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Grapple With the First WWE All Stars 3DS Footage

Posted by James Newton

The ultimate warrior?

THQ's battle of the ages WWE All Stars is coming to 3DS, and we've got the first video footage below.

Admittedly the game isn't the most visually impressive game we've seen on the console yet, but hopefully it can deliver in the gameplay department with 43 playable characters and brand new modes including survival challenge Gauntlet and score attack Score Scramble.

WWE All Stars is out just in time for Christmas: 22nd November in North America and 25th November in Europe.

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Shiryu said:

R.I.P. Macho Man. Already have the game on the Wii, but since this brings the entire DLC that was never available on the Wii (such as Legion of Doom) I might pick it up cheaply early next year.



sykotek said:

Game is not on my radar, but if I were to get it, it'd be for this reason.



Splat said:

I rented it on Wii liked it but not enough to buy. That said I can't wait for WWE 12 it's going to rock.



Tasuki said:

I have this game on the Xbox already but it might be nice to have a portable version.



theblackdragon said:

Your Attention Please~

If all you want to do is insult people who watch wrestling or point out that wrestling is fake, please move along and save me the trouble of editing/deleting your comment(s) for you. I promise that we all already know that wrestling is largely scripted well in advance, and people who watch wrestling shows come from all walks of life, not just the backwoods of Arkansas and whatnot. Thank you!



Zach said:

I had so much fun with the N64 wrestling games, and the Wii version of this did much to recapture that old vibe. Can't wait for the portable version, that'll suit this game well!



TheGreenSpiny said:

Never liked wrestling games much except for those that were made for the Gamecube: Wrestlemania 19, and Day of Wreckening 1 &2. Those 3 games had the best grapple systems and were the easiest to learn/use. Never could stand how automated Smackdown/Smackdown vs. Raw became.



Kage_88 said:

@theblackdragon - Wrestling is fake?!


Seriously though, I didn't really like All-Stars on the 360 - it was a bit too 'button mashey' for my tastes. I just wish THQ would start making a Day of Reckoning 3 (seriously, even today, DOR 2 is still the best looking/playing wrestling game on the market)!

Oh, and a new TNA game would be nice!



Tasuki said:

@Kage: I dont know who has the TNA video game licensing since Midway shut down. I know that Warner Bros did get alot of Midway's IPs like Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam but TNA wasnt include in the deal with WB.

@Splat: Heck ya!!!! I love the N64 wrestling games. When I bought a N64 a few months ago I had to track down the wrestling games. So glad I did.



misterpale said:

I have this game for my PSP, if there were some differences though, I might think of adding it to my 3DS game collection, if not well I have they have a better WWE game in the future.



art_kevinc said:

Definitely one to look out for but I moslty enjoyed wrestling games in multiplayer. Wonder if much more would buy it or does it have online.



Ren said:

thanks for the warning blackdragon, I was tempted to flame for a minute.
I can't deny, though, that I had a stint with some of these classic wrestlers way back with WWF. I'm not into wrestling or the games now, but it'd be pretty cool to play with Hulk, Roddy, and other classic personalities from then.



Justaguest said:

I cant imagine this to be good. But I can understand if someone likes this type of games. I just hope for 3ds sake that it will somehow turn out to be not that bad cuz 3ds already has too many bad games..



GARF13LD said:

Can't wait for this, I love the 360 version and would love to have this on the go as I like to play it in short bursts, reminds me a lot of the older Def Jam games.

Will get this for sure though maybe not on day one with all the other games that are out in November, unless I ask for it for Christmas.



retro_player_22 said:

Hopefully this version had Wifi online multiplayer. I want to play with player from around the world using The Rock.



art_kevinc said:

Hopefully it has Create a Wrester. That is awesome in Day of Reckoning 2. One of the funniest games I ever played in multiplayer.



N3dsfan said:

i don't want another remake i wanna see a new WWE game on the 3DS like WWE 12 3D that would be awesome

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