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Feast Your Eyes on Skyward Sword's Intro Movie

Posted by James Newton

For real this time

Nintendo has released the superb opening movie for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and it's sure to brighten up your weekend.

The opening movie below needs no words to describe it: just watch it and know you'll be playing Link's next epic adventure in just over 40 days.

If you've missed one of the many videos Nintendo's released for Zelda so far, catch them all over at our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword page.

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HandheldGuru97 said:

Wowza doesn't even come close, this looks so awesome and out before my birthday along with Mario! Thanks Nintendo.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Oh my...
I am so glad I finally convinced myself to pre-order this game. I had been debating whether I should, because I already have Super Mario 3D Land pre-ordered. In total I would be paying $110, but it seems now to be well worth it!



Crystalking18 said:

I can't wait for this game. This will absorbs so much of my life that I just want it here now!



19Robb92 said:

This intro is amazing. Really great art and the music is just amazing. Can't wait to hear all the tracks in this game!



MasterGraveheart said:

Lookin' good. I'm genuinely excited for this game! And so, the earliest tale gets told.

Heheheh... let the rest of the timeline speculation machine begin anew!



Corbs said:

I didn't care for that too much, but I can't wait to play the game again.



Wanderhope said:

The problem with watching this video is now I want to embark on my adventure NAOW.

Also, the music is impressive. The more I see of Skyward Sword, the more obvious the kind of labor of love it is for Nintendo.



ToneDeath said:

When it talks about humans, it doesn't mean Link's people, right? Link's a Hylian (hence the pointy ears).



AltDotNerd said:

I suspect that the Legend of Zelda timeline is like Final Fantasy's, they exsist, but no actual timeline is set in stone. With the exception of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, because we KNOW MM follows OoT, as speculated in the game itself.



jkgatling said:

Thinking that skyward sword is approaching has been helping my "special time" of the day become way shorter



timp29 said:

That intro kind of departs from the standard zelda intro story. Not thrilled with the intro though, hope the other story elements are more engaging



CerealKiller062 said:

@timp29 I have no idea what you are talking about. I mean every Wind Waker related Zelda starts with this kind of intro, this one just has a different story. Even Minish Cap had this kind of intro. It's got a new style to it but thats about it. It actually looks really good.



GamerZack87 said:

Wait...aren't there three (four, counting the Goddess of the Sand) Goddesses in The Legend of Zelda's lore? Who is this mysterious "The Goddess" anyways?



Ecto-1 said:

Don't forget Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass.

Anyway, nice intro, but what I really care about is what comes after the intro ends.



Radixxs said:

The only part I liked was after the storybook predictability. And the music was superb.



BulbasaurusRex said:

A power that can turn "desires into reality?" If the goddess had such an omnipotent power, why couldn't she just use it and "desire" for all of the demons to be destroyed and the fissure to be sealed?



pocket_arsenal said:

Nothing too interesting. It's basically the Wind Waker intro mixed with a Link to the Past, with some sky added in.

Also, implying this game will not have Zoras.



warioswoods said:

It's interesting how much this game's setup mirrors that of Wind Waker: the old Hyrule, long ago fallen, is lost down below. Now, instead of the world being covered by water and Hyrule submerged, the people have retreated to the clouds, but its the same basic idea of upper / lower worlds.

I prefer the Wind Waker into and setup to this one. It was darker and more mysterious, and didn't explain what actually happened to Hyrule until you find it later in the game, deep under the ocean, and that was one of the most stunning moments in Zelda history.



TingLz said:

@NintendoPurist: Actually nothing said that there were only three. Wind Waker implied several times that there were other gods (and goddesses) besides the big three. Heck you meet two or more of them throughout the game



timp29 said:

@cerealkiller not three goddesses, just one. no mention of the triforce, demons taking over the ground, people escaping to the sky. I haven't played minish cap, but I feel it is different enough from the usual story about three goddesses and triforce to warrant a mention



Burny said:

Heh, I'm always surprised at how much significance people attribute to Zelda stories. From a story point of view, Zelda games are simply poor. It's always game mechanics first, everything else later. In this case, they probably just needed an excuse for letting players fly around on birds in a sea of clouds. (Same thing with the trains in Spirit Tracks, the sea in WW and so on...)

That is not to say, the atmosphere can't be excellent and that's what I love about this intro and Zeldas in general. The music here really "tells" the story as much as what the text says.



RYBlast said:

True, but you're being far too simplistic. It is more complicated than that; It is fairly obvious that Wind Waker and TP come after OoT.


Hylians are humans, from Hyrule. I am a human, from Canada, thus I'm a Canadian. They can't be called Hylians in the game, because I don't think Hyrule has been named yet.



matgr said:

hey guys do u remember the legend of zelda skyward sword at E3 2010. it's carp 1 year on they improve a lot graphics much better than last year



MasterBlue said:

I love the Legend of Zelda series of game. But after Twilight Princess the game kinda just.....felt like it was time for me to just move on. But when I make enough money at work to buy a 3DS I will be getting Sonic Generations (Both 3DS and PS3 versions of games) Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (just for old time sake)

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