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Zen Studios Announces Zen Pinball 3D for 3DS eShop

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Pinball series making Nintendo debut

Zen Studios has just announced that its Zen Pinball series is set to make an appearance on Nintendo's 3DS eShop later this year. Having already made the rounds on various other gaming platforms, the game will now be presented in full 3D with four unique pinball tables to tackle, as well as a host of different game modes to choose from.

LOS ANGELES – September 20, 2011 – Zen Studios, the definitive leader in pinball videogames, today announced that its critically acclaimed pinball series, Zen Pinball, is coming to the Nintendo eShop. Zen Pinball 3D on Nintendo 3DS will feature four of Zen Studios' finest originally designed tables including Earth Defense, Shaman, Excalibur and Eldorado, all in stunning 3D.

“Releasing Zen Pinball on a Nintendo platform marks an amazing milestone for Zen Studios. We are really excited for Nintendo fans to experience one of our greatest passions – the timeless game of pinball!” said Mel Kirk, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “Playing pinball in 3D is killer, it’s like the game has been totally reinvented, and a whole new world opens up right before your eyes.”

Zen Pinball 3D on Nintendo 3DS will feature local hot seat multiplayer, online leader boards and table rankings, multiple view points and rewards for playing and accomplishing table specific missions. In addition, players will compete to achieve the greatest Pro Score ranking, which is the sum of a player’s high score across all tables, and a Team Score which is the sum of a player’s score and friends score.

  • Earth Defense pits the player against hordes of hostile aliens as they try to take the planet by storm! As the captain of the Earth Defense Special Forces, it is your mission to rally the defenses and protect planet Earth.
  • Players will experience life as a novice sorcerer who must master the trade of summoning spectacular natural phenomena in Shaman.
  • Travel back to the middle ages to the Kingdom of Camelot and become a Knight of the Round Table in Excalibur.
  • Experience the unexplored jungles of Eldorado as you hunt for hidden treasures and uncover the mysteries of ancient civilization.

We'll keep you posted on any new developments with the game and we'll have a full review shortly after its 3DS eShop release.

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D33G said:

Wow... one fancy game of Pinball... might have to get it wen it comes out on the eshop.



Savino said:

More 3DSware less 3d classics.

(don´t take me wrong, I love the classics, but we need some new IP on 3DS)



BenAV said:

I watched the trailer for this on the eShop a while ago.
Looks like it could be good.
I'll wait to see how it turns out and might download it if it's any good.



Arctic_Furnace said:

I thought it had been announced as well. Theres even a 3D video of it in the eShop from last week (UK)



daznsaz said:

knew about this last thursday from video on eshop.not a big fan but this looks good.will be getting it when i can



skywake said:

I saw the trailer but assumed it was a retail game for some reason. 3DSWare is pretty cool, hope it gets a good price and good reviews



Gavin_Rozee said:

As long as it's reasonably priced, I'll download straight away. Anything £5.40 or below is fine.



blackknight77 said:

Pinball is always a great fit on portable game systems and since Pinball Pusle is not on the e-shop this should fill the void. Now how about getting Alien Crush



Adamant said:

I have the 360 version, Pinball FX, and it's an incredibly good game. This is definitely a title to save up some money for, kids.



mushroomer said:

Until then, I really really recommend Pinball Pulse The Ancient Beckons if you like good ol fashion Pinball with a twist. The physics are amazing and you can become good at the table.. where alot of video pinball is sort of harder to control the ball = less fun. nobody can beat my high score on PPTAB!!!



Squiggle55 said:

I don't know why they wouldn't have the table stretch across both screens. I'm uncomfortable playing pinball if I can't see my flippers at all time.



James said:

Zen Pinball 3D popped up on a release schedule in August but this is the first time the developer's announced it. If you're interested there's lots more to come later



Gavin_Rozee said:

Developers announcing games AFTER they appear on release schedules and have trailers on the eShop. Whatever next.



AUnkownFuture said:

This is excellent news. Ive got €20 on my eshop account ready to spend on this. Im a fan of pinball and im looking forward to getting this. Im hoping they release Paranormal table as DLC.



accc said:

Looks good! We really need more 3DSWare here in the US. I wish Nintendo would give us some of the 3DSWare games that are available in Japan, I think there's like 20 of them now.



Llew11 said:

The game released at $10 on PS3 with the same number of tables. So it will be $10 or less.



DrDaisy said:

I played three of those games on XBox Live Arcade (I never even heard of Shaman) and they're a lot of fun so I'll consider getting this if I ever get a 3DS.
...Unless MaikoRULES is right about the price. I hardly ever buy a digital download game for $15, much less $20. Besides, that would be twice as much as the usual four tables go on the other systems. I know downloadable games have a history of costing more on Nintendo systems (Koytokei would likely sell for $1 as an indie game on XBLA) but $20 for a download-only game is ridiculous.



Corbs said:

We were told to hold this press release until 6:00am this morning. And that's exactly when I put it live.



moosa said:

This reminds me... Nintendo should make a sequel to Metroid Prime Pinball for the 3DS. Nobody would buy it but me, and it would be GLORIOUS! Just like the original.



Spoony_Tech said:

@moosa Wrong! I would buy it in a heart beat. I loved me some metroid pinball. As for this game it really does look good and pinball on the go is perfect for the 3ds!!



MeloMan said:

I love pinball, but will this be good? Still waiting on a good follow up to Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon.

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