqueous said:

The last game that worked blue shells worked like that was Mario Kart Super Circuit, which is going to make a nice ambassador game



Punny said:

@13: The Spiny Shell did not explode in Mario Kart 64. It knocked other karts over, though!

I'm glad that the Spiny Shell lacks wings. That way, it isn't just the lead Kart that suffers the pain. Also, is it me, or does Donkey Kong look less hairy nowadays?



Chris720 said:

No wings? Well finally! Hopefully this means a return to MK64, the winged version is downright annoying!



Shimi said:

Just seen a developer interview on the 3ds store and can confirm that there will be 8 player online play supported, 16 brand new tracks and you can fully customise your kart; take the wheels from Priness Peach, tyres from Bowser and a frame from Luigi for example. Also, one track will be one big long course and only one lap.



Joko450 said:


and wtf to the person who said that "I hope they don't hit the person in first place" What would be the point of them if they didn't?



komicturtle said:

The blue shell targets the first player and anyone it's way get knocked aside. When it hits the first place, it sends the person flying. Least, when it hit first place you see the word "Bomb!" That's what i remember, could be wrong. I don't think it'd blow up though, because the Flying Shell did and anyone in the explosion radius get's affected- yeah...

cant wait for the game though! love the art! show me Wario!



Super-Mario-Fan said:

WAIT!!!! if you people look closely to the picture with peach,you can see that her kart looks like a kuribos shoe with a bow.I think its a hint that there's going to be a kuribos shoe in Super Mario 3D land.Just a thought though



TKOWL said:

That Mario one is just epic. They should totally have used that on the cover.



Super-Peach said:

@24. I think Peach's shoe kart looks almost identical to Baby Peach's shoes (minus the bow). Which hopefully means Baby Peach will be playable in this installment.



StarDust4Ever said:

Peach ditches her Parasol in favor of a Parasail!

Mario burns his opponents!

DK throws a Blue Spiny up the lead cart's tailpipe!

Can't wait to see character art for Rosalina; hopefully she's not too hard to unlock...



Nintendude92 said:


In Mario kart 64, the blue shell traveled up the middle and hit anyone in it's wake right up until first place.

This is much better, I felt flying blue shells were utterly pointless to players in the back; they aren't any closer to the lead after using it.

But really, Bullet bill fills the role and doesn't ruin the winners lead



Tare said:

Honestly, It wasn't the winged shell I disagreed with, it was the handicap that spun me the wrong way.

In MK64, you could get the blue shell even if you were in first (Which was awkwards because now you couldn't use an item) Also, if you were in last, you had a greater chance of getting better items, but you could still get any item at any position/place.

The online was great in the Wii, and this installment seems to be MK Wii + MK DS + better infastructure modes.

With the update coming out, will DLC be possible for the 3DS? I have no doubt in my mind the Vita will have it eventually. I wouldn't mind a retro circuit of every rainbow rode



MitchVogel said:

Love how DK looks ready to dole out some punishment at whoever just knocked him into second place.



iBeatz said:

I hate them stupid blue shells and also I want to see metal mario, lakitu and wario art

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