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New Super Mario 3D Land Artwork to Gaze At

Posted by James Newton

Goombas with tails?!

The latest artwork for Super Mario 3D Land should act as a neat taster for upcoming in-depth hands on preview, showing some of the game's new elements.

Propeller blocks, Goombas with raccoon tails, Mario on a pole: it's all here, along with an expanded version of the game's typically bold box art.

According to the countdown clock at last night's preview event, we're less than 50 days away from Mario's first appearance on Nintendo 3DS. We've played the first two worlds: stay tuned for our thoughts in the very near future.

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Omenapoika said:

That was a frisky gag with pole right there it was!
This game is gonna make my holidays.



pntjr said:

"A possible career change" LOLZ. Nintendolife, you made my day again!



NintyMan said:

Actually, you wear the propeller block yourself and spin around, so that was a neat twist. I really like the tailed Goomba too. The more I see of this game, the better it gets!



StarDust4Ever said:

This game is looking sweeter and sweeeeeeeeettterr by each passing update!

That flagpole scene thing makes me want to go out and buy a stripper pole and mod it out to look like a Mario flagpole, then don my red shirt, cap, and blue overalls! LOLz



bboy2970 said:

That pole screenshot and caption are hilarious! That is exactly what popped into my mind even before I read the caption. Anyway, this game is looking just fantastic thus far. Oh, and that tailed Goomba is very cute!



alLabouTandroiD said:

That Goomba still needs both an excorcist and a bonesetter though. At the moment it just looks out of place imo. While that may change after seeing that little cute baddy in motion it still makes for one raccoon tail too many on the art. And still makes me worry that there's just a bit too much raccooning in the game.

But that little nitpicking aside i absolutely love the expanded boxart. Especially the Raccoon shadow. And i just noticed the evil eyes on one of the blocks. Will be interesting to see what that one is about.



FonistofCruxis said:

Heres an even more extended version of that artwork which shows Boom boom's new girlfriend. I'm assuming she's his girlfriend anyway.



WaveGhoul said:

Little Mario shall make this the greatest 3D Mario ever.
Also, is there a 'Run' button? That would make things even more 2D-Mario like...Unless they opted for 3D analog sensitive controls like in previous 3D mario titles.

Little Mario
No Health Meter
SMB3 Power Ups
Flag Poles
Run Button?
Yup this is going to be the real deal as far as Mario jumping into the 3D world, or at least the most truest retro form that is.



LittleKing said:

Tanooki/Raccoon Goombas. Tanooki/Raccoon Bullet Bills... the new trailer has a Tanooki/Raccoon Bowser. It's a new trend among Bowser and his minions. It has been deemed very fashionable to sport a tail of that particular style. The Goombas use their tails similarly to how Raccoon Mario uses his; to twirl and whack things with it, btw.


This trailer shows Raccoon/Tanooki Goombas in action. Anyone know if this is this the same one that was released on the eShop today, btw?



dizzy_boy said:

look, a new event for mario and sonic 2012 olympics. mario is clearly pole vaultinting in that picture.
i wish nintendo would release art work books for their games.
udon publishes some for capcoms games.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Dear Nintendolife, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUBLISH THAT ARTICLE OF THE HANDS-ON NAO. PLEEEEASR. ILL RELOAD THE PAGE LIKE A MILLION TIMES AND GIVE YOU AS MANY HITS AS YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT. Also, answering the following would he nice: Is level 1-1 based near Princess Peach's Castle like in the trailer? Does Mario feel floatier compared to other 3D Marios? Can the regular long jump be performed alongside the new somersault long jump?

@WaveBoy Yeah, there is a run button. It makes Mario dash a lot faster, giving it a more retro feel. Which isn't a bad thing at all, as the other 3D Marios have been awesome but weren't able to really capture the feel of the 2D games and bring it into a 3D space. That's one of the most enticing things about 3D Land. November can not come soon enough.

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