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Nintendo Download: 15th September 2011 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mega Heroz this week

Details of this week's North American downloads are sure to please, with a variety of titles on all formats. Without further ado, check below for details.

3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge (Game Boy, Capcom, $3.99) — Mega Man's first adventure on the Game Boy gets the 3DS Virtual Console treatment. Our review will be ready soon and will let you know whether this stands up to the NES classics.


MotoHeroz (RedLynx Ltd, 1500pts) — This long-awaited, genre-bending title combines racing, platforming and puzzle elements. Our MotoHeroz impressions were positive, and the full review will explore whether it's worth the premium price tag.


Defense of the Middle Kingdom (Aksys Games, 500pts/$4.99) — With a simple premise of placing soldiers to take on advancing enemies, this tower defence game incorporates Chinese history within its story mode. Our review will reveal whether this title is worth defending.

Bridge (GameOn, 500pts/$4.99) — This DSiWare simulation of the genteel cards game does have some tricks up its sleeve, but check out our Bridge review to see if it's worth the gamble.

Nintendo Video on 3DS

Foley Part 1 - The official description should intrigue: "Every step you take, every move you make. It’s like air guitar on steroids but something just isn’t right…" Classified as a comedy video, we're unsure what can be said about this, in which case it's probably worth checking out.

So, whether you like racing, blasting, strategic defending or a quiet game of cards, this week has you covered. Will you be dropping some Nintendo Points or eShop funds on any of these releases?

Update: Don't forget to check out Nintendo Life's eShop shelf today on your 3DS!

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User Comments (56)



Bass_X0 said:

Better than Catrap. Mega Man is a good game. It was hard but just abuse the save state and you'll have little problems with it.



Oregano said:

I don't know if it's the same on the US eShop but there's a shelf for Nintendolife's favourites(on the EU eShop)!



FluttershyGuy said:

But, update isn't up. So, I have to wait till after crappy work to play MM. Super Smash Bros. announcer: FAILURE!!!



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

This is what we need, more tower defense games! There aren't enough of those! Lol nah in all seriousness though congrats to those who were looking forward to some gameboy megaman.



DarkEdi said:

Only 1 game in 3ds VC, 1 game in wiiware, 2 games in dsiware and nothing about wii VC. What happen to Nintendo? where is the developer´s support?



Burn said:

I already own Mega Man on the original GameBoy, but I don't think I'll ever beat it without savestates... I might just have to repurchase it on my 3DS



bro2dragons said:

I'm going to be the first to express utter excitement over MotoHeroz. I'll be getting MegaMan, too, of course, but it's not all. Fantastic update this week.



Malouff said:

I was really hoping for a MotoHeroz demo today.

Looks like RedLynx's loss as I will have to wait for a demo first to justify 1500 points.



pixelman said:

Part of me wants to buy Mega Man, but the rest knows I'll never beat it, haha.



MegaAdam said:

Mega Man!

And to those complaining about insufficient releases, really? That's 4 games across 3 platforms. How much time do you have to play games, anyway?



bboy2970 said:

Grrr....Maga Man just isn't my thing. Afer doing a little research I was really hoping to get Catrap this week. It actually looks really good and I can't wait to get it (Next week please??). Motoheroz obviously looks good but I still have some doubts. I just haven't been very into console gaming these last few months so I question whether it will get the time it deserves. It might just have to wait for my interest to naturally swing from handheld to console...



RoryLee said:

I'm definitely gonna download Mega Man right away. I've been looking forward to MotoHeroz, but I'm gonna wait for a review because that price is way to high.



WaveGhoul said:

Mega Man! Totaly awesome!
Then again, at the rate Capcom releases MM games on the Wii's VC means that we wont get MMV for another 4 years. And that's the one i wan't to play!

And BassXO likes easy games, what a weakling.
I kid, I kid. Abuse the save feauture? Not that it matters but i'm guessing MM already has a password system.



Ryno said:

Yeah to Mega Man just for making another appearance! That has got to be my least favorite Mega Man cover though. I guess the Game Boy box was not big enough to put a boss on it.



Blink said:

Mega Man! I knew there was a reason I didn't spend the three bucks I had left over! Whoo! I remember playing this on my old gameboy... C:



WaveGhoul said:

Ya that's an awful cover....I even prefer the Original MM's NES cover to it. lol MMV for the GB however has an awesome cover, easily one of my fav's of the bunch including 2's!



Knux said:

Sweet, it is about time Dr. Wily's Revenge appeared in the eShop!



Samholy said:

megaman on gameboy is the worst megaman ever.
you die all the time, sprites flickered like hell and holes had a strong way to magnet you down in.

i hate it so much, and i still remmeber how bad it was. what a disapointement when i loved every megaman on NES then got this piece of junk in my hand.
even the art on it was real bad.

how can people actually like this, its beyond me.



Tasuki said:

Hmmm I am debating on downloading this one or not. What I really want is Megaman V for the GB.



Bass_X0 said:

you die all the time, sprites flickered like hell and holes had a strong way to magnet you down in.

True. Doesn't make it a bad game though. Perhaps you just don't like Game Boy games? However, I personally I found GB MM 2 & 3 to be more of the same just bland, unoriginal and quite dull.

I'll pass on Megaman. I want more Neo Geo games on Wii VC.

Looks like U.S. releases are dwindling down now. America probably won't see its 400th title in 2011.



Link79 said:

@ Samholy
You wanna talk about the worst Mega man then you should see the 2nd one on Gameboy.
That game was absoloutely horrid. The music didn't even sound like Mega man music.
Wily's revenge was pretty basic but still a decent effort for what was possible on Gameboy.
Once they got to Gameboy MM3 the games were nearly as good as the Nes games.



Tasuki said:

So is there an official word that the Wii VC is dead? I havent seen anything for a few weeks now or are companies just concentrating on the 3DS VC for now?



grumblebuzzz said:

I don't think I'm gonna fall for it this time. Every time a retro Mega Man game is released, my inner 8-year-old boy-on-the-playground-trying-to-be-cool wants it but my adult self always just ends up cursing those games out, giving up and wishing I hadn't bought them. Glad the 3DS VC got a good game this week, for sure, but I think I'll pass this time.



DrDaisy said:

Hey James, Thomas, you guys got connections in journalism, right? Isn't there some way to let Nintendo know that Wii games are still in demand?!



cyrus_zuo said:

Just played 1.5 hours of MotoHeroz.

Anyone saying this week isn't one of the best weeks for Nintendo download is crazy! The game is fantastic. 15 minutes of single-player the rest multiplayer, absolute blast, clearly one of the best WiiWare games.

If you have a Wii it should be an instant buy. If you have friends you should get it even sooner .



Supremeist said:

Just picked up Mega Man, my first one ever. I like the sprites alot and the game is cool, but just brutally challenging!



Scottie said:

The Wii VC has been dead for ages. Wonder if we will ever get Mega Man X or Mega Man 5 in Europe now?



Retro_on_theGo said:

I just bought the cartridge for $5. Screw you Nintendo. You waited too long to release this. I'm not getting this. Screw my self too for not waiting just one more lousy week. UGH!



tanookisuit said:

Wow totally sweet, been waiting on this one to roll into town, now if MM2 gb popped up my cares for favorite robot masters would be complete.

Guess i'll have to ring up a $10 card, guess it means I can get donkey kong now too...yay.



LordAndrew said:

I was looking forward to Wily's Revenge, but this actually seems more hellishly difficult than the original NES games. Yay?



Gamer83 said:

Really disgusts me that Nintendo doesn't update the Wii VC anymore, but it doesn't shock me at all with the way the company has acted lately.



Karakato said:

Will get megaman since I lost my GB cartridge collection years ago. Hopefully I still have skills to beat this game, but hey, save states make everything easier. Capcom better release the other games, but looking at their WiiVC releases, I'd have to wait another year to play the second one



Bass_X0 said:

Really disgusts me that Nintendo doesn't update the Wii VC anymore,

The Wii itself is on its way out. The VC releases are just mirroring that.

even the art on it was real bad.

But you liked the art from the NES game didn't you? Oh...


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