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Dreamworks Creating Exclusive 3D Video Content for 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Starting today

Nintendo of America has just announced new partnerships with Dreamworks Animation, 3net and the Blue Man Group that will see all three bring new 3D video to the Nintendo Video application on 3DS.

The first video from Dreamworks, featuring the characters from Monsters vs. Aliens, will go live today, followed by a second video featuring the three little pigs from Shrek in the near future.

3net will offer videos covering a range of content, including videos about cute animals, bull riders and how some of the most recognisable products in the world were developed. Blue Man Group has already released several videos for 3DS, with a sixth and final video due soon, after which the previous videos will rotate on a regular basis.

DreamWorks Animation, 3net, Blue Man Group Provide 3D Videos for Nintendo 3DS

Expanded 3D Video Lineup Delivers Even More Fun for Nintendo 3DS Owners

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nintendo has joined forces with top entertainment companies to provide 3D videos for the portable Nintendo 3DS™ system. The Nintendo Video™ service already delivers fun, entertaining 3D videos, and now that content will be enhanced with additional videos from DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA), 3net and Blue Man Group. The videos, like all 3D content on Nintendo 3DS, can be viewed without the need for special glasses.

“Nintendo 3DS is a great canvas for creativity,” said Tony Elison, Nintendo of America’s senior director and general manager of Network Business. “These videos are premium-quality 3D entertainment and provide a unique platform for our partners to showcase their extraordinary work.”

“Nintendo 3DS is a powerful platform that allows content creators to reach users on-the-go, and we are thrilled to be working with Nintendo to make some of our DreamWorks Animation 3D content available this Halloween season,” said Jim Mainard, Head of Production Development for DreamWorks Animation.

DreamWorks Animation will provide two new Halloween-themed animated shorts that will premiere on the Nintendo Video service this month. For a limited time, the videos will be available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The first video is available starting today and features characters from the studio’s 2009 release Monsters vs. Aliens. Another video featuring the three little German pigs from the Shrek franchise will appear later this month.

In addition, 3net, a joint venture of Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX, will provide short-form video content from the 3net network’s original series on an ongoing basis including Bullproof, the story of four bull riders; Feeding Time, an up-close look at adorable animals such as pandas, penguins, lemurs and otters; and Building the Brand, a series that explores the creation of some of the world’s most iconic products.

The Blue Man Group series of videos culminates this month with the sixth and final video, “The Remote,” which showcases Blue Man Group’s signature blend of humor, infectious music and theatrical flair. The videos will reappear occasionally on Nintendo Video on a rerun basis.

Nintendo Video offers a diverse lineup of short-form video content, including music videos, movie trailers, comedy clips and short films. New content is added to the Nintendo Video service each week. Nintendo 3DS owners’ video lineup will automatically update whenever their systems are within range of a wireless hotspot and have their SpotPass™ feature enabled, even if the system is in Sleep Mode. Nintendo 3DS users can enjoy free broadband Internet access at thousands of Wi-Fi access points across the nation.

Nintendo 3DS is now available at a suggested retail price of just $169.99.

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Spoony_Tech said:

This sounds great and all but I would rather have dream works movies for download instead!



Linkuini said:

– Easy way to show the 3D effect to others. check!
– Impressive catalog of 3D games.
– Pandas! check!



RoyalBlur said:

@ KaiserGX, I agree. I would have expected Pixar but this is just as interesting and I'm happy to have yet another reason for sitting with my 3DS in my hands! I like DreamWorks Animation just as much as I do Pixar but I wish that they would have gone with How To Train Your Dragon instead of Monsters and Aliens.



skywake said:

I was kinda hoping we'd see more stuffs from smaller animation studios. Like Animal Logic maybe. I kinda have a soft spot for Animal Logic......

blame my spontaneous sense of patriotism for that



Wildvine53 said:

Monsters Vs. Aliens! I loved the Halloween short they aired 2 years ago, so I'm sure this one will be great.



warioswoods said:

Argh, Shrek on my 3DS? I'll have to avoid the video service for a couple week to keep that from happening.

(No offense to Shrek lovers, but I can't stand the character design of that series.)



Oregano said:

@ImDiggerDan: Oscar's Oasis was entertaining at first but it's way, way too formulaic.

*Oscars wants something
*someone else wants it
*Fight ensues, the thing goes flying
*chase ensues
*bigger animal gets involved
*Oscar gets away, most of the time without the thing he wanted

That it literally every episode of it.



NintyMan said:

Hopefully Nintendo, Disney, and Pixar team up so we can watch 3D trailers of Brave and that arcade-inspired Wreck-It Ralph next year.



ImDiggerDan said:

@14 - I really should watch that QI again that explained what punctualtion marks you should use to denote sarcastic text.



Ren said:

Ok fine,
but those Blue man group video's are the dumbest ever. And now we'll have dedicated slots to looping them over and over? Let em die.
not funny, not clever, not even very good 3d. They can't even 'mime' very well, they always need the audio context or they just looking like bad 'improv' school actors painted blue.
Here in Chicago, they do live shows that are basically for dopey tourists who don't know what real theatre is. Now I get to see them weekly in 'almost 3D'.
I'd prefer to see more of those animated cgi short films and cartoons they have by various independent artists. Those have been the best video's yet.



Squiggle55 said:

I'm with Ren. The Blue Man videos have been hands down the most disappointing. The 3D is non-existant and they certainly don't make me laugh. I'd rather have a dedicated slot to College Humor cartoons. Is there seriously always going to be 1 slot dedicated to old Blue Man Group videos?

But the Dreamworks news almost makes up for it.



warioswoods said:

The Blue Man Group is fantastic in person, but I agree that their videos are absolutely terrible.



Capt_N said:

Pixar is Disney-owned, last I knew, so Disney would have to agree to have them on the 3DS, I think?

DreamWorks stuff is ok. Out of it all, I like Shrek, & Megamind. That's really it, though.



Aqueous said:

I like Blue Man Group's videos so it is good to hear they will be around a while. Unless I read things wrong, is Sony putting out content on the 3ds?!!



brandonbwii said:

I can't stand Dreamworks character designs either but despite that there is a small handful of movies from them I enjoy. The Kung-fu Panda series comes to mind as well as Shrek 2 (the others were pretty bad though).



Supremeist said:

I'm so tired of seeing the Blue Man Group everytime I open Nintendo Video. It was okay the first time, but really. We need something else, so this is good news.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Dang, why couldn't it been Pixar? I hate pretty much all of Dreamworks' movies except maybe Kung-Fu Panda.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

when i first got this application,i thought it was going to be like the Nintendo channel on the wii but its not so I took it off since I didn't even like the videos it had and now since I don't even like dream works its not making it anymore convincing.



FubumblR said:

Not sure if my 3DS is playing tricks on me, but the "Pig Who Cried Werewolf" short is displaying a rather inverted 3D effect. You need to tilt the screen slightly to see the correct parallax angle. Silly!



NintyMan said:

@TokyoRed: I'm drawn to it because it's going to be an animated movie about video games. Donkey Kong has to be in it!

And it would be amazing if I could watch The Lion King on the 3DS.



TheGreenSpiny said:

This is awesome. I love dream works. Most of the content has been terrible (Yes I'm talking about the blue man group!) That animated 3D Machine short was very cool, and this has got me psyched for more.

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