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New Sonic Generations Shots Are Very Green and Hilly

Posted by James Newton

What more do you need to know?

The full level line-up for Sonic Generations is still a closely guarded secret at SEGA, but there's no doubt whatsoever that the first stage is a 3D recreation of where it all began: Green Hill Zone.

SEGA just unveiled 23 new screenshots showing Classic and Modern Sonic take on the iconic stage, the former doing little more than running and jumping while his modern day version grinds, boosts, homes and slides around the verdant turf like the hyperactive 'hog we all recognise.

Sonic Generations is out on 3DS later this year.

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LztheQuack said:

You assume that people play enough Sonic to know what that stage is. How silly of you



FonistofCruxis said:

Why not show some screenshots of some other stages in the game? There have been barely any screenshots of other stages in this version of the game.



Shadowflash said:

...Still disappointed about modern Sonic stages not being in 3D like the console ones...Maybe I'm over-reacting.



Ristar42 said:

I hope they dont mess this up, NL's early impressions didnt sound great. I'm also hoping for Spring yard, UP ON CPU.
I think the one on the right is Casino Night, I recall that had buildings in the background and some neon palm trees.



Linkuini said:

I'm with Shadowflash. I own both versions of Sonic Colors and was more impressed with the Wii version by a huge margin.

Still, I'm starting to get a better feeling about this one now that I've seen more of how the modern gameplay looks on the 3DS. In addition to the wider screen, it looks like the new platform makes it possible to slightly tilt the viewing angle in some parts of the level, which should make it a lot easier to react to obstacles if it gets used in the right places. Smart little things like that have made a huge difference in recent Sonic games.

Can't make out that other level, but if it's just grayed out (rather than some whitewashed level I'm not familiar with), it's probably a casino level.



Tigus said:

Looks way better than the old demo of this stage its so freaken clean and if they where to polish it up even more it would look just awsome and classic Sonics new model is sick can not wait to see this in 3D
look at this mother lover, LOOK AT THIS MOTHER LOVER!
Go Sonic!



Collinhall said:

Hmm... I don't think I will be picking this up, not on the 3DS anyway. The thing I want the most in Generations is super HD, highly detailed versions of the old zones, which the 3DS will not be able to deliver, and I much prefer the gameplay of the console counterparts. (I mean for this game specifically, not the others, how dare you think I like Sonic Unleashed o.o) The more recent DS sonic outings have put me off, mostly because of the focus on the boost meter. The advance games were the shiz
Anyway it seems there won't be much of a difference between the two game modes on the handheld, while the consoles two modes are near opposites.
(No 3DS hate implied, I love my 3DS)



TKOWL said:

Looks very good, but still I yearn for the console releases. Curse me for not having a PS3 or 360!



Kage_88 said:

I've already pre-ordered the super-duper edition for my PS3 - THAT'S how much I want this game!

As for the 3DS version though, I'll likely grab it some time down the line. I have full confidence that this version will be great, considering Dimps' track-record for handheld Sonic games. I just hope they really make use of the 3DS' power!



shingi_70 said:

Going to pick up both games. The 360 game has levels based on my. Two favorite levels city escape and chemical plant zone. The 3ds game is being made by dimps who made the great rush games and has Mushroom hill zone.

Still want to see a 3D handheld sonic. The closest we have gotten are the travel moments from rush adventure.



Punny said:

Woah. Did the graphics just get even better than they were before? Sega sure knows how to make a good-looking game.



pocket_arsenal said:

It really would have been nice to remake at least two or three of the gamegear game levels. From Sonic 1, 2, and Triple Trouble... but whatever. Hope they at least give us some Sonic Advanced love. Ahhh Sonic Advance... THAT was my Sonic 4.

...Anyways, looking forward to the PS3 one. Might get both though.

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