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GunLord Offers Conclusive Proof That You Can't Keep a Good Console Down

Posted by Damien McFerran

NG:DEV.TEAM has yet more SNK goodness on the way

As you're probably already aware, we love SNK's Neo Geo. For so long a tantalising glimpse of how the other half lived, this powerhouse of a machine remains a status symbol amongst hardcore gamers - despite the fact that it's now possible to enjoy many classic titles from its library for fraction of what they originally cost.

The Neo Geo system may be dead to most gamers, but amazingly, it's still getting new software. Last year there was the excellent Fast Striker, and we've just had word that German studio NG:DEV.TEAM is about to launch another new game. GunLord is billed as a "Eurostyle Platformer with emphasis on exploring huge worlds and blasting off enemies", which is another way of saying "it's right up our street".

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Amiga classic Turrican (which, incidentally, borrowed elements from Nintendo's Metroid series and was later ported to the SNES), GunLord is set to launch on the Neo Geo MVS (arcade) and AES (domestic) formats, as well as on the Sega Dreamcast - yet another console that simply refuses to lay down and die.

If this sounds like your kind of shindig, then head over to the official GunLord site and register your interest. In the meantime, check out the fantastically-produced promotional video below.

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JamieO said:

Seriously, fair play to NG:DEV.TEAM, they have brilliantly captured "Eurostyle Platformers", plus 16-bit run-and-gun games, with the look and wonderful audio showcased in this video.

As Damien notes, I was reminded of the Turrican approach to run-and-gun gameplay (see Mega Drive Mega Turrican and SNES Super Turrican) most of all. However, the power of the Dreamcast or Neo Geo means that the devs have created fantastic hand drawn sprites and backgrounds for this game, with a busy screen maintaining a constant 60 fps.

I just wish that NG:DEV.TEAM would bring more of their titles to WiiWare or PSN, because I don't own an AES/ MVS or Dreamcast. That would take away from the exclusivity of these titles though and there is something magical about lovingly developed games like this appearing on supposedly deceased consoles.

One day I will treat myself to a Neo Geo AES, so I checked out how much the AES cart costs - you can snap GunLord up for €419.00 (approx £364.85). It would be an investment though and an instant collectible. Obviously the Dreamcast version is much cheaper (€32/ £27.86 approx) and if you get in early enough you can buy a limited edition Dreamcast version, with the original soundtrack on CD (€42/ £36.57 approx).

A cracking bit of retro news here, @Damo.



JamieO said:

@oldgamesonly Yep, you can pre-order either the Japanese or English Neo Geo AES version of GunLord from NG:DEV.DIRECT's shop for a special price of €419, as long as you pre-order before 31/10/2011.

It is a 624 MEG AES cartridge, complete with game box, printed insert and full colour manual.



Ren said:

um, am I missing something here? This looks cool, but isn't this site called Nintendolife? The FAQ on their site doesn't say anywhere how they can afford to do this and not publish to a system that is currently being sold at retail. Why even taunt regular consumers of current consoles if you won't develop for existing ones? I wonder if they've even pitched this stuff to current publishers. I guess this does exceed the Wiiware file limit just a tad. I don't get it, though.




Looks an awful lot like Rendering Ranger R2 another game made by Manfred Tranz, creator of the Turrican series, for the Super Famicom. Shame that game never got released over here since it's an awesome game that would've done amazing over here even though it's an American made game. O_o

Edit: I mean it's an American made game that would've done awesome over here if it were released domestically and not produced in the thousands in Japan.



JamieO said:

@Ren All hope is not completely lost, just this year NG:DEV.TEAM released their vertical scrolling shmup, Fast Striker on the iPhone, so this could be a precursor to their games arriving on consoles further down the line.

If iOS Fast Striker sold well enough for them, they may find a home for their love of arcade gameplay on other handhelds, possibly the 3DS through 3DSWare. There is still hope, perhaps even a Last Hope, at least if they are testing the water for other markets like iOS it could set a precedent for NG:DEV to consider the potential of a Nintendo release.



LordTendoboy said:

Do these developers need a license to make games for these old consoles? Or does SNK not care?

And hooray for this having sprite/pixel graphics and not done in Flash!



SqueakyTheBone said:

I know its been said a few times now, but jeez, it really takes more than a few influences from Turrican doesn't it? Not that it matters, what with the game looking as fantastic as it does.



Omega said:

Looks like Turrican and Shadow of the Beast mixed together. Though it looks pretty cool for a fangame, I doubt that many people will pay more than €400 for it.



Samholy said:

is this serious ? there will be super limited distribution, i cant believe they actually release games on dead system.

well, if theyre not dead, theyre in terminal phase, attached to a respiratory machine and an artificial heart. waiting ti die on morphin.
They have already lived a long a plentiful life, its time to let them and release things on the latest consoles. that game looks fun to play, i would get it if it was am eshop game ! not a retail on an old system. comon.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I can understand someone doing this for the art, but I'm a bit surprised that there's a mechanism in place for them to turn a profit on this. I didn't know you could even buy games for those consoles.

If there's somewhere selling Beast Wars toys still, let me know. Ah, the 90s.



alLabouTandroiD said:

If it's not just a reskinned version of a Turrican game i'm interested in it. No matter on which Nintendo platform. But only if it doesn't cost more than any other current-gen game. 8|



Wolfenstein83 said:

I am not sure what they mean by "Eurostyle" but it looks pretty dang cool anyways.
I agree with others, that it does have some resemblance to Turrican, and a little bit of Metroid.
Even so, if this ever got ported to WiiWare or the VC, I would download it right away.
I only say that because I don't own an actual NeoGeo system, although I would like to.
So, at the end of the day, awesome looking game, I love the retro design.

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