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Shinobi's StreetPass Modes Explained in New Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Are you ninja enough?

SEGA's Shinobi isn't just the story of a ninja that kills people: Juro Musashi is mortal too, particularly in the new StreetPass Challenge modes revealed today.

The details we have so far reveal that StreetPassing other plays unlocks Challenge maps, which are much tougher than the standard game as you'll die after just one hit. If you can unlock all the maps, you get to play as the legendary Joe Musashi from the original series; finish them all, and you unlock Retro mode, which puts you back in the golden days of "one hit, one kill".

No StreetPasses near you? No worries: you can use Play Coins instead to unlock the maps and earn yourself Joe Musashi.

Here's the trailer and official details to explain more.

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The first time going into Street Pass unlocks a random Challenge Map.

These maps challenge all the skills that you have learned while playing the game, but you now die after one hit.

Each time you connect to another 3DS with Shinobi Street Pass data, you unlock one of their unlocked maps on your 3DS and vice-versa.

Unlock all the maps and you can play as Joe in the Replay levels section (the actual game levels).

Finish all the Street Pass maps and you can unlock Retro Mode for the main game, which enables one-hit kills for everyone (except bosses).

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Link79 said:

I'm still not sure this is going to be the true Return of Shinobi.
I just can't get myself to like the graphic style.
My gut tells me It'll be a letdown but we'll see.



GARF13LD said:

Not a day one buy for me, but at some point I will pick this up, looks like it could be decent, unlike some I quite like the artistic direction.

Shame it comes out at the same time as Tales of the Abyss and Cave Story.



Shadowflash said:

I'll have to see the ESRB rating before I buy this one. Kinda weary about the PEGI 16 ...



cyrus_zuo said:

Yeah, I agree on the ESRB.

...and what I really want in this game is to be able to unlock old Shinobi games...



6ch6ris6 said:

nice feature. good to see some developers using the cool possiblities the 3ds offers



Expa0 said:

Looks pretty decent, but I'll wait for reviews before deciding on anything.



Ren said:

awesome. Does that mean you can go back and play the whole game with him? that would really be the best use of it. This looks cool to me (as long as it's long enough to justify a full retail purchase).
THe only problem with 2d platformers lately is that they aren't as hard as they used to be so it makes them a little disappointing even if they are technically about the same length. They got to be hard or really long if they're full retail games.



Zach said:

Wow. That has to be the most inventive use of StreetPass yet.



Game-Over said:

Fantastic intro but the actual game visuals and gameplay look disappointing, looks like a mindless button basher of a game. It's another case of they don't make em like they used too, i think this game is rated 16 just to make it seem slightly edgy. What's wrong with just going back to basics and making some good 2D titles.



paburrows said:

I played it at Comic-Con and its awesome! Very fun, with great graphics, movement and weapon techniques.



misswliu81 said:

i know the visual style is not to everyone's taste, but if it plays really well, then i think we will have a surprise on our hands.

i'm glad SEGA decided to make a shinobi game for a nintendo console, which is a first, especially for the 3DS. i think it's going to be a really good game.



motang said:

Game looks good in this trailer, in the previous ones it looked like a crappy N64 game.



NeoShinobi said:

This game is obviously not going to live up to the originals. But that dosn't mean it's not going to good.

The street pass mode sounds interesting, though I doubt this game is going to sell enough for it to be practical.

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