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Nintendo Download: 29th September 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Another trip to Super Mario Land

With yesterday's release of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition you'd be forgiven for thinking there's nothing worth paying for today, but this certainly is not the case.

3DS Virtual Console

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy, Nintendo, $3.99) — One of Mario's best portable outings, this joins stablemate Super Mario Land for download via the 3DS eShop. We'll have our full verdict soon.


escapeVektor: Chapter 1 (Nnooo, 500pts) — You've probably read our exclusive features, but now you can play Nnooo's retro-styled arcade game for yourself. We'll have a full review in the near future.


Bugs'n'Balls (EnjoyUp Games, 200pts) — You must throw your bug's balls into the other bug's goal, sort of like an insect-themed Pong. For 200 Points it might be good: we'll let you know soon.

Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra (SelectSoft, 500pts) — Like a cross between Breakout and Zuma, you control a sliding arrow that shoots coloured orbs at others to smash them and score points. We'll have a full review soon.

eShop Trailers

Just like in Europe, the eShop will soon be updated with seven new 3D trailers to promote the following upcoming releases:

What's on the cards for you today?

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User Comments (88)



Corbs said:

Great to see Super Mario Land 2 on the NA list. Good stuff!



Link79 said:

Yeah! Mario land 2 is here!
Get this one as soon as you can. You won't regret it!



NintyMan said:

Yes! This is what I was waiting for! This was the only reason why I held off on getting Zelda Four Swords for a day, so now I'll be downloading that and Mario Land 2.



Link79 said:

Somebody needs to ask Sega what's up with Monster World IV?
They promised a translated version would be released on Wii VC later this year.
The Wii VC is aparently dead already though. So much for that hype.



Portista said:

I don't care bout the Wii VC at all, so I'm not sad it's dead. Now I'm gonna watch those trailers!



Zach said:

When I was but a small child, I went with my parents on a trip to Europe, and on that plane ride my mom brought out a present for the long trip: my first Game Boy! And five games! The best of which was by far Super Mario Land 2. That was my jam! They also got me that magnifying glass thing.



Link79 said:

Give it three years and the 3DS VC will die too.
There just isn't enough people left that care about these old games.
They aren't selling well and getting them the illegal way is easier.
Damn pirates!



bboy2970 said:

Great week! I'll be grabbing Super Mario Land 2 for sure and those trailers should be very nice as well! Good job Nintendo! KEEP IT UP!!!



Rawk_Hawk said:

Well even though Nintendo shows no interest in the Wii VC anymore we can all find encourgement that the Wii offers a vast assorment of mini game collections that are sure to be a hit with the fam....................Oh who I am kidding, I got my Wii for the Virtual Console, and I want it back Nintendo



JayArr said:

A whole month without Wii VC is really upsetting to me. u_u
Mostly because I know MegaMan X2 and Lufia are sitting in their que. What's the hold up? Why a whole month with nothing? smh



Link79 said:

@ JayArr
Yeah we need some answers. The Wii U might be over a year away and already they've ditched the VC? Don't these companies that release games know the Wii isn't finished yet?



Samholy said:

my favourite gameboy game when i was a kid.
even today, it features original platforming elements.



Riquerico said:

I'll finally be able to play Super Mario Land 2! woooot!! Happy nintendo week with SML2, Z4S and 3d trailers!



komicturtle said:

Will be downloading SML2 at a later time. Such an amazing game and it was one of the first games I got with my Gameboy Pocket (Kirby's Dreamland, Mouse Trap and The Smurfs were the others).

I can still hear the main theme playing in my head. Something that really sticks with you even after years of not playing it.



pixelman said:

Ooh sweet a Mario Tennis trailer. Hope it's different from the short clip they showed at TGS.



pntjr said:

Are these trailers download-only like the e3 ones? Or can they be viewed on the eShop?



ImDiggerDan said:

I'd rather have Wario Land 2, but I seem to remember that this first Wario game was pretty cool too.

@27 - Download only.



StephenYap3 said:

I may get Super Mario Land 2, so I have to think about it. I won't get Super Mario Land 3 or Metroid II since I did not enjoy them. If Wario Land II is coming, I'll wait for that.



TTGlider said:

I'd sure love to see Monster World IV or Twinkle Star Sprites for Wii VC... Please, Nintendo!



Ryno said:

Mario Land 2 is awesome! Loved that game as a kid.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Wii VC. It had a fun little run.



Kid_A said:

When on earth does the eShop update? It's noon here and still no Mario



Megumi said:

Looks like I got a lot of downloading to do huh? o.0
Guess I'll get Land 2, I skip the first on anyway....



shonenjump86 said:

There are tons of arcade and Neo Geo games I would like to have on the Wii VC. Oh well, at least there is Super Mario Land 2.



E32014Intern said:

did anyone get the 3d videos today? i just called nintendo and they said "Soon".but i dont believe them . so anyone have the vids?



bahooney said:

To everyone whining about the Virtual Console service:

Seriously, what is your beef? Yes, there aren't new Wii VC games, but that was because when the service started, we'd be getting 2/3 a week! Eventually, Nintendo is going to run out of their back catalog, and the VC will be rendered obsolete after that. Personally, I'm glad that Nintendo is taking their time releasing Game Boy games, that way in a few years, everyone won't be complaining about how Nintendo has to pick up the pace.

Just be grateful that we have such an excellent service. And to those arguing, "Oh, people could emulate this stuff for cheaps," not everyone wants to break the law. /rant



Kolma said:

No sight of the trailers though i did play SML2 for abit... then i got a black screen of death when i exited to 3DS Menu... sad times



nintygaming said:

@ bahooney

What alot of people have not considered is that the Wii-U will probably (just guessing here, no rumors please) have Game-Boy/Color/Advance games on its service, similar to how the 3DS is getting NES and TG-16 games on its service. I for one, would much rather play those handheld games on a big-screen with a comfortable controller.

Its logical to assume that such would happen. I mean, if they are going to put console VC games on a handheld, then why not vice-versa? Though I will admit that going nearly 2 whole months without a single Wii VC release is a very powerful statement, almost as if to say "The VC is dead, deal with it". The main reason why I purchased a Wii was for VC games. And although most of the games I wanted are finally on the service (with the exception of a few, Double Dragon II, Earthbound, Secret of Evermore, few N64 games, etc), there is still reason to worry that the future of the VC is bleak, especially with the removal of R-Type, which is downright ridiculous.



nintygaming said:

@ Iz20XX

Not as bad as you think. Just look at Super Game Boy (SNES) or Game Boy Player (GCN). If the 3DS can make Link's Awakening look good up-scaled on a LCD, I'm sure the Wii-U will easily do even better.



Megumi said:

...Um, yeah....where ARE the trailers? :/
....When does Tetris come out anyways, decide to look at its trailer, looks fun. (could be the next Tetris DS. )



Lalivero said:

Looks like a great week, there are just other...certain games I and others are hoping to see.



WaveGhoul said:

Super Mario Land 2 is awesome, that's IF you can look past most of the weak sauce level design and the easy challenge

Wario's Castle is Hands down the BEST part of the game.



DrDaisy said:

Well, at least I won't be tempted to part with any money on Wii games this week. I'm still waiting for Monster World IV and Noitu Love 2; I wonder if they were cancelled.



GeminiSaint said:

The new 3D trailers don't seem to be up yet. Or at least I couldn't find them. Oh well...



Adamant said:

Mario Land 2 is definitely the weakest Mario/Wario Land game, but it's certainly no bad game.
Don't expect much in the way of challenge, though.

I'm willing to bet Japan gets this in two weeks, then - we're playing catch-up with Radar Mission next week.



Tasuki said:

So glad that Mario Land 2 came out today I can stop trying to find my dang GBA SP charger so I can play it. Also a few nice trailers there too that I might check out too.

Overall with the release of Four Swords yesturday, SML2 and some of those trailers it was a good release only way it could have been better is if there was a Wii VC game release.



shinobi88 said:

"You must throw your bug's balls into the other bug's goal"

Absolutely disgusting. And here I thought Nintendo watched out for foul content like that. In all seriousness, you know that I bash Nintendo when they do something wrong. But releasing '4 Swords' AND 'Mario Land 2' in the same week? Good job, Big N! Keep it up, b/c there NEEDS to be at least 2 VC style games released on the eShop each week.



StarDust4Ever said:

Still no sign of the trailers in the eshop. MarioLand2 and Zelda Four Zords are looking good on my system menu!

I already have 70 icons on my system menu including Mario and Zelda: these 7 video D/Ls plus the 10 fabled Game Boy Advance Ambassador games will ultimately give me a grand total of 87 icons!



Dodger said:

@StarDust Nintendo needs to stop throwing free stuff at me or I won't have space for the stuff that I would pay money for.

I'm glad that the empty spaces on my home menu doubled when I added the 10 NES games on top of everything else I already have.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Dodger: really? For me, the empty spaces doubled from 60 to 120 back in June whenever I first downloaded all ten E3 trailers and transferred over my DSi content. Sadly, I mostly stopped buying DSi stuff when I ran out of storage on my DSi. I may have to dump Zelda Four Swords at a later date The 3DS has a good bit more storage space, but I'm already starting to run low on system memory, so I haven't downloaded quite as many new DSi titles as I would have otherwise. That's lost profits for Nintendo and 3rd party devs. I did get the rather excellent Shantea RR though Thankfully, 3DS content runs natively off the SD card. I don't see why they didn't just plop a bigger flash chip on the 3DS and use a SD loading system like on the Wii. Thanks to the Ambassador program, I've earned an additional 200 points in my Club Nintendo Account, so I'm at 580 elite status coins (780 total) this year. Next week, after filling surveys on SML2 and Z4S, I'll be platinum for the fourth time; it will be a new record for me getting Platinum this early in the year!



Dodger said:

@Stardust I probably hadn't gotten as much DSiware as you. I like the VC better so I put most of my points cards into that. I also had run out of room on my DSi and had already moved games I didn't play anymore.

I'm not sure how much room is left on my 3DS memory. That Zelda game is probably taking up a lot of space.

The Club Nintendo points from free stuff is awesome. I went ahead and finally got the G&W collection. I already had G&W Chef but I really like the G&W collection. I wouldn't of had enough without it. I didn't expect to get 10 from Nintendo Video.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Dodger: I have all 9 DSi G&W titles, 9 standard DSi games (four swords makes 10), and 4 tiny apps. The DS/DSi G&W releases are so gorgeous I forget I'm not playing the originals. It brings back nostalgia from my childhood because I owned four of them (including Super Mario Brothers) in the 80s. So far on 3DS, I have 7 VC Game Boy titles: SML, DK, G&W, Kirby, Picross, Qix, and now SML2. I also have 3D Classics Twin Bee and Exite Bike. The graphics on the Game Boy G&W Gallery has not aged very well, and I skipped Pacman because of the game-breaking horizontal scrolling, and it just looks lame in black and white. I had the special color edition back in the day.

I will be getting the Club Nintendo DS G&W collection as soon as I have banked 800 coins, which will be very soon. Which DS G&W collection do you recommend first, the first one or the second? If Nintendo discontinues them before I earn another 800 Nintendo points, the first G&W collection would likely be cheaper and easier to find on eBay. At least they have a different selection of games from the DSi releases.



Dodger said:

The first one, for sure. All 3 games are real G&W games and all 3 are duel screen. I think the second one has two 1 screen games and one "new" game where you take turns playing each. At least I've watched videos of the second one and it doesn't look as fun.

That's why I'm hesitant to get the Gameboy one. The Dsiware ones look just like the real games and the GB one doesn't have the color that the original G&W releases have.

Just checked, the trailers still aren't here. I hope the Paper Mario one actually has some more info about the gameplay, that's a game I'm really looking forward to.

Edit: Yep, I wasn't saying that you do get coins. I just want am waiting for news about the trailers and got off subject.



Megumi said:

.....Where are the trailers?! T.T
Waaah! lol

But yeah I wanna know more about Paper Mario.



StarDust4Ever said:

If I remember correctly, the E3 trailers were about a day or two later after the second eShop update. It's been a while so I can't remember exactly when I downloaded them, but I kept them all! Well I deleted the Resident Evil trailer, but only because it's freaking blood bath, LOL

@Dodger: BTW, you don't get Club Nintendo points for downloadable videos; only for games and apps, irregardless of whether you paid or got them free. The 200 points I was referring to was for the 10 free Ambassador games



Dodger said:

@Stardust I know. That's what I was talking about too. I just said I was surprised that Nintendo Video gave you 10 coins.

I probably should delete the E3 trailers at some point. I never watch most of them.



Supremeist said:

Mario Land 2!!! And no Cut The Rope yet? I was probably going to get that.. oh well. Look's like I'll be enjoying the SML Sequel.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Dodger: Well, good news... If you should ever decide you want the videos back, you can still re-download them. I just re-downloaded the Green Lantern 3D Trailer. I still get a lot of enjoyment out of watching game play videos; something about video games in general sets off the happy triggers in my brain!

Signing off to play Mario Land II...



Capt_N said:

I don't own a 3DS,.. yet, & I already earlier this year bought SML2 off eBay, as I sold my copy many years ago. I'm currently relegated to playing my GBASP, as my original DS is damaged(hinge, shoulder buttons).

Edit: I hope Mega Man 6, & 7 come to VC! I just sold my copy of Anniversary Collection. Aside from Collector's purposes, I can live w/o Mega Man 8. I also hope I see Mega Man X 2/3. I know X2 was rated, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily coming.



LordTendoboy said:

There are plenty of VC games on the Wii already. Nintendo probably thinks the service is full enough now.

And hooray for Super Mario Land 2! Now we need Wario Land 1-3 and my VC library will be complete.

Also I doubt this game will ever be released on the VC, but has anyone heard of a puzzle game called Cool Ball? It had a little bouncy ball that you had to navigate through a maze.



OverlordMao said:

cries tears of joy
I played Super Mario Land 2 back when I was only 3 years old with my gameboy color and it's always held some very fond memories with me.
Can't wait to play it again!



Vehemont said:

Ahh, feels good reliving this great game. Used to play this all the time as a lad at my grandparents house during the summers, while my mom worked. Now we need Kirby's Dream Land 2, Pokemon Red/Blue and some others.....



Ras said:

@StarDust Are you sure you can still download the E3 trailers? I've seen the Green Lantern trailer available recently, but not the E3 games. I was under the impression they'd been removed (and was glad I had saved them--I still watch the Mario ones a lot). I read that the Japanese eShop already removed the TGS trailers, so I plan to grab them and hold on tight. I want every one of the games except Animal Crossing, and maybe that's only because I've never played any iteration.



shimage said:

Anyone else think Bugs N Balls is basically Penguin Wars for the Gameboy? Anyone else ever play Penguin Wars?



Marky_Mark said:

Man I hope the VC isn't dead I still have a hopeful list that I still want d/l, if they ever come out.....
Double Dragon II, II
SuperSpike V Ball
North and South
UN Squadron
Knights of the Round
King Arthur’s World
I'm probably kidding myself...



Sgt_Ludby said:

@Zach (post #10)

I remember that magnifying apparatus!! My older brother owned a gameboy and I occasionally played it. I was probably... around 5 years old, so I never really knew what the heck I was doing lol but I have a lot of fond memories trying to play Jurassic Park. I always used the magnifying device, too. Can you imagine if they made one of those for the 3DS? Hahahah



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm loving Super Mario Land 2! Due to circumstances that would take too long to explain, I didn't have my Game Boy anymore when SML 2 came out (didn't know it came out 11/92... around the time I got Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest). The graphics are HUGE compared to the first SML! With a few of the enemies and the spin jump to drill through blocks, reminds me of Super Mario World. SML 2 is a fun (but kinda easy) game that, for me, is like discovering a long-lost treasure!

This partially satisfies my thirst for another traditional Mario side-scroller. And at the same time makes me more impatient for one!

With the 3DS' focus on 3D, I'm afraid any Mario or Zelda game that comes out for it is going to be 3D only (and New Super Mario Bros. Mii is just a tech demo at present for Wii U). Like when Nintendo had tunnel vision about 3D-only to show off the power of the Nintendo 64, then GameCube. The worst time ever to be a 2D fan. That concerned me about Nintendo handhelds getting too advanced, that we'd only see 3D versions of Nintendo franchises. 3D is fine, but it's not really my thing. I want to see another Mario side-scroller and overhead view Zelda! Anyone else feel this way?



Ras said:

@FluttershyGuy Yeah, I always liked that, even with the 3D Zeldas on the consoles, there were still overhead games on the GBA. I enjoyed the DS Zeldas (Spirit Tracks, especially), but I would love to go back to the old style. It would actually look really cool in 3D, like you were looking down into the dungeons Link was in. I think Miyamoto said he's doing a 3D remake of LTTP, so I hope it's kind of that way--still overhead like it was, but now we're looking into a little world.



Scissors said:

Where are the blasted videos? I've searched everywhere I can think of. It's 11:54PM and I still can't find them



grumblebuzzz said:

Still not up at 7am Eastern. This is very disappointing. I mean, jeez, they're videos for god's sake, not even a game or anything like that. How dumb. I guess NoA is playing the same game NoE did when it came to the E3 videos. Ugh. This is why I hate the regional difference bs that Nintendo seems to love so much.



Nintonic said:

I have eastern time, and its 8 a.m but I have seen big delays. I'm going to just be patient.



StarDust4Ever said:

Kid Icarus is apparently missing... No big deal to me. Mario 3D Land and MarioKart 7 are rated "E", but the other four are in Japanese, LOLz!

These new videos are actually shorter and a little less informative than the E3 videos, unfortunately... Still exiting to see new footage though. I can't wait till Christmas to play Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Of course that's the real reason anybody buys a Nibtendo device, is for the Mario games, right? Everything else that gets released on a Nintendo console is just a nice bonus!



misswliu81 said:

super mario titles are worth downloading. shame the virtual console is getting no love in the west. because when i check nintendo everything's site, japan gets VC games for the wii every week.

just a few weeks it was king of fighters - can't remember which version it was-, now this week it's a famicom game, power instinct- bit like streetfighter- and some neo geo titles i've never heard of.

but still, super mario- yay to that.



Bassman_Q said:

I'll be downloading EscapeVektor as soon as I can buy a new points card... hopefully today.

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