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Yuji Naka's Rodea the Sky Soldier is Finished

Posted by James Newton

What's keeping it?

One of the most promising Wii games still to see release is Rodea the Sky Soldier from Yuji Naka's PROPE studio. We haven't seen much of the game since January, but the good news is that development work has finished.

The bad news is that publisher Kadokawa Games is yet to tell Naka its plans for releasing his latest game, including any localisation plans for outside of Japan, as an interview with Siliconera reveals:

Rodea the Sky Soldier has been finished for a while now. My part at Prope has been done. Now it’s up to Kadokawa Games to decide on the release strategy whether it will come out for North America, Europe, and Japan.

Here's hoping we see the Wii release — and its 3DS counterpart — see the light of day outside of Japan. The original trailer is below.

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MaikoRULES said:

how come i didnt know about this game? looks awesome
also, how is his movement controlled?



AbuJaffer said:

Just give it over to XSEED, they seem to know when a game is worth bringing over and do it well (for the US at least). I remember hearing about cross-platform play so that'll be a great way to show off the 3DS/Wii's connectivity before the Wii U comes out (for developers).



Xkhaoz said:

I remember when this was announced. Was wondering what happened to it.



Punny said:

Looks like NiGHTS into Dreams meets Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. Please come to the US....



MeloMan said:

^Combined with a touch of Sonic. Seems pretty good... IF it comes over.



Crystalking18 said:

This looks promising. I would want to hear more about the actual gameplay, but color me intriqued



NESguy94 said:

Swan Song anyone? I think this game with either do amazing or really poorly. Let's hope it's a great game and NA and EU releases



Linkuini said:

Aw, crud, voice acting. That's gonna eat into the budget when it comes to localization. Looks like gold to me, though, so here's praying that it'll make it stateside somehow.



Corbs said:

Looks cool as hell, but I think the 3DS version is the one I'll be looking for. Not sure anyone will take a chance on localizing a Wii title this late in the game, especially considering how long it's likely to take to localize this one.



WiiLovePeace said:

Ah, I remember this game. Yeah! Why hasn't it come out yet? :S Looks awesome, even though I have not the faintest clue what's going on in the trailer Can't wait!



47drift said:

It looks terrific. Really gives me an adventure vibe with old school gameplay mechanics. And those colors are just great!



dizzy_boy said:

so, they`ve made a game for the wii, and done some promotion. yet there`s no plans to release it anywhere. how dumb is that.



Kage_88 said:

@my_point_is - cough*Xenoblade*cough

Really looking forward to Rodea, and I really do hope it gets and English translation. Yuji Naka and his PROPE studio is already one of my favourite devs (thanks to original titles such as Let's Tap! and Ivy the Kiwi?), and their latest title evokes that classic SEGA design such as Alex Kidd, Sonic, and Billy Hatcher.



kkslider5552000 said:

I don't want another awesome game to exist only to not get it.

hopefully someone who actually localizes stuff publishes this



Tigus said:

Yeah I was wondering where this game went at the time I didt even have a Wii so now I realy want both the Wii and 3DS versions if they hit NA



vherub said:

Yup, noa's abandonment of the wii in the face of great games continues to make me less like to want the wii u.



alLabouTandroiD said:

While it looks interesting i'm not sold on it yet. Much like
Crystalking18 (11.) i'll have to know more about how this one plays before i can get really excited.

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