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Round Table: The Ambassador NES Games

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Why Nintendo, you are spoiling us

It's an understatement to suggest that the 3DS has had an interesting first six months. Disappointing sales followed by a massive price drop, and now some very early departures into the realm of quirky add-on accessories. Yet, for early adopters of the system, there have been a selection of entertaining games and eye-popping 3D effects to enjoy. For those who felt this wasn’t enough and raged with injustice at the price drop in August, Nintendo offered a “rom” olive branch in the form of the Ambassador Programme. The first half of this package arrived on 1st September, with 10 NES titles on offer. The first reaction of the staff at Nintendo Life was, of course, to play them all. A lot.

After burning ourselves out on retro goodness, we decided to have a casual chat about the games, the Ambassador Programme and what should come next. Trying to control the rather “busy” gathering of seven NLife staff members in one place is features editor Thomas Whitehead. He’s joined by news editor James Newton and downloads editor Corbie Dillard, as well as reviewers and writers Jacob Crites, Marcel van Duyn, Christopher Ingram, Zach Kaplan and Ron DelVillano.

Thomas Whitehead: Let’s get started. First question for everyone to answer: what do you think of the selection of games, good diversity, or some poor choices?

Corbie Dillard: While we'd all love to see triple A titles, I think the grouping of games was solid. Several genres included, with some really amazing games in there. There are a few I'd have preferred over Golf and Yoshi, but overall I think it was pretty good.

Jacob Crites: I'd definitely say good diversity. Sure, it would have been nice to have some more crowd favourites like Punch-Out or MB3, but I certainly would have never played Wrecking Crew or Yoshi if not for this little programme, and they're quite good games!

Christopher Ingram: I think there’s a great mix here, with a few big classics we all know and love and then a few that many haven’t played before. Wrecking Crew was a nice surprise and the one game that I hadn’t played before.

Ron DelVillano: I’m pretty happy with the selection of “hardcore” games, but I was actually really glad to see some solid arcade type games included as well. Ice Climber and Yoshi have been great when I find myself with a few minutes to kill.

Marcel van Duyn: I think it's a pretty good selection, but maybe they should've left out Zelda II (even though it's good) to stick in Kid Icarus, that could've been nice to promote the new one.

Zach Kaplan: I'm not entirely happy with some of the lesser-rated titles, but I have always loved Zelda II, so maybe there's someone out there who loves NES Open Tournament Golf?

James Newton: I see why they put in two Zeldas with it being the 25th Anniversary and all, but on the whole there's some good games and some not so good ones. At least we didn't get Urban Champion, though.

Jacob Crites: Ha! I still stand by my assertion that Urban Champion is actually a good game. But that's another discussion entirely.

Corbie Dillard: I thought Wrecking Crew was a nice touch. Nice little underrated title.

Marcel van Duyn: Yeah, that's actually the game I'm most glad is included.

Jacob Crites: Me too. And there's a good mix of pick-up-and-play titles, with more lengthy experiences like Zelda and Metroid.

Thomas Whitehead: A good selection overall, then. What do you all think about the actual playing experience? Do the games look and play as expected, or does the 3DS make the games look sharper?

Corbie Dillard: I thought the games looked amazing. Very clear and vibrant on the 3DS screen. I was worried a bit about the emulation, but they all seem to run as smooth as silk.

James Newton: It's good to have NES games on a sharp LCD screen, without all the fuzziness introduced by cables, even on a Wii through component cabling.

Christopher Ingram: I agree. They may have been made for the big screen, but dang do they look and play great on the small LCD screen.

Zach Kaplan: I've actually noticed some odd fading graphics in spots, but overall it looks great — a lot better than on my dusty old NES to be sure, though I will miss blowing into the carts.

Ron DelVillano: The games look great and feel great. My only concern is that the controls feel a little cramped at times, but that’s just due to my giant hands.

Marcel van Duyn: All works fine if you ask me, it's also a nice touch they put select on Y, it’s annoying to reach for otherwise.

Jacob Crites: Yeah I think they look better than they ever have. The colours are crisp, and as far as play is concerned, I think they feel pretty good. Other than Super Mario Bros, I think they all work great with the circle pad as well.

Corbie Dillard: It would be nice if they'd have included a way to map the buttons to each user's preference.

Jacob Crites: Maybe that'll come with the update?

Marcel van Duyn: Yeah, hopefully.

Thomas Whitehead: As a quick follow up on a point Jacob made, is the 3DS D-Pad good enough for playing these games, or do you all instinctively use the Circle Pad?

Corbie Dillard: I love the D-Pad on the 3DS, even with its lower position on the face. I've found it to work perfectly with these games, personally.

James Newton: All Circle Pad, all the time for me. It's like pretending analogue control was around in the 1980s.

Christopher Ingram: Circle Pad all the way! It works great for all of the games in my opinion and it seems that I die fewer times in Zelda II when using the Circle Pad compared to the D-Pad.

Jacob Crites: I don't know if it's just my system, but I'm not a fan of the way the D-Pad "feels." It's a little clicky and stiff for my taste. Unless the game requires it, I find myself going for the Circle Pad. Although I will say that the position of the D-Pad isn't nearly as annoying as I thought it would be.

Ron DelVillano: I instinctively move to the Circle Pad, again because of my giant hands. I’ve tried to play each game with the D-Pad for a more authentic feel, but after a short while I always move back to the Circle Pad. Both of which seem to work great.

Marcel van Duyn: D-Pad only for me, I always think the Circle Pad and analogue sticks on consoles feel a bit off with 2D games.

Corbie Dillard: I'm with Marcel on this one. 100%.

Zach Kaplan: Yep I'm with Corbie and Marcel, the D-Pad does the trick for me, moving Link around with the Circle Pad just feels weird. It's not clicky or stiff enough!

Jacob Crites: Well, it depends. Metroid, for example, I think works really well with the Circle Pad, but Zelda 2, Mario Bros and Ice Climber all require pretty precise movements, so I use the D-Pad for those.

Thomas Whitehead: I'm with Jacob on the 3DS D-Pad; it’s a bit too 'clicky' for my preference as well. One for Marcel and James specifically, do you believe these games are running like the NA versions? For example, Super Mario Bros. feels faster on 3DS than on a PAL Wii.

Marcel van Duyn: I'm pretty sure these are the PAL versions but sped up to 60Hz, gameplay and music all go at the speed they're supposed to.

Thomas Whitehead: What about you James, do you agree that they're sped up?

James Newton: They seem to run at a 'natural' speed, suggests to me they're certainly the full speed versions. Wasn't able to get confirmation from Nintendo but from my own research they're the full speed, full fat, full flavour 60Hz beauties.

Thomas Whitehead: It's not just me deluding myself then! Back to everyone now, what do you think about these basic emulations and the fact they’re lacking typical Virtual Console features?

Corbie Dillard: Given that we're getting the games so early, it's tough to be too hard on Nintendo for stripping the presentations down a little bit. Plus we are going to be able to update them for free once they're released on the shop officially, so it's all good.

Ron DelVillano: I love it. I love that there are no additional features. It makes for a much more authentic gaming experience. I just wish that I had a cartridge to blow into and jiggle around!

Christopher Ingram: They’re like I remember them, long passwords and all. I am looking forward to the save option for Metroid, but only so I don’t have to write down the long passwords.

Jacob Crites: I definitely feel like we've been spoiled by the eShop VC. I didn't realize how much I relied on Restore Points until I started to play Zelda II. In fact I refuse to play that game without them. Death Mountain was not made with people of my limited skills in mind.

James Newton: You know, they are what they are — they're free NES games, and for me I only really like to save a game when I'm ready to finish playing anyway. Maybe that's just me though.

Marcel van Duyn: I don't really mind VC features being MIA for now, but maybe for people who are playing Zelda for the first time a manual would've been handy.

Zach Kaplan: I love them, personally. I want my games now, regardless of if someone has transposed an instruction manual. I've been playing more Zelda than before too, and I'm not sure how much a manual would help. I like this pick-up-and-play-ness.

James Newton: Hm, I think the first Zelda is quite weird. People who say Zelda hasn't changed much really need to play that game and get their eyes tested

Jacob Crites: Maybe I need my eyes tested, because I find myself playing Zelda more than anything. That game has gotten better and better with age, I think. Or maybe I've changed, which is more likely. Anyway, I love it.

Corbie Dillard: With the Internet at our constant disposal, it's quite easy to find these manuals anyway.

Jacob Crites: Yep I've got a world map bookmarked!

James Newton: Although of course as Nintendo Life staff we all have it memorised. Am I right?

Jacob Crites: Right! That's what I meant!

Corbie Dillard: Me too.

Jacob Crites: "Memorised."

Marcel van Duyn: Sure do.

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User Comments (72)



Collinhall said:

Yeah, I printed out the LOZ world map to help me through the game a few days ago. Is that normal :S



Chris720 said:

Interesting chat you guys had here, very well worth the read to see each other's opinions and discuss about them on here. :3 clap clap



skywake said:

The silly certificate thing also has spotpass notifications. If you enable it they'll send you info about developments in ambassador land so it's not entirely pointless. I got a message from it the other day saying "so you worked out how to download the free games and such? This is just to remind you that you can download free games and such"

They also have a video on the frontpage of the eShop now walking you through the download process. So that should make it a bit easier for the technophobes.... I guess....



blackknight77 said:

I never played Wrecking Crew before, and I think its been the surprise hit for me. I don't think Yoshi is the best puzzle game but I've had some fun with it.



ueI said:

I'm surprised nobody mentioned the (lack of) multiplayer in the ambassador titles.



Azaris said:

For the most part i dont like this selection i mean yeah there free but only like 4 of these games are really the type of game i'd play more then once though the one game i trully hated so far was the golf one for me the controls were terrible(ok i'll admit im a little spoiled by tiger woods and mario golf but still)



ueI said:

Thank you for reminding me, JirachiFan. I couldn't even figure out how to play the golf game. There was no manual or in game tutorial and my experiments resulted in the ball moving a foot when hit. Guess what I deleted first?



daznsaz said:

im having fun with the yoshi can put your score on friend list for competition.i like all the games but want saves.will we be getting instant restore point for the we have for gb?



Ren said:

The delivery system is a horrible embarrasement since just that sort of thing is the reason they had to do this in the first place. I'm a little dissapointed in the lack of outrage from NL on that. Of course us, as Nintendo geeks, made a point to toil through it, but it was absolutely buried and a mess to traverse for any normal consumer. How is that in any way an improvement on all the launch mistakes made that this was supposed to be an apology for?
I guess the point is that the early adopters were only people that are web savvy/ fans enough to dig out those games at any cost, but it's no excuse for such horrible execution.
Anyway, the selection is ok, and I kind of liked the golf thing once I figured out the controls.



Linkuini said:

Wrecking Crew's a little obtuse for my liking: nowadays, if a puzzle game makes it that easy to run yourself into a corner and get killed, they let you have infinite lives! On another note, I'm shocked at how much time I've spent enjoying Yoshi, even if it does fail to top Dr. Mario.



Glade said:

Hmmm well I wasn't in the NES era and I couldn't care less for these games(I still enjoy the golf game and yoshi somehow).... but well I bought my $250 3DS to play games that are either cancelled, delayed or have no plans to localize.... Seriously, I can't wait for 2011!!!



Mandoble said:

Lets face it, all these NES games are total garbage for today's standards (most of them were the same at its time also), and these might have some value, if any, only for some old nostalgic users.

Nintendo presented this as a way to compensate these having their 3DS devaluated by 100€ all of a sudden, and I bet most users will be looking at that tiny screen with big open eyes saying WTF is this?? with any of these games.



Blink said:

Been playing a lot of Zelda 1 and 2 and I'm really digging Wrecking Crew too. Besides Pictobits, I had no idea the game even existed.



pixelman said:

I love these articles. Also, thanks for mentioning Superstar Saga. It better come or I'll be right there with ya Corbs.



Sondheimist said:

Mandoble - Let's face it - even by today's standards at least half these games are still pretty fantastic, assuming one can get past the low quality graphics. This fairly young (I started gaming during the middle of the SNES era) gamer finds that the game play has held up remarkably well over the past 20-25 years (but I'm also the type of person who realizes that "old-fashioned" isn't always bad and that 90-year old silent films, 150-year old novels, and medieval-era music can be just as complex and high quality and entertaining as anything made today.)

In other words, several of these games have what counts - they're super fun to play, even if you weren't around for the NES era.



carson said:

Recieving Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and Zelda for free was awesome!

but the other games are not good, and leaves me unsatisfied.

maybe that's why this website is calling it a "scheme"



Maggots said:

I'm hoping that since I downloaded that Ambassador certificate... that all the GBA games will spot pass their way onto my 3DS all by themselves... I just wake up to 10 presents I get to open ... like christmas... and santa claus ... yay!!



Mandoble said:

Im calling old myself, but most 3DS users never played NES games.

@Sondheimist, lets suppose you never played nes games, lets suppose 3DS is your first console or might be the second after the DS. Now you see these games that you can download for free as compensation, and then you see the terrible graphics/music/controls, and what would you be thinking? Is that a joke from Nintendo? Are these the typical games that I will have for my 3DS? Might be some one will end returning the console to the shop after playing these.



ajt922 said:

im so mad at nintendo i personally think the ambassador thing sucked how about getting something better



retro_player_22 said:

It's great to gave free games especially ten of them but of all of them only Zelda II seem interesting to me, everything else are either so-so or decent at best.



Luffymcduck said:

Super Mario Bros, Zelda 1 and 2. Those are the games that can keep me entertained for more than 3 minutes even today (unlike the rest of the titles). Hopefully we´ll get some other bonuses in the future, not counting GBA games most of which I already have.



Ristar42 said:

There are some classic games here and I am very pleased to see NES games finally get released in Europe running at the correct speed. I agree they look great on the 3DS screen too, better that the GBA versions released individually as NES Classics.

I'm also getting used to the d-pad on the 3DS and find it quite precise for games I played for countless hours back in the day, like Super Mario Land.



moosa said:

@Ren: "I'm a little dissapointed in the lack of outrage from NL"

Argh. Seriously? Just no.
Nintendo Life staffers, your words are refreshing after putting up with the incredible amount of complaining over this.



MrMagpie said:

Zelda II - wouldn't have played it if it weren't for this. It's horrible. It's difficult. It's cruel. I love it.



Linux_Man said:

I thought the games were a nice variety, to be honest when I first heard that Nintendo was going to give us free NES games I figured they'd be games like Donkey Kong Math, Volleyball and Urban Champion, rather than games like Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros. There are a few games I would have switched up, I would have rather seen StarTropics and Kirby's Adventure rather than Zelda II and NES golf.



squirrelguys said:

well anyone who buys a game for graphics don't deserve a nintendo game. I grew up on Atari 2600 and SNES. No im not 30 i just enjoy games rebardless of graphics. Anyone who looks a Super Mario and asks what is this? dont deserve Nintendo.



Mandoble said:

You would be pretty good for Nintendo's marketing department: Hey gents, if you look for good graphics, music, sound and controls, then you dont deserve Nintendo. You might have convinced Nintendo that having SNES graphic power is more than enough, of course without any 3D effects, they would still be able to sell it for 260€ with a building cost of 5 dollars.



WaveBoy said:

@Mandoble, you're insane and you seriously can't appreciate art can you? The original SMB imo, along with SMB2(especially) for ex are beautiful games. It's all about the art direction. Calling all of these old NES games ugly is pretty hilarious considering you're sporting an 8-bit I'm guessing you probably scoffed and passed over Mega Man 9, 10 & Castlevania ReBirth because they were 8-16 bit and weren't sporting super polygonal highly realistic XBOX 360

Anyways, as always all you do is complain and complain same song, different day.
I mean why are you cruising a Nintendo based site if you consantly rip on Nintendo left and right? It's totaly becoming super trollish.

lol and knowing me, if All 3DS titles were 2D/16 bit and in 3D i'd still be pretty happy haha.
I definitly wan't to see some new titles sport the sprites with the power of the 3DS. Imagine a new traditional Side Scroller Sprite based Castlevania game in the same vein as SCIV, but with the power of the 3DS and with 3D Techonology. We could be seeing some gorgeous looking stuff. But everything as of now, as been rocking the Polygons....Hopefully the next new Zelda for example on the 3DS goes back to sprites. The minish Cap looks wonderful for the GBA, so just imagine how beautiful a Sprite based Zelda title would look on the 3DS.....

That would be a 2 gen upgrade considering we never got a 2D Zelda or Metroid on the DS.



sinalefa said:

I totally agree with Waveboy here.

I am happy of getting these free games, and I still have to download the Zeldas and Metroid.

Of the ones that I had never played, the ones I like the most are Wrecking Crew and the Golf game.

I was dismayed of not having a manual for the latter, but as we did in the old days, I just tinkered with the controls until I got the hang of it. Now it is the Ambassador game that I have played the most.

Dying to get the GBA games.



TheGreenSpiny said:

What is this crap?! There was no minus world! I tried that and it didn't work.

@uel: You're not the only one. I couldn't figure out Golf either. Nor could I figure out Wrecking Crew, not sure what the point of that one was.

I gotta say I was more than happy with the emulation, as it fills most of the top and bottom of the screen without any blurring like the GB games on the VC. I hope that the GBA ones are emulated more like the NES games, than the GB/GBC.



IronMan28 said:

I like the free games, especially considering I wasn't expecting to get anything at all. But, of course some people will still complain, and as the adage goes "Give them an inch and they want a mile".



Ren said:

I'm just saying, like some others have: Usually I'm one to be pleased easily, and annoyed by all the whining here, but sometimes I surprise myself at how much of a mindless fanboy I am; It has truly been a botched launch and delivery of what should have been a simple program should be a very simple task here and it should have been made easy for all the dedicated and/or newer fans that shelled out for this. Theres no excuse for it being that hard to find and operate ASSUMING they want to keep the new business coming in. I'm not talking about most of us here; I'll show up every time and by their launch consoles, it's the new people they can't afford to lose with these poor interface design problems and they keep on coming.



SyFyTy said:

don't you thinik it is possible that there are some people that DON'T think that those moldyy oldies represent the best of Nintendo? Like those that came aboard for thier innovation on the DS? There was NO ONE that represented what they DID NOT like about the ambassador program, everyone gushing over thier 'gifts'. What ever happened to giving other perspectives to an article other than fanboyism.
it is possible to get your point across without being offensive, thank you — TBD



Mandoble said:

@WaveBoy, probably you are right and I'm insane, but for sure you can't read. I'm not a representative 3DS user, I bet most 3DS users never played 8bit games, and most of them expect to have games with nice graphics, nice usage of the touchscreen, nice 3D effects, etc. And now all of them find a compensation in the form of a pack of games that resembles these that they might have for their cheap old mobile phones, not these games that they might expect for their 3DS.



WaveBoy said:

...Oh Anymore thunder piss clouds to shower over my head?
I guess I hardly complain because i look at the sunshine in life. Ya, sure the 3DS had a weakish launch, was overpriced....Even then i was super happy with my unboxing and when i got my hands on the brilliant and wonderful little device....There was no Killer must have launch title, but PilotWings Resort was a pretty awesome game imo and i loved the 3DS's features right off the bat and most importantly the incredible 3D effects. If anything i was actually dissapointed with SSFIV and Nintendog's....I never thought PilotWings would be my favorite of the 3

Also, i opened my 3DS the day before Nintendo's E3 confeerence in June which was 2 months after it's release so i got the eShop's VC right off the bat as well, with Super Mario Land and Link's Awakening DX being launched only days away. But ya, that's just me....Earlier adopters only had the launch titles to play with and No eShop.

Anyways, the way i see it the 3DS has an insanely bright future ahead of it. the 3D technology is wonderful and opens up so many possibilites. The 10 Free Nes games, and 10 Free GBA sounds great to me, i'm not complaining. Because frankly i just don't give a damn. lol I just don't get butt hurt over things like this, and i consider the 20 free games makes up for the $269-$169 price tag. Even if I would of gotten nothing i personally wouldn't of cared either way. And as for this hilarious and ridiculous looking 2nd analog stick attatchment.....Ya, well....If that were actually designed by Nintendo themselves I'd seriously start to wonder. I'll never waste a dime on that thing and i find it hilarious how that thread keeps on building up with people writing walls of text about

Guess I'm just too darn excited for Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 7 and the many other 3DS titles that will arive later this year and the next, including more GB VC titles and 3D Classics.

Anyways, most of these kids would benifit by exploring and getting a chance to play these 20 free games. Many of them probably have never played many of these NES or GBA titles. Who are YOU to say that every single one of them is going to scoff them off? And ressemble cheap mobile games? really? So Metroid Fusion and Wario Land 4 ressemble a cheap mobile game? Your Logic is whack, you're comparing the quality of a classic an Nes or GBA title to some weak random mobile game....Well done bud!

And again, WHY is your avatar 8-bit? If you shun such pathetic dated pixelated graphics? lol



Slapshot said:

Guys, the real treat with the Ambassador program has yet to come, which will be the 10 GBA titles. I'm sure both of you have played a GBA game in the last year or so, and they still hold up well today. When they release, all qualms with the NES titles will be long forgotten!



WaveBoy said:

GBA games hold up just as good as any SNES game that's for sure. 16 bit Sprite based graphcis usually always age well, same deal with Nes/GB games of course depending. Cheeta man or the Legend of Kage for example are two horrible NES games that have aged poorly. Then again, they were POOR from the start. Hell, most 8-16 bit games have aged perfectly, once you step into 3D polygon N64/PS1 territory, then you better start any game rocking a frame rate below 30fps for example is a start...eek!

Anyways, the last GBA game I played was Mega man Zero, and it was freakin' fantastic' If anything, I'm worried about how the GBA emulations will look on the 3DS's screen...Hopefully we don't get large and blurry, or tiny and sharp.



turtlelink said:

@fpssoviet, Gee I wonder... Definitely not part of the Nintendo Life staff.

Anyway, I honestly don't think these made up for the $80. I hope the GBA games will give me a reason to pick up my 3DS again.



Zach said:

@SyFyTy If you're not seeing any criticism against Nintendo, you're not reading the whole article.

@fpssoviet Ron has reviewed dozens and dozens of games here for probably about a year. You can look him up on our about page and click his name to see what he's reviewed. He's been a valuable member of this team for some time. In fact, his House Episode 2 review is the second one on the front page banner right now!



Ren said:

I have to slightly agree with the naysayers here, unfortunately. If this is meant as a sort of debate it's not a very rounded out one, because the dissent from any fanboy love of the 8-bit classics has been swept out.
The ones crying 'hater' on us are missing the point: we, too, are 8-bit classic NES game lovers, at least I am. But as a marketing/ overall business move for Nintendo this ambassador program was also not handled well, and that is disappointing to me since I love my DS and I want it to do well.
It's true the GBA games will be great, they probably should have come first and they all should have been accessed very easily, maybe downloaded from a channel just for ambassadors. If there is a channel just for that dopey instruction video, why couldn't there be one to help easily download the games? Or some neat AR card function for ambassadors? Something to court the newer generation from bailing on this poorly marketed machine.

I'm pleased as punch with my 3DS but Nintendo needs to stop being overconfident about it to make sure it sticks around.



armoredghor said:

@Ren I see where you're coming from. You loved 8 bit games long enough to see most of them so you've probably already played this collection. For some this is pointless because it's old, others like it because their portable and other like them because they're still new. I don't mind a price drop because every generation has a pricedrop. They're gonna happen again. I just like that I got something in return which I have never seen happen before in any hardware that has a new rendtion.(slims, iOS devices, TVs, etc.)

@Uel & @TheDarkness here's how to play golf. choose your speed,(start with slow) angle, your club, your spin, and then get to the swing screen. As the marker moves left press A, (then it starts moving right), now hit A again after the passes your starting point. your distance from the starting point determines the power and slice or curve of the ball-if your left is on the edge of the meter and your right is just past the center, you will curve far left. The distance from the center is also your power. hopefully this helps
@TheDarkness -Wrecking Crew. the goal is to destroy all the lockers, silver ladders, and brick walls while evading the aliens or mutants. climb the ladders, break the lockers with your hammer; bombs break every thing adjacent to it in a sort of domino effect while knocking you to the bottom floor. You can't kill the aliens. If you beat a level, race the other plumber to get the coin in the brick walls. This game is a little bit more of a puzzle in later levels-finding ways to avoid enemies while breaking things in the correct order.



NeoShinobi said:

I'm really, really glad that I didn't buy a 3DS yet. These NES and GBA games are fine and all I suppose, but I personally just don't think I would be really happy with them as compensation.



TingLz said:

What can I say? Give fans a treat and they'll ask for three more. Some of them just can't be pleased. So I say let them live their miserable lives of wanting more and more.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I love these roundtables. Great conversation this time guys. I got a few laughs out of it. I love the 10 free NES games. The fact some people are unhappy with them blows my mind.



WertyYertrew said:

I'm trying to get myself to like the NES games but the only game I've ended up liking is Super Mario Bros.... Because the games are free and all, I'll refrain from complaining (honestly people, this compensation is a lot more than what you'd get from other console manufacturers), but those GBA games couldn't come soon enough.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Ren and @SyFyTy - A Round Table isn't always a debate, it's a group of people talking about a subject; we won't fabricate disagreements that aren't there. If we do a deliberate debate piece in future, not a round table, then of course contrary views would be mandatory; this round table format is more open and can vary depending on who's taking part and what is being discussed. We can't help it if we agreed on most things and liked the games. As Zach also pointed out, there were criticisms of the programme delivery, and Zach also shared the view in the article that he's not sold on the 'generosity' of the programme as yet, but will see what GBA games arrive.

What you see is what was said, so no dissent was 'swept out', I'm afraid you're well off the mark there Ren. The fact we had a casual and fun chat and that, actually, most of us were genuinely positive about most parts, is just the way it was.

@fpssoviet - Ron's been integral to the site for a good length of time, follow the links that Zach has kindly provided for evidence of that.



WaveBoy said:


Agreed. lol
Meanwhile I'll be enjoying my 10 free NES games, and the next 10 free GBA games, the 3D Classics(Urban Champion here i come baby muhaha) the awesome 3DS titles headed this way for this year including a few i haven't even played yet like Zelda OOT 3D & StarFox 64 3D ect and of course the wonderful GB VC. Still need to check out Donkey Kong, Avenging Spirit, Mr Game & Watch Gallery and especially Gargoyles Quest

Anyways, and you know...It blew my mind when somebody made a thread not even 3 weeks after the GB VC was released 'complaining' that there wasn't enough games or that that there wasn't enough 'quality' games and that the GB VC wasn't up to snuff compared to what it could of been. hahaha. People just love to complain....You're going to look back at all of those miserable memories you made for yourself, have fun with that.

as for the free 20 games....Actually, it's a little overwhelming if you ask me. I probably won't hardly get to most of those games considering the many other i have on the back list hehe.



Ren said:

well said, Tomas, i take your point. Poor choice of words on my part and I get the point that this is just a discussion. I really meant the tone of the comments, I guess.
I would probably also gush about the games were I in on that kind of discussion, since I do like them a lot, they were the greatest things in my life once Atari tanked and I'd killed all my joysticks.
I actually just find the debate about the direction of the console itself really interesting so I play devils advocate when I try to consider the market of younger players nowadays.
I actually love having these games untouched and portable. I wonder how they've been received by people who are new to them, though, and I'm concerned for the success of the 3DS, because I want it to last.
Weirdly, I'm finding Golf to be one of my favorites of them since I played the others to death when they came out, but golf? Once you get the controls it's pretty fun in short bursts. I've never been a sports game guy, either, at least not since these real stripped down ones of old. Now If they included 10-yard fight in there I'd never put it down.
Oh, wait, did you guys get 10-yard fight in the UK? Awesome stuff.



Difool said:

They are good games...... For 8 bits era. I played most of them in My NES (i,m almost 35 y.old) It,s a gift from Nintendo we can replay in ours 3ds. But the point is: are I satisfied with 10 nes games and 10 GBA games for the price of 100 €???
My answer Is nooo. Why nes games and not snes, N64 or gamecube games? Aren,t enought the 3ds to run starfox (or Starwing), smkart, or Ethernal Darkness????
Why BigN don,t give us 1 nintendo 3ds game for free??
Despite I said i,m enyoing the 2nd quest of Zelda I ( and considering to tatto Zelda map in my left arm)

Quousque tándem abutere, Nintendo, patineta nostra?



daznsaz said:

as soon as they dont slag nintendo off some people start whinging.why are you praising them etc.very strange indeed




nintendo never really went as far as it should have with the 10 nes games. In fact, if you were not of the NES era, these games give the impression that you werent missing much! I deleted everything except metroid and mario bros. anyone who claims that they bought a great new piece of 3d kit to play nes crud like the majority of these nes games is lying. nintendo never even bothered to tweak them or convert them to 3d! like i said, of the games metroid detroys the rest and proves beyond a doubt that nintendo themselves NEED to develop a new one SPECIFICALLY for 3ds.



jerryo said:

so boring... thank god there was mario, ice climbers and donkey kong Jr. ok Metroid too only has the stupid password save system.. we are not on a friggin arcade machine..

the rest are absolutely too old to play! i am quite disappointed from the selection. but anyway... that's just me.

i seriously hope that some great GBA games will come out...

Now that would be a nice remake!!!!

P.S. OH and i laughed so hard with the "60Hz beauties" comment!



WaveBoy said:

As cool as it is to play NES games on the go on your 3DS, it still pales in comparison to playing them 'the way the were intended' on a TV. I dinked around with Super Mario Bros last night and while the emulation looked great, it just didn't feel the same and it lacked that magic of the good old days. It just doesn't feel right playing it on a hand held. And I can't see myself being bothered playing much of the rest since i've already played and beat most of them on the NES.

However, I'm totaly interested in Balloon Fighter....But I'd rather get that on the Wii's VC, same deal with Wrecking crew if it's worth checking Anyways, totaly looking forward to the GBA games. now THOSE are ment to be played portable, that's what I'm talking about.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I’ve only played half of the Ambassador games yet. So far I’d rank them: Yoshi > Ballon Fight and Donkey Kong Jr. > Ice Climber > Wrecking Crew. Yoshi's Game B could really benefit from Restore Points since it can take stupidly long to complete these boring stages up to level 10. I will definitely pick this game up again when the updated version releases.
Wrecking Crew is quite frustrating at times and maybe could profit from mid-stage Restore Points. So far i’ve reached stage 30 and am not really getting the game or feeling much reward by completing a level.
If I find a second player I’ll try the games in 2 player mode when they’ll be made available. Even if it’s quite different from playing with another player on the console.
I think all of these are good portable titles and Open Tournament Golf will most likely be too when I’m starting it after I’ve beaten Wrecking Crew. IF I’ll be able to do that.
While Wrecking Crew, Mario, Zelda and Metroid are the titles that hold up well on the home console too imo.
I’ve had no problem with the way the games have to be downloaded and also think the D-Pad is a bit stiff. But it still controls alright so far. Will be interesting to see how it holds up in Metroid Fusion.



TromaDogg said:

The D-Pad on the 3DS is awful IMHO. The original DS one was good, the DS Lite one was great...why didn't they just keep it like that? The DSi one was uncomfortable but the 3DS one feels horrible and stiff. It makes Super Street Fighter 4 a lot less fun to play than it should be because I don't think the Circle Pad is much better for that game either.

When the next version of the 3DS comes out with the second analogue stick built in (which of course will happen at some point), they'd better go back to the old DS Lite D-Pad style and not make the damn thing even worse than it is now

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