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Are You Afraid of Gnomes? You Will Be After This Gnomz Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Don't go into the garden alone

QubicGames has put out some pretty good games on DSiWare — AiRace and AiRace Tunnel — but it's never made the jump to the big screen... until now.

The developer has just told us about Gnomz, a new multiplayer fighting game for WiiWare starring everyone's favourite ornament — the garden gnome. From the video below it all looks a little chaotic, not to mention menacing.

We've got our hands on a preview version of the game and will be bringing you our first impressions in the near future.

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Linkuini said:

Looks pretty ambitious for WiiWare! Should be good as long as it doesn't get too hard to keep track of what's going on (would hate to have this turn out the same way as Planet Pachinko).



Omega said:

I would like to see a new platformer for WiiWare. But not like this.



kingothekoopas said: so someone FINALLY decides to rip off super mario war. ah well, at least now people will have a means of playing it on their wii.



James said:

I've just been playing this. It's different. Preview in the next day or two.



bauckster said:

Looks...interesting. Cartoony graphics are smart, considering WiiWare limitations.



alLabouTandroiD said:

So David the Gnome finally joined the dark side ? Welcome old pal !
Together we'll smash those annoying Minish.
Could turn out be a quite unique and decent game though.

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