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3DS Gets Official Plans for Hulu Plus and 3D Video Recording

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Streaming service also Wii-bound

Much of the hullabaloo surrounding the upcoming 3DS system update and its will-they-won't-they feature set can be put to rest, as Nintendo has now stepped in to reveal exactly what it will entail for the device's multimedia capabilities.

At the end of November the 3DS will get the ability to record 3D video for up to 10 minutes, as previously reported by Japanese newspaper Nikkei, as well as the capability to record 3D stop-motion videos. Entrepreneurs, start laying down your foundations.

Nintendo has also partnered with Hulu to "soon" bring its premium Hulu Plus service to both 3DS and Wii. Hulu Plus requires a separate subscription at $7.99 per month and, much like Netflix, will likely only apply to North America the United States.

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she_gamer said:

Does that include Canada? I always get my hopes up when people say "North America", but then they actually mean "US"



Katernity said:

hulu plus should be called hulu minus. it has maybe 10% of what is available on regular hulu.



NintyMan said:

More ways to record and watch TV and movies are always welcome. But, NL, how about you tell everyone that there will be a 3D Classics: Kid Icarus too?



Chris720 said:

How come NA gets all the TV and Movie stuff? That's just BS, Nintendo, complete BS! D:

Can't you atleast put BBC iPlayer, Sky 3D, ITV Player or 4OD on the 3DS? I don't care which one just give us something!



Ren said:

awesome. 3d video and stop motion, stills and the ambassador makes the launch purchase finally totally worth it. Curious about the variety of content on HULU. I was considering dropping Netflix, but now that they backed off the stupid plan I may stick it out.. Unless Hulu has better movies/shows.
This would all be a no-brainer if it was also in HD. I hope this all translates smoothly to the WiiU release. I'll never even need to switch sources if I can get all that in HD on one machine.



theblackdragon said:

eff yes Hulu! though i do hope they work it out so that more shows are available on mobile devices; it really sucks seeing that stupid 'web only' icon for a show i want to watch on the go

@Ren: Hulu+ is great for keeping track of shows that are currently on TV — House, Castle, Bones, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, America's Got Talent, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show... idk what you like to watch, but chances are Hulu's got most of it, lol. It kinda sucks in terms of prior-season episodes sometimes, though (certain episodes or seasons may not be available), and their movie selection (outside of the Criterion collection and a few random gems here and there) is pretty much crap. Hulu also has some licensing issues regarding which shows are available on mobile and web vs. shows that are web only; i've run into that myself a few times, and it's kinda disappointing. Netflix streaming is pretty much the opposite — an okay movie collection (doesn't cycle out near quickly enough for my tastes though) and, if you can find a show available for streaming as opposed to DVD-only, chances are you'll be able to see the entirety of the show currently available on DVD, but nothing more recent than that.



komicturtle said:

Just wondering: Does Hulu have latin channels anyone know of?

I could just google search..

Because getting Hulu over cable tv could be a better deal- and for someone not really into watching tv much



Samholy said:

hulu, netflix... what a waste of money.

at least the 3d video recording is nice. we will start seeing 3D amateur porn around the net.
seriously, it wont be as cool as watching a video with a professional team made 3d sceptical. ill wait and see.



Chris720 said:

@lz They got together with the BBC to create the BBC iPlayer Channel for Wii and Sky 3D trailers are being shown on Nintendo Video... so they obviously have some sort of partnership somewhere.

It just seems NA gets a better service on the 3DS compared to EU. That's just lame, I'm moving to America...



Morpheel said:

Saying the service will be availaible for "north america" is misleading for people down here.



R-L-A-George said:

By the way, if you have any problems with the "Plus" service. I suggest emailing nintendo.

They can charge for downloading it instead of making us get an "Plus" subscription.



Yrreiht said:

Urgh... but hulu doesn't work in Canada... or maybe it's just in my province...



LordAndrew said:

@Morpheel It's misleading for us folks up here too. I appreciate Nintendo Life's attempts to be inclusive and say "North America", but it doesn't work here. Hulu is only available in the US and Japan.



pntjr said:

...If I get this, I'll have to give up my Netflix account...
But Netflix has the movies!
But Hulu has the TV shows!
I'll just get this and keep Netflix!



MetroidMasher17 said:

When I saw the Hulu logo, some random realiziation went off in my head and I remembered someone telling me it was free.




Detective_TeeJay said:

The 3DS has too much awesome stuff. My wallet died. For srs, I have no more money left. I'm going to start the long process of reviving my wallet now.



Capt_N said:

I don't really watch tv much anymore. But more features make the 3DS more enticing to non-owners.



Sh00kst3r said:

Ooooh... Why should I bother with paid 3DS Hulu? My laptop gets Hulu for free, and it's got everything, unlike a "trial" or something. So... This seems rather irrelevant. :/



R-L-A-George said:

@JonWahlgren Yeah but they can atleast try to make sort of an browser like thing that would work with the non "premium". The reason I suggested charging for the app so they won't lose money. Nintendo is the one that decides what app goes, don't they. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to contact Hulu either...Hulu might even fix what people are not happy with, maybe even allow people to watch the standard version.

Sh00kst3r wrote:

Ooooh... Why should I bother with paid 3DS Hulu? My laptop gets Hulu for free, and it's got everything, unlike a "trial" or something. So... This seems rather irrelevant. :/

I agree.



Tare said:

No thanks.
I'm also pretty sure despite the North America label, it's actually only the US



jediknight said:

I'msticking with Netflix. Hulu is on Roku, and we might get it on there. Other than that, I see no point in getting it. The video recording, though, is a nice touch.



Morpheel said:

@LordAndrew, Tare, and other non-US north-americans:

much like Netflix, will likely only apply to North America the United States.

I think they heard us xD



Coolio2480 said:

dont use hulu i rather have netflix :] but the 3d video recording will b awesome if it can upload to a 3d utube or somthing...



StarDust4Ever said:

Out of 23 seasons, only the 5 most recent episodes of The Simpsons are available on That is pathetic. May also explain why there are no Simpsons on Netflix, despite having the complete series of other shows available. It may be worth it though, if I can stream for free, with fewer commercials than regular TV.

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