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3DS Hardware Sales Show Big Improvements

Posted by James Newton

Not all doom and gloom

Nintendo just posted a 70 billion Yen loss: even the least economically minded of us can tell you that's not good. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and in this case it's the dramatically increased upswing in sales of the 3DS.

In the period between April and June 2011, Nintendo shifted just 710,000 consoles around the world: in the period between June and September it sold 2.36 million units.

Worldwide 3DS sales stand at 6.68m, which Nintendo hopes to bump up to 16m by the end of the financial year in April 2012.

The August price cut didn't have the same effect on software sales however, which actually slowed during the past quarter: between April and June 4.53m units of software were sold worldwide, whereas the following three months saw 3.6m units sold, despite the release of 16 new titles around the world including Star Fox 64 3D. However, June did see The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D release, a game that's already sold 1m units around the world.

With a total of 17.56m software units sold since launch, Nintendo is still aiming big with its year-end target of 50m units, but the much-anticipated releases of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 will no doubt help the company edge closer to this benchmark.


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Blaze said:

I can't wait to see what the sales are like once Mario Kart 7 and SM3DL Release!



BenAV said:

Good to hear the hardware sales are picking up.

As for the software sales, that's not too surprising as I haven't really been buying many 3DS games.
Nothing to worry about... I'm sure people will start buying the games once they actually start selling them.
Can't buy what isn't out yet.



Kidner said:

I don't find slow software sales surprising in this economic climate. I have seen games that I would have normally picked up and if I ddn't like them I would have traded in but as it stands I'm holding out for the games that I am almost sure that I will like. Games like Mario kart and SM3DL are sure fire hits and will almost certainly sell well but when it comes to lesser known titles people are going to be more conservative.



DrCruse said:

If Nintendo added backwards compatibility with GB/GBA games, I would buy one in instant. However, they're probably not going to do that.



Joko450 said:

@DrCruse Why add Backwards Compatiability when you can release them on the eshop and make more money on them?

Think with profits in mind.



Infernapeking said:

Nintendo can't go down why because they went from Developing games for Arcade before making the NES.



ChosenOne25 said:

Wish Nintendo all the luck and success in the future, hope their sales can pick up soon, and that they'll learn their mistakes and fix everything before the launch of the wii U so that we can all continue to enjoy Nintendo's unique hardware in the future ^^ Nintendo FTW!



ThumperUK said:

MiracleBlaze has it spot on - just wait until the Mario games are released next month (!) and December. Then the 3DS will start flying off the shelves.



Samholy said:

screw the WiiU ! focus on the 3DS ! nintendo should become a handheld focused game company.
Geez , and cut theg ames prices. 30-35 should be the maximum. unless they release and real deep game, i wouldnt mind paying 45 or 50 dollars for the next final fnatasy or dragonquest. but that price for starfox was abusive and didnt pleased me much.
i paid less than this for regular DS games that provided me ton more gameplay and replay value.



Zimeon said:

Actually: They didn´t LOSE 70 billion yen. They just earned 70 billion yen LESS than what they predicted for the period.



Kid_A said:

Once there's a steady flow of quality 3DS releases sales will pick up all around.



AVahne said:

I can't wait to see what the sales are once Monster Hunter 3G hits Japan.



AVahne said:

I can see you don't like the Wii U, the way you talk about it and Nintendo on this article and the one about Nintendo's earnings loss.
Well it's your opinion, but if I gave a damn about it or you then I would say that I would completely against and possibly hostile to it. But I don't, so have a nice day.




Still need to reduce the RRP of the software. Not surprised that the 3DS is selling well now. Their original price point was a disaster, especially the EU.



I-U said:

I would certainly be more inclined to purchase 3DS games if the prices were dropped from $39.99 to $35.99. The 3DS is still in competition with the best handheld system in my opinion that is still getting very high quality releases at the lower price. Only by year's end will the 3DS really stand up against what the DS has seen this year. It's good to see that the 3DS is getting out to more people, and hopefully that number will increase dramatically come the end of November and December.



DarkKirby said:

This is a double edged sword.
While more developers will support the 3DS, it means Nintendo will be less inclined to released the next 3DS version with the Slide Pad as part of it, a better battery, and MAYBE region free, anytime soon.



Ryno said:

My money is on an article from Nintendolife in the near future that will report along the lines of 3DS nowhere near its year-end target of 50 million units. No way is Nintendo going to sell around 32.44 million more units. The Nintendo diehards already have their systems while what I hear in regards to the upcoming Christmas shopping is that people are going to be spending less this year. This plus an oversaturated portable gaming market doesn't bode well for their goals.



Samholy said:

hostile ? not really. just disapointed. my childhood was all about the snes. it was had super in front of all games. SUPER ! games were extraordinary, third party developpers were giving all they could for quality gaming.
Then, the n64 came in with mario and blam, it blew me away. link, blam blew me away. smash bros, blam blew me away,then...nothing much else. then sony came in and totally blew me even morewith the ps1,ps2 and now the ps3.
while the gamecube has super smash bros and zelda twilight princess, i dont recall much titles that were outstanding. even mario was slacking off.
The Wii was so promising, i had lots of hope for it...then i was...totally disapointed. all seemed so cheap, gadgety, fun for an evening then great for accumulating dust. Even smash bros didnt go much further than the gamecube one.(else than a single player, it didnt go much further!) sony on his side kept me getting those awesome titles, exceptionnal rpgs, keeping steady with graphic technolgies. I will never find huge detailed environments like GTA4,skyrim or battlefield3 on the Wii or WiiU.
Then when i saw the WiiU informations, it all felt like the gamecube/Wii cycle coming back again. A funny gadget that will accumulate dust after a couple of weeks. it will have its high moments with a smash bros , a mario and a zelda. again. AGAIN. third parties wont go at full speed like they do with the other consoels who can have all the latest technology,hype and budget.

but at least i have my 3DS, which i use every freaking day, which plays all DS titles that reminds me all what i liked from the snes.
ill wait and see for the wiiU, but its not even on my future buying list. plus,smash will be on 3DS, killing the major factor why i would get a wiiU.

Deception, not hostility.



Linkstrikesback said:

50million software units by the end of the year?
Nintendo, I love you, but this is why you keep missing you rprofit targets, there is no way on this planet that will ever happen. You'd have to be insane to think its even slightly possible.
No, mario kart and Mario land 3d will not cover a 30million+ unit gap no matter how much you want them to in the first year of the 3ds' life.



UltimateMetroid said:

they lost over 923million us dollars and i think sales will boost up to 15 million when mario kart 7, super mario 3d land, kid icarus, luigis mansion, and other great games come out. good luck nintendo!! your gunna need it sadly...



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@James Well you do have to remember some things when dealing with accounting and numbers. There's a very famous quote (I forgot from whom) but it went something along the lines of this "I can make billion dollar profit look like a huge loss."

With the flexibility of accounting rules and a company's own objectives, they can make their documents look the way they want them to.

These numbers, are of course, factoring in exchange rates as well. We all know the Japanese yen is extremely strong right now.

Also, for the article you may want to specify where the numbers come from. Your units moved during the time periods you mentioned, don't add up to the worldwide sales. An extra bit of clarity could be helpful.



Kaura said:

@Samholy: I'd understand if you were complaining about selling an N64 game on 3DS for 45 dollars, but I really don't get the complaint about there not being any replay value in Star Fox. As far as I recall, you have to play the game at least three times in order to even see all the levels and the true final boss. Beyond that, there's scoring medals to unlock hard mode, finding all sorts of hidden bonuses in the stages and trying to beat your overall high score - if you're into that sort of thing.



Kage_88 said:

Great news from the Big N. Contrary to the anti-Nintendo crowd out there, the 3DS isn't going anywhere.

On that note; what is it with this sudden obsession with wanting Nintendo to die? It seems there's this never-ending vendetta towards the Japanese company by the moronic 'hardcore' crowd simply because they dared to make Wii Music.



Hokori said:

@31 exactly I dont see whats with all the hate, I mean its not like they havent released a Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, or Pokemon game since 2007, they still care just not how EVERYONE wants



Capt_N said:

Don't know about them reaching their mark before year's end, but MK7, & SM3DL will help boost the sales just a little, @ lest.



James said:

@TheSolarKnight The source link contains the source of my figures (Nintendo) and the units moved for 3DS are from April to September, whereas the machine was on sale from 26th February in Japan and 25th March in Europe, so there will be some machines not included in the total worldwide sold

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