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Rumour: Monster Hunter Tri G To Be Revealed Next Week

Posted by James Newton

It's that time again

Every man and his dog is predicting a Monster Hunter reveal for 3DS soon: Mizuho Security pegged it for TGS 2011, and now another rumour has reared its monstrous head, claiming we'll see the game shown off next week.

The source of the rumour is an anonymous Internet poster claiming to work for the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association — organisers of the Tokyo Games Show — who alleges we'll see a 3DS instalment titled Monster Hunter Tri G next week. The title will allegedly link to a home console game, either Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri) or an as-yet unannounced entry in the series.

Of course this isn't the first time we've heard a Monster Hunter 3DS rumour: back in April Ryuji Tsujimoto hinted at an announcement before Captivate 2011 came and went without a mention of MH3DS. It seems the game is tipped for a reveal at every media event, and next week is no exception.

The insider also claims we'll see a third outing in the Baten Kaitos series and a long overdue 3DS follow-up to Mach Rider.

Nintendo's "3DS new product announcement conference" will be live-streamed next week, so we'll finally know the truth then.


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JustAnotherUser said:

I read that post.
Seems to me to be a rumour but hey, would be amazing if everything he said was true.



bezerker99 said:

OMG, please come out for 3DS so I can just go ahead and throw my Wii into the trash!!!!



zionich said:

I really dont wanna do this to myself again .....BUT ITS MONSTER HUNTER!!!!.....<pant>...<pant>

Though I do wonder how long it would take to come to the U.S. should it be true. Im still waiting on freedom 3 =(



motang said:

I am thinking this is big 3DS title that Nintendo is holding the pre-TGS event for.



Spoony_Tech said:

Hum Baten Kaitos! Definitely interested in that one.

It better be a new moster hunter. I played the crap out of tri and i wont go back to it if its just new content.



komicturtle said:

Baten Kaitos has to be true! Monolith! Please let it be true! It's the only thing I can think of in terms of the game being developed is the third in the series.

Hell... I'm more excited for Baten Kaitos 3 than another MH game :3



19Robb92 said:

We'll see. I won't buy it either way, but let's hope it's true. The more games the merrier!



MaikoRULES said:

Mach Rider has definitely piqued my interest.
the videos of the original NES game are intense



Burn said:

You should, there's a reason why it's insanely popular. MH3 was my first try with the series and I have yet to put it down.



TeeJay said:

I hope this is true I hope this is true I hope this is true I hope this is true!
My hopes are gonna get crushed, aren't they?



Punny said:

Hmm... All of those options sound good! Mach Rider especially sounds interesting.



Scissors said:

If it happens it might be the first Monster Hunter game I buy, also I just followed the link to Mach Rider, what the hell that game looks awesome. Why wasn't it included with the 10 free 3DS games?



jerryo said:

it would be great to get MH on 3DS, but i am thinking that there are too many MH coming out for Sony devices.. in fact they have pretty much raised the sales of PSP single-handedly! So i would think that Capcom would prefer to give it to Vita than 3DS.



CerberusAzdin said:

It be a great move on Nintendo's behalf to release MH on 3DS as it would boost their sales. However they would have to release it in the West as well. I'm dying for a new MH game ever since Tri came out but I won't hold my breath on it just yet; MHP3rd got release last December on the PSP and there is still no confirmation from Capcom that it will arrive to our shores.
At this point considering how badly organised the 3DS launch was it be best for Nintendo to work with Capcom and release MH, anywhere.
Any other game is always a plus.



AcidFox said:

Those are some awesome news, I really enjoyed Tri, being able to play it on the go would make it even better, and being able to transfer our characters from Tri would be just perfect. I must say, however, that the title Tri G feels a missed opportunity, they should totally go for Tri D.



zezhyrule said:

Tri D? wtf? G means like 'expansion' or something in japan.

They might rename it as they did with MHF2G (renamed to MHFU for west) since there haven't been any Gs released here yet.



DashDG said:

I really want a Monster Hunter game for the 3DS!!!! Make it happen Capcom please!!!!



XCWarrior said:

This would be my first 3DS game for sure. RIght now I'm living off the NES classics, waiting for something big like this.



Splat said:

The only reason I would want a 3DS. And before anyone freaks out it's nothing against Nintendo I don't like any hand held gaming systems.



hamispink said:

I would really like a Tri g to be released for 3DS. If the same game were to be released for vita and 3ds, then I would just get the vita version, but with different games, then I would gladly get both for the different experiences.
also, here's hoping for cross game play between wii and 3ds versions(should they actually come out )



Bucho said:

i really hope this rumour becomes a reality i would love to play MH on the go



Henmii said:

"and a long overdue 3DS follow-up to Mach Rider"

Nah! Maybe the original Mach Rider as a 3D classic. But not a real sequel!



jeff_dato said:

they confirmed MH3G, they have their own web site, they also said they might release this game this year so cant wait

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