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Japanese Virtual Console List - October 2011

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

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The amount of releases for Wii Virtual Console in the West has gotten woefully small as of late. Europe hasn't had a new title since early June, while the last handful of releases North America has gotten were all simply to catch up to Europe. The situation isn't so dire in Japan: they've been getting four or more new games per month for a while now, and October is no exception.

There's nothing really huge this time, but nobody can deny that anything is better than nothing!

The full list of Wii Virtual Console games Japan will get in October is as follows:


  • Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku: Harukanaru Kin Medal — A game in the Kunio series featuring various odd sporting events. Localized in North America as Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge, which has been available on VC there for over 2 years.

Super Famicom:

  • Power Instinct (October 4th) — A fighting game by Atlus, of all companies, it features some regular fighters as well as crazy ones, like a granny that can shoot her dentures.

Neo Geo:

  • 2020 Super Baseball (October 4th) — A baseball game from the future, not just featuring players clad in futuristic armour, but also robot pitchers and batters!
  • Ragnagard — Another Neo Geo fighter, this time developer by System Vision. Unlike most other fighters on the system, which tend to use highly detailed sprites, this one uses very strange-looking, semi-3D characters.

As usual, Japan's 3DS Virtual Console list is mostly a mystery, except for the game scheduled for release next week, which is rather unexciting this time: it's Radar Mission, which the rest of the world already has.

Nothing super exciting, but would you get any of these titles? All of them were originally released in the West, after all.

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dizzy_boy said:

i just thought. how long will it be before the japanese VC will dry up? at this rate, i`m sure they`ll be fine for another year or so.
i wonder if the VC will carry over to the wii u. at this rate, i doubt it though.



Malkin71 said:

it would be sweet to have baseball 2020 for the 3ds! would be a great sports 3d game.



Supremeist said:

Maybe I won't see comments every single week saying, "The Wii VC is dead!" anymore.



Ryno said:

9. pizzacore 03 Oct 2011, 01:22 BST
Maybe I won't see comments every single week saying, "The Wii VC is dead!" anymore.

Nobody has been saying the Japanese Wii VC is dead.

I want that Baseball game though. I used to love futuristic Baseball Simulators. Cannot remember then one I played back in the day and even if it was for the NES or SNES.



LordAndrew said:

They get a game four months late and another two years late. Two years. It's not dead yet, but it's not in great shape either.



LordTendoboy said:

Screw Japan. They get all the love while NoE and NoA have all but abandoned the Virtual Console on Wii.

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