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Limited Edition Monster Hunter 3 G Bundles to Hit Japan

Posted by James Newton

Time to drool

Monster Hunter 3 G is just two months away from launching in Japan, with a lot resting on its broad warrior's shoulders. For maximum impact, Nintendo and Capcom have teamed up to provide two limited edition bundles that should hopefully turn excitement into sales.

First off is the limited edition Monster Hunter 3 G 3DS console. Containing a copy of the game, charger, AR cards and 2GB SD card, it's a white machine bearing an illustration of Blachydios and the game's logo, and will retail for 20,800 Yen.

For those who've already picked up the console, there'll also be a bundle containing the game and Nintendo's new Circle Pad Expansion, which is expected to sell for around 6,990 Yen. The game will also sell on its own for 5,800 Yen, as the Circle Pad Expansion isn't required to play.

Still no word on a Western release, so hold tight.


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Wheels2050 said:

A bit weird that the console bundle doesn't come with the circle pad addon - surely that would have been obvious?

Maybe it's because they don't have white slide pads, and it would look a bit silly.

Console looks nice, though!



JayArr said:

o........m..........g. That is the sexiest handheld system I have ever seen. [drools]



Spoony_Tech said:

We would never get that over here!

Side note. Not going to sell well if they don't make that slide pad absolutely necessary! I won't buy it till then.



SuperPeach said:

If only the 3DS wasn't region locked... that totally ruins idea of importing that beast.



Megumi said:

I bet the game will come but not the bundles, lol. (I like my black 3DS anyway)



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I'm betting that one of the bundles (Slider Pad bundle) will come out over here, if it gets released in North America. They have to push the add on somehow.



Hokori said:

yep the circle pad feels like the CCP now so stop complaining people (if you do)




I still have my cash set aside for MHP3rd from last year since they decided NOT to sell the best selling Monster Hunter game to date overseas. Don't screw me over again CAPCOM! I will not be denied more Monster Hunter games dammit!



N3dsfan said:

wow this looks awesome O__O might buy another 3DS just bcz of that & give my Aqua blue 3DS to one of my friends lol!!

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