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AiRace: SPE3D Racing to 3DS with Online Multiplayer

Posted by James Newton

Not until next year, though

DSiWare flight game AiRace and its sequel AiRace Tunnel were two fine titles for DSi, and now publisher QubicGames has revealed exclusively to us its plans for a 3DS eShop sequel.

Development work on the follow-up — cleverly titled AiRace: SPE3D — has just begun at the studio, with new tracks, planes and online multiplayer all slated for inclusion, as well as the obvious bonus of an auto-stereoscopic 3D display.

However, don't go buying those eShop cards just yet: it's not due for release until late 2012.

Read more about QubicGames and its other upcoming releases, including a new platformer inspired by BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Super Meat Boy, in a new interview to be published later today.

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Kifa said:

I intended to get the original AiRace for my 3DS until I saw this. Might be a good idea to hold back after all. And with online multiplayer things should be pretty interesting...



Kholdstare said:

Hmm... a new platformer inspired by two of the greatest indie games ever made, that sounds awesome!



BenAV said:

eShop titles with online multiplayer sound pretty good to me.
Interested in this one now.



Raptor78 said:

There is a couple of DSiware games with online multiplayer so its nice that there going to be 3DS ones too.
I would like to see Spotpass and Streetpass features incorperated into 3DSware as well.



Linkstrikesback said:

They have my attention. Both with this, and that platformer inspired by super meat boy and bit trip runner.



Xkhaoz said:

Well, I have to say this is a must-buy for me. I wanted AiRace, but the no online thing kind of kept me away.



Chris720 said:

I just got AiRace about 1-2 months ago... if I knew an AiRace 3D was being released, I would've held back. God dammit! >_<

Ah well... hopefully this'll be good. AiRace is pretty good, so I have high hopes for this.



Oregano said:

YES! This is exactly what I wanted! The AiRace games are my favourite DSiware games! It's going to be a long wait for this.



Spoony_Tech said:

Late next year!! Why such a long wait!? You would think it would be easy to make a version for the 3ds rather quickly.



Kifa said:

@Tech101 - they don't want a simple conversion apparently, so a quick and dirty port from DSiWare is out of question. And it wouldn't even make sense to do something like that - the DSi version is available on eShop. If they are indeed making a new game then the wait is actually not very long I'd say.

@JakobG - I believe that it should be spelled "speed", with the second "e" substituted by "3" for a more l33t feel.



QubicGames said:

@Tech101 @xDemon720x - it's not simply porting from DSi to 3DS.
We're creating a whole new game with different planes and levels. Remember that everything needs to be designed (or redesigned) to support the 3D effect, better graphics, new sounds and music etc.



Dodger said:

I'll be getting this. I love Tunnel, still play it after a couple years. AiRace is fun also although not quite as much. It starts out slowly and acts like it encourages you to explore but if you crash once then you are probably in last for the whole race so you really just stick to the safe paths. Still has well designed courses and is rather fun.



Oregano said:

@QubicGames - What about Tunnel? Was that a one off thing or can we expect more? I think 3D would work awesomely in Tunnel, in fact I tend to crash more now after player Pilotwings Resort! Hehe!



capitalism said:

AiRace is a great franchise so hearing that it's coming to the eshop with online multiplayer, 3D, and better graphics is awesome.



Chris720 said:

@QubicGames That all sounds awesome, especially with the new planes and levels. :3 Also what Oregano was saying, will you be including a Tunnel version into the package too?

Sorry for the questions but y'know... :3 Will you be putting in the ability to change the colour of your plane and to add stuff on to it, like stars, stripes, stickers, skulls, numbers etc.?



AVahne said:

Transferred over the original from DSi to 3DS, its an awesome game, can't wait to buy and play this one!



Supremeist said:

Sweet! When the eShop first launched I was about to buy the DSiWare one but I decided not too, in hopes for a 3D one. Great news!



Ren said:

I wouldn't say it's racing anywhere. Can't be excited about something that far away; I don't know if the earth will still exist then much less a little game company.



Thwiidscube said:

God, I thought that AiRace picture was a picture of the new SPE3D game! I was thinking, "Surely that's not what it's gonna look like!" I've never played the AiRace games, but this sounds cool, especially with the only multiplayer! And SPE3D IS a clever title.



kurtasbestos said:

Damn... the only thing I don't like about AiRace is that I don't have anyone to play it with. Online multiplayer is the best thing that could happen to this series.



Grackler said:

AiRace was technically grand and I though the gameplay had potential...bring on a decent 3DSWare title!



QubicGames said:

@Oregano @xDemon720x
Tunnel? Definitely, but I believe the DSiWare version was far too easy and we're hoping to change that
But seriously, we're hoping to lauch Tunnel earlier as a separate game
(it is a different game after all).

It's a long wait and you'll need a lot of practice so I'd honestly recommend buying AiRace this week

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