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Colourful European 3DS Bundles Look Like This

Posted by James Newton

It's good to know what to expect

The newly announced Ice White and Coral Pink 3DS consoles look nice enough on their own, but it's the retail packaging that really shines.

The pink console in particular has some of the cutest artwork we've ever seen for a Nintendo console, decked out in puppies and kittens and a pink box.

Ice White is slightly less cutesy but still striking, with a giant Mario on the white box taken from the awesome panoramic Mario artwork.

European customers can get the Coral Pink console with Nintendogs + Cats on 18th November — the Ice White machine and Super Mario 3D Land releases a bit later on 2nd December. So far Nintendo of America hasn't made any announcements about bringing the colours Stateside, but stay tuned for more news on that front.

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FriedSquid said:

Why did I have to get a 3DS already!??!
I know it's not confirmed to be in North America, but still...
Why wouldn't they bring it over?



siddharthbandhu said:

Crap, why did I buy my 3DS so early?
And what I got? 10 old-fashioned games for free.
Plus this colour is also amazing!



Haywired said:

They look very nice indeed! Unlike the regular 3DS box, they make it look like it's actually a games console.



Pj1 said:

It does look rather nice actually, was hoping they would do this pack for the red version.



WolfRamHeart said:

I already have a 3DS but I really want that Super Mario Land 3D bundle. Oh well, I have my Ambassador games so I'm good.



CosmoXY said:

That Mario bundle is sweet, but I still prefer my Cosmo Black. I just hope it sells systems!



6ch6ris6 said:

those bundles should make the 3ds sell a bit better i think. there should have been a bundle with Zelda OoT too



Punny said:

These bundles would increase sales even more! Bring them to the US, Nintendo!



Reggie4Life said:

@18 Me too!!!! I just blew all my money on Skylanders, though, so it might be a while before I can afford one of these babies! White one looks sexy.



TKOWL said:

Aww, why did I decide to get a 3DS Day 1 of the price drop? These bundles looks awesome



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I have a sneaking suspicion, that at least the Mario bundle will arrive over here (and soon!). With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I doubt Nintendo won't pull out all the stops to make sure the system sells.



Doma said:

should've bundled Mario Kart 7 instead if they really wish to maximise 3ds sales, dunno why they didn't given the release date. I can live without Mario 3d.
I've been able to resist buying a 3DS VERY easily up to now (ports and remakes were no motivation), but with MK7 and RE:R coming soon, they may be enough for me to not regret buying one before the lite.



Radixxs said:

If I saw enough of these, I might buy one. Even though I already have a 3DS. Theses should be brought to the states.



Tasuki said:

Damn I wish the 3DS wasnt region locked otherwise I would pick one up since we arent getting it here in NA.



Capt_N said:

Cool! Edit: Glad I don't own a 3DS yet. Gonna wait for the right color, & a small library of games I like.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I've said it once and i say it again. This looks so great i guess i couldn't resist buying one if i hadn't already. It could only be more amazing if they did the same bundle for all the other colors too (at least red !) and if it was released on November 18th.
The nintendox bundle should be hard to resist for young girls.

@Doma (23.): Yeah, a Mario Kart 7 bundle would also be a very good idea.



efaulk84 said:

These seem like what America is going to get as a 3DS Black Friday bundle. I know that Nintendo is known for releasing system bundles during Black Friday. I have yet to get the 3DS but I might wait till a bundle comes out.



BenAV said:

The pink one seems to be called Lavender Pink in Australia.
Don't see why they don't just use the same name in all regions.



Drewroxsox said:

I was kinda hopeing for a Zelda bundle, but if they don't have one in time for Christmas, then I'll go with Mario ( I don't get why they made it white instead of red )

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